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Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Chocolates are considered to be one of the best options when it comes to wedding anniversary gifts and you can make it even better by adding a personal touch. Apart from the personalized chocolates, the wrappers or boxes can also be personalized. These can be saved as a unique memorabilia which marks the special day and gives you memories that you will always cherish.

Thinking about gifting personalized chocolates on anniversary? Here is an informative guide to help you make the right gifting decisions!

Depending on whether you are searching for an anniversary gift for your husband or another couple altogether, you can choose from several types of chocolates. If it is an anniversary gift for wife or husband you can include a sweet message or personal greeting instead of just a wish.

  • What are you celebrating? Whether you are celebrating your wedding, engagement or first date anniversary, make sure that this is clear from the gift. The personalized element of the chocolates must show what exactly is being celebrated.
  • Assorted chocolates or chocolate bars? The most common options that you will have to choose from are whether you want chocolate bars or assorted chocolates. While assorted chocolates are more elegant, chocolate bars with personalized wrappers can be more colorful and fun.

If you are unsure about what to get engraved on the chocolates, here are some tips that might help you:

Best Anniversary Gifts

The Special Date
Dates can be engraved on the chocolates to give them a unique and special element. However, make sure that you get the date right. Generally, the original date of the event is printed. However, if it is a milestone anniversary, the current date can also be chosen to mark the special day.

Where it began
Anniversary gifts don’t always have to have the date of the event. You can also give it a little thought and get another personal engraving on the personalized chocolates. For instance, the name of the place where you (or the other couple) met can be put on the chocolate instead of a date. For example, “It all started at the Corner Café” or something similar.

Couple’s Names
If none of the other ideas seem to appeal to you, getting the name of the couple on the chocolates is a good idea. If it is an anniversary gift for husband, you can either get his or both of your names engraved. If the gift is meant for another couple, it is best to choose a phrase with both their names in it.

A Little Wit Goes a Long Way
If you are looking for the perfect phrase to personalize your anniversary gift, ditch the usual ones and come up with something witty. This will make the gift a memorable one. The phrase can also be put on the customized box or chocolate wrappers and saved as a memorable artifact. In order to make the anniversary gift a perfect one, make sure that it is beautifully personalized.