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The Best Gifts for Father's Day in India

This one is difficult. It is not easy to find gifts for the man you took your first steps with. Our fathers may not be men of many words, but they are men of substance. They love us, provide for us, raise us and stand between us and all the troubles like a wall. So naturally, for a man who has done so much for us, it’s difficult to find the perfect gift for him. We don’t thank our father every day or express our love all the time, but when it is time to i.e when it is FATHER’S DAY, these two should be on the very top of the checklist. Here’s our recommendation for the five best gifts you can give to your father for Father's Day. Let’s start with something that lets you strike off the above-mentioned top priority things on the checklist:


Fathers are just like coconuts, a tough exterior hiding in a soft interior. They never let you know, but they feel and love as much as the next guy, and this is exactly why CHOCOCRAFT’S Father's Day chocolates would be a great gift for your father. They represent the bond you share with your old man with the prints of a special message/picture/design and are packed in neatly crafted wooden boxes. Everyone knows all dads appreciate a good delicacy and some neat woodwork. We know that chocolates for dads is not a very traditional gift but riddle us this, do you know of a person who doesn't enjoy chocolates? Moreover, this is the time where we are moving beyond pointless gender roles and biases so, why not do it in the sweetest way possible.


Remember when you were young and dragged your father to the toy store from time to time? Row after row lined up with all the best things to play with you could imagine and wanted all of them? Well, it’s time to turn the tables. Gadgets are like toys for adults and make a delightful gift for fathers. We all know our father’s struggle with technology so it’d be best to get them tech that helps them deal with tech. For example, a smartwatch saves the trouble of having to pick up the phone again and again and navigate through the mesh of apps to get one thing done. Or something like a fire stick so your father can binge his favourite shows without any hindrance or having to leave his chair. This is the wonderful thing about gadgets, you can find one for almost anything so whether it is for keeping your health in check or blasting your favourite tunes, you can find multiple options.


When it comes to skin and beauty products, father’s are pretty minimalistic. A shaving kit, a good cologne, probably and aftershave or hair gel, and they are good to go. However minimalistic your dad maybe, a grooming kit will never fail to impress him. It’s something useful and handy and works best for dads who are all about practicality. If you are worried about where to find one, then the internet is your best friend. This is going to be the easiest gift to find. All you need to know is what are your father’s preferred brands, and that’s elementary, Watson. If you want to take it a step further try out one of those places that make personalised products based on your skin type, preferred ingredients and scents. If that doesn’t say you know your father well then we don’t know what does.


This one will require a bit of planning or immense spontaneity but either way it is going to be really rewarding. Road trips can do wonderful things, they take us away from our daily lives and let us breathe a little. Out on the road, it’s all in transience, a different time zone altogether. Indeed, you can’t really tell how things will turn out to be with road trips, but all is worth it. If you need some reassurance, most of them turn out to be good. If not epic, it is sure to be memorable. And what would be a better occasion than Father’s Day to take a long time due road trip with your father? Though a car and a long-distance seem like there won’t be a lot to do but trust us, you’ll take offbeat roads, jam to some old songs, have the Dhaba food and love every bit of it. So prepare yourself for your dad’s criticism of your driving and rev up that engine


Everyone has a few hobbies. They may not find the time to engage with it regularly, but it still remains a thing of joy to them. What hobbies does your father have? Listing this will open a treasure of gift ideas for you. For instance, if your dad finds pleasure in music, something like a Bluetooth speaker or carvaan would be great for them. If he likes cars and enjoys maintaining the one he owns, he’d surely appreciate some car accessories or maintenance kit. Or maybe your father is into sports, let’s say golf, he’d never say no to a new golf set. And, if he fancies a drink once in a while then something like a good whiskey glass will do the magic. We think you get the gist. Find what your dad likes to do in his free time, and that’s where you’ll find a gifting idea hidden.

Having listed our recommendations for Father’s Day gifts, as a parting note we’d like to again remind you to thank your father’s and tell them they mean the world to you. A happy Father’s Day to all the super dads out there.

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