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25th Anniversary Return Gifts

Silver jubilee celebration one milestone not many can achieve! It is proof of how hard you have worked on your relationship for it to last this long! And this achievement deserves a celebration along with a perfect return gift for those who have graced the occasion to celebrate with you! And ChocoCraft’s offerings are the best gifts you can find out there!

Any anniversary is an important even for a couple, be it the first or fiftieth and each one demands to be celebrated. However, when it is the 25th anniversary we are talking about, it has to be extra special. To be together for so long and still love each other takes humongous effort and a true testament to the bond you two share. So, it is quite natural to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary with your friends and family.

Box Designs for 25th Anniversary Return Gift

Best 25th Anniversary favors

Best 25th Anniversary favors


Special 25th Anniversary gift

Special 25th Anniversary gift


Monogrammed 25th Anniversary gift

Monogrammed 25th Anniversary gift


Beautiful return gift for 25th Anniversary

Beautiful return gift for 25th Anniversary


Floral Border gift for 25th Anniversary

Floral Border gift for 25th Anniversary


Elegant return gift for Silver Jubilee Anniversary

Elegant return gift for Silver Jubilee Anniversary


Falling Hearts 25th Anniversary gift

Falling Hearts 25th Anniversary gift


Flourish Charm return gift for 25th Anniversary

Flourish Charm return gift for 25th Anniversary


Traditional Silver Jubilee Anniversary gift

Traditional Silver Jubilee Anniversary gift


Vintage return gift for 25th Anniversary

Vintage return gift for  25th Anniversary


Chocolate Design for 25th Anniversary Return Gifts

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Message For 25th Anniversary Return Gifts











Unique Anniversary Return Gifts

As for any important occasion of such meaning and magnitude let alone something as remarkable as one’s 25th wedding anniversary, it has become quite a trend to have unique party return gifts for the guests attending to show your appreciation. It is, after all, they who'll shower you with blessings and they are the ones who take time out of their daily schedule to be with you on your special day to make it a memorable affair. Unique return gifts add a bit of excitement to the mix and it is just a good courtesy to thank your guests for showing up.

25 years together is no mean feat in this fast-paced world. Make your silver jubilee an event worth remembering, one that you two will cherish for the remainder of your journey together. Talking of great 25th-anniversary return gifts, there are many candidates but you have to be careful regarding this aspect. We understand your concern since it is no easy job to please all the guests with your return gifts. After all people from various age demographic as well varied personal tastes will probably grace your anniversary.

Unique gift ideas for 25th wedding anniversary must have given you a few sleepless nights. It is an extremely special day for you and your partner.

Everything should be picture-perfect on the big day and being the host, it is your job to make sure that your guests have a good time. And while simple thank you would do the job, do it with a bit of class with a nice return gift for your 25th wedding anniversary. And this is where all your frantic scouring for unique return gift ideas for 25th wedding anniversary ends.

So, let us make your job easier. Try going with chocolates.It is universally loved and something that will surely be appreciated by your guests regardless of their age and sex. But regular milk chocolates won’t do the trick either.No, we are talking about personalized chocolates. So without further ado, let's see what we have in store for you.

25th Anniversary Return Gifts by Chococraft

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Beautiful Design Templates

Great 25th Anniversary Ideas by Chococraft

We at Chococraft have been coming up with unique gifting solutions for ages, crafted from the finest ingredients.Our secret ingredients? A whole lot of love and passion. Now, if you are looking for the best return gift idea for the 25th anniversary, we suggest you try our specialty, personalized chocolates. It bodes well when you have return gifts that go in the same vein as your theme for the silver jubilee anniversary. So, if you are having a heart themed anniversary, customize your return gifts such that the design is in sync with other elements of the party.

Our chocolates are made from the best quality ingredients, 100% vegetarian and the edible ink used is also in conformity with the highest standards. We believe in delivering the quality you can feel. Depending on your budget you can choose from a range of customization options.Our online assistant will be there 24x7 to help you throughout the whole process should you ever require any assistance.

We have a huge range of templates of designs for your 25th-anniversary return gift to be imprinted on the chocolates. You can choose the box size according to your need-the available sizes are 2,4,6,9,12 & 18 chocolate boxes. And not only the chocolates, you can customize the message to be printed on the butter paper and the box itself.

You can choose from the default fonts or can work together with our team to get the font of your choice for the message. We have an eye for details and as such, the chocolate boxes are also made with the utmost care so that they look extremely elegant and sturdy. Checks all the boxes for your anniversary return gift.

The boxes can be customized to have a couple photo on it itself and should you choose, a thank you message along with the picture. All this as we strive to make that perfect return gift for your wedding anniversary party. Just go online, onto our site and in a few clicks, you'll have the wedding anniversary return gift of your choice.

And don’t worry about the delivery either.With a premium network offering free deliveries in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc across the nation, we'll make sure that your silver jubilee return gift reaches your doorsteps in no time at all.

Trust us when we say this, it is a match made in heaven like you and your partner. Just choose your return gift and let us worry about the rest.

25th Anniversary Return Gifts

While it is no secret that chocolates are our favoured delicacy for your silver jubilee wedding anniversary return gift, we would like to take you through a few more options before you take your final decision. Sophisticated photo frames if are the kind of people Ed Sheeran sang about when he said, “We keep this love in a photograph”.

You could go for decorated earthen pots, paintings, etc. Handmade gifts have a charm about them that is difficult to match by others and something that will make a beautiful return gift for your 25th wedding anniversary. Handwoven baskets, wooden table clocks also are excellent candidates. And if you want to keep it simple, even flowers would do too.

It is not so much as the party return gifts as the thought behind it that counts. There are tonnes of options for silver jubilee wedding anniversary return gifts online. 25 is a magical number and it is a symbol of the faith that you and your partner have shared over the last 25 years.So, obviously, only you know what would be the best return gift for your anniversary. Go with your heart and you won’t be wrong.

And if in case, you do indeed go with our range of chocolates for your 25th wedding anniversary return gifts, we say,”Thank you and here’s to 25 more years of togetherness and more!” Have a happy 25th wedding anniversary.

Customized Return Gifts Ideas for Wedding Anniersary

One of the major milestones in a couple’s life is the silver anniversary. This anniversary is an occasion to celebrate 25 years of being a couple. Since it is not a milestone that will happen again, many couples choose to make this occasion memorable by throwing a party or an event for their family members and other loved ones.

In fact, these anniversary events are all about creating new memories with loved ones. That is why many people choose to have themed events such as fairy-tale or vintage anniversary events. Being such an important occasion, it is common for couples to offer something to the guests as return gifts to show their appreciation for their presence.

There are several kinds of silver anniversary return gift ideas that can used. If you are having a themed event, it helps to keep your return gifts similar to the theme being used. For example, an eco-friendly theme may see you offering small plants or bonsai to the guests as return gifts. On the other hand, there is always the question of whether the guests will actually like and enjoy the gifts that you get them.

To avoid this kind of problems, it is often preferable to choose something that everyone will enjoy. Chocolates are one of them. Nearly everyone loves chocolates. However, if you want to make those chocolates more memorable, it is a good idea to choose customised chocolates. After all, a personalised chocolate is certain to be more impressive to guests than regular chocolates.

Personalized Chocolates Gifts for Wedding Anniversary

If you are looking for great 25th anniversary return gift ideas then you should consider personalised chocolates. At Chococraft, that is exactly what we provide. Our chocolates can be easily customised to match your specific requirements as return gifts for the 25th anniversary event. More importantly, we know you want return gifts that are impressive.

That is why we believe in delivering quality. We use only high quality ingredients in making our chocolates. Each of our chocolates is certain to be delicious. Additionally, they are completely vegetarian. We also pay attention to the way our boxes are created. Each box is finely crafted to ensure smooth lines and an elegant finish, making them the perfect package for our tasty chocolates.

We offer several options when it comes to personalisation. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose among a variation of boxes with varying numbers of chocolates. You can select anywhere between 2 pieces and 18 pieces per box.

Get complete freedom over the design that will be placed on the chocolates and the box. Choose something romantic that captures the love of the couple celebrating their silver anniversary such as their wedding picture. We can easily print them on the chocolate boxes. As for the design of the box, make it look like an invitation. For the final touch, add a heart-warming message that expresses your gratitude towards the guests for making the event a success by their presence.

Do all of this from the comfort of your home. Let us worry about the rest.

For more information, please get in touch with us.