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5 Ways to Delight Your Mom on Mother's Day

Remember the delightful things your mom did to cheer you up when you were little? All those big and small acts that screamed love. Those peek-a-boo games to keep you engaged. Randomly running her hand through your hair. The big kiss on your cheek after getting you all dressed for school. Packing something you love in your tiffin box so when you open it in school, there's a small surprise waiting for you. Randomly baking cakes because she knew you loved them. Taking you out to parks in the evening so you don't get bored at home. Getting you chocolates when she went out. The bedtime stories to send you off to a world of sweet dreams before you went to bed. Our childhood is made of so many of these delightful experiences. This mother's day, let's try to do something similar for our mothers.

Here's 5 ways you can delight your mom:

1. Gifts

Gifts are the simplest and the best way to show appreciation. There is so much you can do with a gift. Think of what your mom likes the most, enjoys the most and plan your gift around it. If your mother enjoys apparels and accessories, there's no end to the things you can get her. From a chic saree to that elegant bracelet, there are too many options and you are bound to find something great. Similar is the case with beauty and skin care products, there is something that suits the style and taste of all. However, a little personalisation elevates the gift to something unique that's made just for the receiver. A quick and hassle-free way to do this is to go with the gifting solutions CHOCOCRAFT provides. You can get special chocolate gifts for Mother's Day. These chocolates are printed with a requested image and are packed with a sender's note in a beautiful customised box. So nor only do you get delicious chocolates but a delightful memory to remember the day by.

2. Surprises

There are various kinds of surprises and who'd know better than you which kind your mom enjoys? A random hug is a surprise. Tickets to a weekend trip are also a surprise. It depends from person to person. Think about what makes your mom happy. Is it a particular dish that she enjoys? Cook it for her. Does she like to relax and enjoy her day? Plan a serene spa day for her. You get the hint, yes? Surprise her.

3. Listening to her

Our mom's are behind our backs all the time. To the point that we crib about her pesting us constantly. We also know that simply listening to her would help but we never do. So this mother's day try doing that. Sit with her, talk to her, listen to her. Sit over a good, hot beverage and have that long due heart to heart that strengthens your bind with her. Mother's love to listen to what our day looked like, what did we do, what made us happy, what annoyed us. It's time to turn the tables.

4. Take her out

If you plan on doing what we suggested in the previous point, it'd be even better if you take her out. There must be places in the city she loves or you two have fond memories of. This will make a great setting to have good conversations and enjoy your time together. Maybe you can revisit your stories from childhood or talk about future plans. Or perhaps gossip about the extended family. Whatever sails your boat, great food is a good accompaniment.

5. Say thank you

And last but not the least, actually the most important one on this list; thank her. Where would we be if not for our mothers. From the very first heartbeat to however long we get together and even after that, our mothers are an irreplaceable part of our life. It's a hard, thankless job to raise a child and give them a decent life and mothers do it with so much grace.

Don't let this mother's day and the ones to come go by without thanking your mom. Say it with any which mode of expression suits you; words, cards, music, hugs and kisses and compliment it with CHOCOCRAFT'S THANK YOU GIFT BOXES.

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