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Romantic Gifts for Husband

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Romantic Gifts for Husband

Best Gifts for Husband by Chococraft

A husband is a companion through life. He is a constant support, a father figure to kids and an inspiration to many. You don’t require an occasion to gift your husband. The best gifts for husband are those which are given with lots of love and respect. You can even gift your husband when there’s no occasion but you just need to express love. Men are the ones who are excited to receive gifts and celebrate their birthdays. Chocolates are hence the best gifts for men as they love to eat and they live to eat. You can never go wrong with chocolates. Chococraft provides you with the best personalised gifts for him. These are undoubtedly the best presents for husband as these can be given on any occasion birthday, anniversary or even valentines. Here, you get to customise the box as well as the chocolates. This is the perfect gift recipe. Various customisable options available in the box include getting various designs and texts printed as per your choice. You can also get your photos printed on the box. As far as the chocolates are concerned, you can choose from assorted chocolates or printed ones. The printed ones can be customised in various ways like getting the message you want to convey printed, photographs printed, a combination of photos and message printed upon the chocolate. These are the best gift ideas for guys.

The best part about these gifts is that you can choose all that you want and get it done only on a click. Chococraft provides shipment all over India. And the best part is, these deliveries are free all over India. If you don’t have a designer’s eye, we have ready templates for you, just right to serve your purpose. By giving this, you ensure that your husband knows that you care. When you buy personalised gifts for him, he is delighted. The smile on his face is worth a million dollars. Men aren’t the emotional ones generally so instead of going for something that’s over the top emotional; these personalised chocolates are the best valentine’s gifts for men. A touch of personalisation ensures an emotional aspect to the gift as well. This are suitable as specific gifts for occasions like birthday, anniversary or even on random occasions when you want to pamper him with love. Thus, chocolates serve as romantic, emotional gifts as well as saviours when there is nothing on your mind.

Romantic Gifts for Husband from ChocoCraft

For Recipients Gift Types Our Speciality
Valentines Day Gifts for Husband 6 Chocolate Box Photo Chocolates
Customized Gifts for Husband 9 Chocolate Box Printed Chocolate Bars
Romantic Gifts for Husband 12 Chocolate Box Personalised Box
Birthday Gifts for Husband 18 Chocolate Box All India Delivery
Gifts for Husband Gift with Photo Beautiful Designs

Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

It’s your husband’s birthday and you want to do something that is a lifetime memory for him. The best birthday gifts for husband are those that are special to him, something that he loves and has a useful or an emotional aspect to it. Men love leather goods; leather is a symbol of elegance and richness. Hence, giving a pure leather item like a purse, shoes, belt etc is always a great gift for men. Generic gift ideas for guys include leather bags, watches, shoes, shirts etc. A customised mug saying something like “Best husband ever” or a trophy is also a great birthday gift idea for him. Flowers and cakes are also available at the go. A photo frame made with the best of photos of him and you both together along with your family is also a great option. Men love perfumes so getting a classy perfume or a perfume of his favourite brand can never go wrong. Making a hamper of his favourite items like perfumes, clothes, watches, pens etc according to your budget is also a great personalised gifts for him. Creative gifts include a jigsaw puzzle of your pictures, a favourite game of him etc are always the best birthday gifts.

Valentines Gifts for Men

Valentines is an occasion to celebrate love and women are the most excited when it comes to expressing love. The best gift for this occasion is when you gift him something that he loves and is close to your heart. Unique gifts for men include emotional and sentimental gifts like “Reasons I love you”, a frame with a unique message or poem along with photos of your best moments stating how much you love him , a letter or a picture that depicts your love story etc. Valentines gifts for fiancé can compromise of something that depicts your future or a log of the good and the bad times that you have had. A scrap book covering all your memories together is always a best present for men. A handwritten letter is also very appropriate and personalised gift for him. An assortment of his favourite chocolates or an electronic item also can never go wrong when it comes to gifting guys. Men love liquor so gifting him favourite bottle of wine, whiskey, scotch etc also makes a great gift for men.

Unique anniversary gifts for husband

Anniversary marks the celebration of togetherness. Roses are popular 1st anniversary gifts for him. A bouquet of roses, his favourite perfume, a card along with a message are common anniversary gifts. In-order to make it special, you can bake a cake for your anniversary or arrange a candle light dinner date for the both of you. Unique gifts for men include making a customised basket consisting of his favourite items, or getting something that he has been longing for made or making it by you. Anniversary gifts ideas for him include a frame can be made which consists of all the important dates in your relationship. The best part is, you don’t have to be creative and good at art in-order to make this or a mug saying something like “best husband” or “best companion” is always an option available at the go. Customised wine bottles can also be made. Leather goods like belts, bags, shoes are also amongst the top gifts for him. A gift can be given symbolic to each year that you have spent together. Broken heart key-chains, paired t-shirts best presents for men as they can use it on daily basis.

Chocolates Gifts for Husband

Marriages are made in heaven and arranged on earth. A husband is your partner in crime, you shoulder in trying times, your strength in adversity, and your best friend to share all the happiness. Cherish his presence in your life by giving him the most romantic gift for husband. It is said that the best marriages are the ones where the romance is kept alive. Let your husband know your romantic side by gifting him a unique and memorable gift.

If you are looking for romantic gift ideas for husband you have come at the right place. Chocolates are one of the most beautiful and romantic gifts that you can gift to your husband. We are not talking any ordinary chocolates here; we are talking of delicious and mouthwatering, personalized chocolates that can be printed with a photo or message of your choice. That is correct! A photo or a message printed right there on the chocolate itself and don’t worry the prints are all done in edible ink. You can simply choose the flavor and filling of the chocolates, send us the photo you want to print and we will do the rest.

Chocolate is also ranked among the most perfect romantic gifts for husband. Imagine a beautiful box full of your husband’s favourite flavoured chocolates; it sure will make him fall in love with you all over again. Our chocolates are more than just a gift; it’s an expression of love towards your husband. Our chocolate gift boxes are the perfect choice to gift your husband.. Chocolates are loved be men too and we are sure that your husband will simply drool over the delicate mouth-watering chocolate pieces. Let your man know how much he means to you with a box full of his favourite chocolates and we promise he will remember it forever.

Personalized Gifts for Husband

We can even personalize the whole chocolate box for you. So if you have any romantic ideas for husband, we can easily replicate them on our chocolates. We can create a timeline of your love story, printing your marriage photo on one chocolate, your favourite food photo on another chocolate, a special date on another and so on.

ChocoCraft has many wonderful themes for chocolate gifts. If you are looking for truly unique gift for husband then ChocoCraft is the right place to look for. ChocoCraft is the pioneer in chocolate printing in India. All the prints done on chocolate are in edible ink with the best and freshest ingredients handpicked by our experts. . You can even send chocolates online by simply customizing the order as per your requirements and we will deliver it to any address in India.

We use only premium quality ingredients that produce the best chocolates for your loved one. We start making the chocolates only when you order it which ensures that only the freshest pieces are delivered to you. Just place your orders on the phone, email or online and leave the rest to us.