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5 Ways to Delight Your Mom on Mother's Day

Remember the delightful things your mom did to cheer you up when you were little? All those big and small acts that screamed love. Those peek-a-boo games to keep you engaged. Randomly running her hand through your hair. The big kiss on your cheek after getting you all dressed for school. Packing something you love in your tiffin box so when you open it in school, there's a small surprise waiting for you. Randomly baking cakes because she knew you loved them. Taking you out to parks in the evening so you don't get bored at home. Getting you chocolates...

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Celebrating Mother's Day

You might not remember it, but your mother’s face is one of the first ones you lay eyes on after being born. It is the face you grow up looking at, looking up to, and find all the beauty in. Not just beauty, you find the whole world in her eyes. They widen at your wrongdoings to show you there are consequences to things; your first brushes with fear. They narrow down in disappointment; your first glimpse at guilt. They lighten up at your silliness and you see what joy looks like. They beam with pride when you have done...

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Celebrations come in all forms. Big and small, grand and minimalistic, and it depends on you which way you go. In any case, what is important is that you celebrate. I repeat, what is important that you celebrate. This occasion and all occasions that you can because in celebration lies acknowledgment that these occasions, these days are important to you, that they mean something to you. And it is high time we acknowledge the women around us, who they are, and all they have done. A lot of us might feel these designated days to celebrate something like ‘Women’s Day’...

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Make your wedding invitations different – with Chocolates!

Wedding is a grand event in itself. Don’t you think that your invitations should be grand as well? You send invitations to have the presence of your friends and relatives in your holy matrimony, sending invitations is a ritual that has been followed from decades. It is said to be a good omen for the newlyweds. The invitation sends away the theme and level of wedding and thus you need to choose the invitations wisely. You cannot just go for anything when it comes to choose invitation; yes invitation doesn’t matter if you are not giving much thought to your...

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Beautiful Personalized Gifts

Gifts are the best way of conveying your feelings. Personalization is the key word that makes your gifts all the more special. Personalized gifts show love, appreciation, gratitude and affection. A personalized gift however small or inexpensive it may be, it surely is valued a lot more. Personalized gifts mean that you care enough to go through all the effort of looking for the perfect gift and getting it tailor made just as the recipient or the receiver would love it. That itself is a sweet gesture. Personalized gifts show value and being valued and loved is perhaps the best...

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