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Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts by ChocoCraft

At ChocoCraft we design beautiful chocolate gift boxes that can be customized as per the occasion and hence be a perfect fit at any corporate event. The concept is simple - we make chocolate gift boxes wherein the box design as well as the chocolates are customized completely as per the client's requirements. This makes every box that we create truly unique!

Our chocolate gifts are also perfect for branding purposes as we can put your brand on the chocolates. In fact you can choose to have anything printed on the chocolates - a design, a logo or a message!

We offer a wide range of gifts available to suit your needs and budget. We also ship to clients in locations across India.  We have had the privilege of working with some of the top corporate brands in India and every order is executed perfectly and on time. Because we understand that a corporate gift is special. For companies it is a gesture to show their appreciation and admiration to the people who are critical to the organisation's success. And that is what motivates to deliver quality products and excellent service every time!

1. Logo Chocolates

Our unique offering is chocolates with your corporate logo printed on them. The color used for printing on the chocolates is edible and conforms to the best international standards. Logos or text can be printed in bright vivid colors.

We offer a range of fillings and flavours for the chocolates like fruit and nut, butterscotch, roasted almonds and others. All our chocolates are made using only the finest ingredients. Instead of individual chocolate candies you can also choose to include a printed chocolate bar with your logo or text printed on it

2. Customised Box

Our chocolate gift boxes for  are elegant and sturdy wooden boxes. The design of the box top is created completely as per the client's wishes. You can choose to print your logo on the box along with any other design or text. 

Our standard boxes come in 2 colours - Light coloured wooden finish and a textured black finish. You can also opt for a premium box which is made from eco-leatherette. 

Our gift boxes are available in a wide range of sizes - 2, 4, 6, 9, 12 and 18 chocolates. You can choose the box that suits your requirement.

For a large order size we can also create a new custom gift box.

3. Message for the recipient

No gift is complete if it doesn't convey the message the sender intended. A small but important part of the gift box is the butter paper with a greeting or message printed on it. It is placed on top of the chocolates and is the first thing the recipient sees when they open the box.

We have in house writers who can create these messages as per your requirements. If you want to make it extra special the message can be addressed separately to each individual recipient. 

A heartfelt message adds that extra something that makes your gift special!

Box size available

Why Chocolate makes the best corporate gifts?

There are so many options available as corporate gifts but how do you choose something that will truly stand out and make a mark? Well we believe chocolate gifts by ChocoCraft are an excellent choice for all corporate gifting occasions. And here's why - 

  1. Our gift boxes have a very exclusive look and feel. Delicious chocolates made only with the best ingredients packed in elegant wooden boxes convey an element of luxury. These gift boxes will never be out of place no matter what the occasion is!
  2. Chocolate is something that appeals to everybody whether they are men or women,  young or old. A chocolate gift is always a good option as it always brings a smile to people's faces!
  3. In fact the love of chocolate is an international phenomenon! At various instances our gift boxes have been taken to international exhibitions since chocolates are well accepted everywhere.
  4. Our chocolate gift boxes are even more memorable for the recipients because they are completely customized. Compared to all other corporate gifts they will always stand out.

Why choose ChocoCraft?

At ChocoCraft we truly understand the value you attach to corporate gifts. Whether given to employees or clients, given at a product launch or a sales event a gift given by you speaks for you. It represents your company or brand and we believe it is our great privilege to create gifts that do just that. And that is why we work tirelessly to ensure that we deliver only the best, everytime!

  1. We are the only company in India which offers a complete customised solution for chocolate gifts. Over the years we have developed comptencies to handle every related task in house right from the designing of the boxes, making chocolates, packaging everything. Which means we have total control over the final output as do you!
  2. We have a systematic process for placing orders so that there are no misunderstandings or mistakes. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us!
  3. We have experience of working in the corporate world ourselves and fully understand your concerns and issues.
  4. We understand the important of the brand and truly value the trust you place in us. 
  5. We have logistics arrangements for delivery of gift boxes to locations across India in rugged weather proof packaging.

Employees Engagement gifts

Corporate gifts for employees have always been very important. But they are becoming even more important as organisations grow bigger. With the work load increasing it is difficult for management to express their appreciation for the employees' contributions. Employees are frequently working out of different locations and sometimes even different time zones. A gift is a small gesture that works as a powerful reminder that they are valued and also that they are part of the team no matter where they might be actually working.

At ChocoCraft we have made customized chocolate gift boxes for a number of occasions for employees of companies: 

  1. These chocolate boxes were chosen by Biltech / You Broadband to wish the employees a Happy Birthday!
  2. This elegant box was created for Dun & Bradstreet who wished to congratulated employees who had completed 3 years with the firm.
  3. This 6 chocolate box was given to every new hire at Urban Ladder
  4. We made this beautiful box for women employees at Snap Deal/ Saint Gobain on the occasion of women's day.

Gift for Product Launch

Creating a new product, launching a brand in a new market or a new store or factory opening are all crucial events for a business. That is why people are looking at more creative ways to mark product launches.  Customised chocolate gift boxes can be a great way to commemorate a new product launch or a new store opening. Our delicious chocolates offer a unique way to showcase your brand or product.It has been our pleasure to create these beautiful chocolate gifts for such occasions.

  1. This chocolate gift box was made for existing customers for an Apple reseller who was launching a new store.
  2. We made these beautiful chocolate bars for the inauguration of a new factory for Saint Gobain
  3. And these elegant black boxes were given to guests at an event to launch Harman Kardon in India.

Promotional events are an important part of the marketing activities that a company undertakes. It serves to build recognition of the brandname, create awareness and generally strengthen the brand. Gift boxes from ChocoCraft can be a great way to distinguish your brand at such events. Printed chocolates with logos on them can be given to visitors or other guests.

  1. This gift box was created for the participants at the Audi Quattro Golf Tournament
  2. These were giveaways at a promotional event for Facebook & Instagram

Gifts for Sales & Marketing events

For a large number of organisations dealer or distributor meets are of vital importance. They help in understanding how various products are performing in the market, what sort of sales strategies are effective and other critical information. At a personal level it is an opportunity to meet and understand the concerns and queries of sales channel partners and these events tend to be both formal and also with a fun event thrown in so that there is person to person connect! Our customised gift boxes are an excellent gift idea for such occasions and we have made the following gift boxes for our esteemed clients.

  1. Gift at dealers meet for JSW
  2. Chocolate gift at a Distributors meet for Tata Steel
  3. Gifts for a conferences - Tesla 

Annual Day Gifts

Most organisations celebrate the anniversary of the date on which they began in a big way. And why not? every annual day is a measure of the company's stability and success. It is a day for celebration for every person who is connected to the organisation no matter what their role or designation is. For that reason gifts marking a company's anniversary are frequently given to employees, clients, business partners and other important stakeholders. We have also had the opportunity to create such gifts. One things that make our gift boxes special on occasions like annual day is that we can include a message to every recipient in the gift. This greatly enhances the personal connect to the organization!

  1. Anniversary gifts for Camfil
  2. Annual day gift for ISPRO

Gift for Doctors

ChocoCraft has designed special chocolate gifts for the pharmaceutical industry as well. Whether its the launch of your new product or you simply want to gift something on doctors' day, we have the best gifts in the form of chocolates. We understand the special requirements of the pharma industry and work accordingly. For example for one of our clients we had the gifts delivered to local medical representatives who then delivered them to the doctors and each gift was uniquely personalized with the doctor's name.

Some other examples  of our assignments with pharma companies:

  1. Personalised bars for IPCA
  2. Independence day gift from Zydus
  3. Doctor's day gifts by Fortis
  4. Sugar free chocolates for Sugar Free by zydus

Employees are critical to the success of any organisation. Their contribution to the organization's success is invaluable and should always be recognized and appreciated. A beautiful Diwali gift can be one such gesture to show some appreciation. After all Diwali is an occasion to celebrate achievements and give thanks! ChocoCraft has created beautiful chocolate gift boxes for employees for a number of different clients:

  1. TCS
  2. Aditya Birla
  3. Alcoa
  4. United Airlines

For more information, please get in touch with us.