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50th Anniversary Return Gifts

Congratulations on the 50th anniversary! You have achieved another great milestone in your life and sure you are going to celebrate it! But one needs to remember to thank the guests who made to the celebration with special return gifts! ChocoCraft’s special customized chocolate boxes are a great option for you for your guests!

Box Designs for 50th Anniversary Return Gift

Best 50th Anniversary return gift

Best 50th Anniversary return gift


Simple return gift for 50th Marriage Anniversary

Simple return gift for 50th Marriage Anniversary


Royal 50th return gift for Anniversary

Royal 50th return gift for Anniversary


Elegant return gift for Golden Jubilee Anniversary

Elegant return gift for Golden Jubilee Anniversary


Golden Jubilee return gift for Anniversary

Golden Jubilee return gift for Anniversary


Vintage 50th Anniversary return gift

Vintage 50th Anniversary return gift


Peach return gift for 50th Anniversary

Peach return gift for 50th Anniversary


Floral 50th Anniversary return gift

Floral 50th Anniversary return gift


Customised return gift for 50th Anniversary

Customised return gift for 50th Anniversary


Designer 50th Anniversary return gift

Designer 50th Anniversary return gift


Chocolate Design For 50th Anniversary Return Gifts

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Message for 50th Anniversary Return Gifts





50 Anniversary Return Gifts by Chococraft

Unique Return Gift for 50th Anniversary by Chococraft

You and your partner have spent 50 blissful years together! It has been a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs, but you have enjoyed every second of it. The love you had 50 years ago is still intact and lively. You had decided to celebrate the special occasion by bringing all your loved ones together. Your family and friends have bestowed you with love, and you have decided to address their blessings by giving them return gifts.

Anniversary return gifts should be decided after a lot of thinking. Anniversary gifts for guests show how much you appreciate the presence of your guests. Return gifts for 50th anniversary are special, and you are expected to splurge for the golden jubilee wedding anniversary return gifts.

Golden anniversary gift ideas are supposed to remind the recipient of the wedding anniversary everytime they look at it. Look for anniversary souvenir ideas which your guests will appreciate. One of the best ways of achieving this is by giving anniversary favors.

50th anniversary party favors should be creative and worthy of this great day. Chococraft is the best 50th anniversary return gift idea. With Chococraft you can create delightful 50th wedding anniversary favors.

With Chococraft you can send chocolates which can be customized along with the printed message to your guests. Chococraft’s chocolates are one of a kind as you can customize the chocolate as per your requirement. You can even have the picture of the couple on the chocolates.

Not only this, you can, also, customize the chocolate box. Personalize your chocolate box according to the occasion and turn it into something wonderful. You can have the picture of the couple, wedding dates along with the name of the couple on the chocolate box.

And the best part is that you can do this all online! It means no unnecessary hassle of hopping from shop to shop. Now you can get everything done from home. You can mail the picture which you want on the chocolates or the chocolate box.

The colors used for printing on chocolates are USFDA approved, and they are 100% safe to eat. Chococraft produces only the finest finished products as they take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Chococraft partners with Blue Dart for shipping and they deliver to most locations in India. You can even track your shipment online. So be assured to receive your 50th wedding anniversary return gifts safe and sound.

50 Anniversary Return Gifts

by Chococraft

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Great 50th Anniversary Ideas

50th anniversary is a milestone which only a few get to achieve. The 50th-anniversary party is the one which is extravagant, and all your family and friends get to be there with you. Anniversary party needs to be special, and you need to plan everything in advance including return gifts for the golden wedding anniversary party.  

Mostly theme for the 50th wedding anniversary is gold. Add golden color as much you can to the décor. Select the music from the couple’s time so that it can add a nostalgic effect. The invitation card is one of the important things in planning wedding anniversary.

Invitation prepares guest what to expect from the wedding anniversary, and if it is a surprise wedding anniversary, then it should be mention on the invitation card. Invitation card mentions all the important information about the venue, date, time and even the theme. If it is a surprise wedding anniversary party, then it is wise to make sure that the couple doesn’t have any other plans for that day.

You can renew the wedding vows to make the anniversary more exciting and emotional. You can recreate the wedding by following all the ceremonies and celebrating the wedding in the exact same way. Use the same flowers and the décor as it was during the wedding.

You should search for return gift ideas for 50th wedding anniversary. Anniversary return gift ideas should be the one which reminds people of the wedding anniversary. Return gift ideas for anniversary party should be planned in advance, as they leave a major impact on the guests. Anniversary favors are a good 50th wedding anniversary return gift idea as they are more personal and attached than any normal gift.

Return Gift Idea for 50th Wedding Anniversary in India

When the party is celebrated and all is merry, you want to thank your guests for being there and sharing your happiness. Return gifts in India, show not only how much you appreciate the guests, but also they set your standard. So make sure to come up with great return gift ideas for wedding anniversary.

Your gifts should have some connection to wedding anniversaries. In India, home decorative gifts are well appreciated and liked. Clocks, mantelpieces, and sculptures are a major hit among gifts. You can also give personalized gifts.

Personalized gifts are easy to make, and they also have a connection with the event. Moreover, personalized are cheap so they would go light on your wallet. Personalized mugs, glass set, and vase are some good return gift idea for an anniversary party. With personalized gifts, you can have a picture of the couple on gifts, and you can create a gift which could represent the anniversary perfectly.

Vastu items and sculptures of god are also liked well, and they are most liked return gifts for 50th wedding anniversary in India reason being that they bring a lot of positivity in life. Moreover, in India gifts associated with gods and goddesses are liked among masses, and these gifts are always cherished.

Paintings and handmade gifts are best 50th-anniversary giveaways. With handmade gifts, you can let your creative side flowing, and create something fantastic for your loved ones. Homemade scented candles are well-liked, and you can also make some easy gifts such as a clutch or any jewelry. Your family and friends will, definitely, appreciate the time and effort you have put to make their gift.

You can also gift elegant photo frames. If your anniversary party theme is gold, then make sure to have golden colored photo frame.  

50th Anniversary Return Gift

The 50th anniversary of any couple is a remarkable achievement. It is an occasion that deserves to be celebrated with pomp and splendour with loved ones around. Also known as the golden anniversary, this occasion serves to remind and inspire people to love and understand.

Due to the significance of achieving such as a milestone, it is common for it to be celebrated in the form of an event. Many couples have get-togethers with their friends and family members. Sometimes the events are hosted by them but it is usually their children and loved ones who organise it. Irrespective of the host, the fact remains that the occasion needs to be special. To do so, many opt to celebrate via a themed event. Others choose to recreate their wedding and retake their vows.

While that is certainly a great way to celebrate, it is also a fact that guests make the occasion come alive. They are the ones who make anniversary celebrations memorable. As a result, it is a good idea to show your appreciation for their presence by getting a wedding anniversary return gift for them.

Return gifts should certainly be thoughtful. Theorem, you need to find something that your guests are sure to appreciate. Since it is not always possible to find a unique gift for each of your guests, you need to look for something that everyone will appreciate and enjoy. Chocolates are one of the best golden anniversary return gift ideas for this reason. To make them more suitable as return gifts, you can even customise them.

Personalised Chocolates Gifts

At Chococraft, we take pride in delivering the best possible services when it comes to personalised chocolates. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you are getting our custom chocolates as 50th anniversary return gift ideas. We will ensure that you get quality products at reasonable prices.

The emphasis on quality starts from the moment our chocolates are made. We use top quality materials to create delicious chocolates that everyone is certain to love. Our boxes are also created with the same attention to detail. They are elegant and make the perfect home for the chocolates to be sent in.

As for customisation, we offer you with a variety of options and choices. We have a range of boxes with capacities that vary from 2 to 18. Therefore, you can easily order boxes which suit your preferences and your budgets.

Of course, you can easily print on the chocolates themselves. Simply choose any design or image that you would like us to print on the chocolates and we will do that for you. Since it is the golden anniversary, good options would be a picture of the couple or a symbol signifying their love. Finally, you can also print on the box. Choose an amazing design that perfectly captures the theme of the anniversary.

The great thing about choosing our personalised chocolates as your wedding anniversary return gifts is that it is convenient. After all, you can do everything online from the comfort of your home.

For more information, please get in touch with us.