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5 Unique Way To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan This Year

If you have grown up with a brother, you know how special that bond is. Siblings spend their childhood together. They see each other grow up into the individuals that you are. They fight, but the fights never last that long. They complain but team up time and time again for all mischiefs. They mostly dislike each other but never stop loving each other. And not to mention all the annoyance they cause to each other: with constant blabbering, fights for that particular spot on the couch, the snitching to parents, devouring the food you saved to eat later, constantly...

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Unique Gift Ideas For Brothers for Rakshabandhan

  Rakshabandhan is a celebration of the beautiful bond a brother and sister share. The mythical origins of the festival date back to the times of the great Indian epic; Mahabharata. It is said that Draupadi, who had loved Krishna like a brother, once tore off a piece of her saree to cover a wound on Krishna’s wrist. Since then, Rakh: an ornamented piece of thread, has come to symbolize togetherness, love, and the protectiveness a brother feels for his sister. Festivals evolve with culture. Today, the ritual of rakhi tying is not just restricted to sisters tying them on...

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15 Heartwarming Quotes for Father's Day

Whoever said "not all superheroes wear capes" was absolutely right. Father's don't wear capes. Instead, they wake up every morning, wear normal clothes and go out into the world so that our homes can be happy healthy ones. They bravely protect us from all adversities. They selflessly work day and night to provide for us. They caringly run a hand through our hair and tuck us in. They kindly have our backs no matter what comes our way. Father’s may believe in tough love, but they love us nonetheless. And they are a funny bunch too. They might scold you...

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5 Fun Ways To Announce Your New Baby

Whether it’s the first child or the ones that follow, becoming parents is a joy unmatched for any happy couple. Not only this, the addition of a new member to the family is equally exciting for the whole family, especially grandparents to be. And if the new member is as cute as babies are with their tiny toes and button noses and bright smiles, then it sure deserves a grand announcement. Announcements are not just a frivolous task. They carry great value and deeper meaning. We all know happiness doubles when shared. They are a means of including your loved...

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The Best Gifts for Father's Day in India

This one is difficult. It is not easy to find gifts for the man you took your first steps with. Our fathers may not be men of many words, but they are men of substance. They love us, provide for us, raise us and stand between us and all the troubles like a wall. So naturally, for a man who has done so much for us, it’s difficult to find the perfect gift for him. We don’t thank our father every day or express our love all the time, but when it is time to i.e when it is FATHER’S...

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