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1st Anniversary Return Gifts

First anniversary celebrations are always a special occasion. It’s the first milestone and sets the foundation for many more to achieve! So it is a great idea to thank those that have joined you in your celebration with a return gift and what better than ChocoCraft’s customized chocolate gifts!

Customised chocolates can make fantastic first anniversary return gift ideas for a variety of reasons. At Chococraft, we make sure that our personalised chocolates perfectly capture the joy of your event. We do so by providing you with a number of options with respect to the chocolate boxes you can order.

At Chococraft, we believe that it should be easy for you to get the return gifts you want. That is why, we have kept everything online. Choose the chocolate boxes, customise them and order them all online. We will be making sure that you get your order as quickly as possible thanks to our incredible delivery network that operates across several major cities of India.

Box Designs for 1st Anniversary Return Gifts

Start by choosing the number of chocolates that you would like on the box. We offer variations from 2 to 18. Once you have selected the number of chocolates, you can select the designs. We give you the option of printing a message or even an image on the top of each chocolate. At the same time, you can also place a design on the top of the box. Choose your own images for more personalised return gifts for 1st wedding anniversary.

Rustic 1st Anniversary return gift

Rustic 1st Anniversary return gift


Leaves 1st Anniversary return gift

Leaves 1st Anniversary return gift


White Return gift for 1st Anniversary

White Return gift for 1st Anniversary


Personalised gift for 1st Anniversary

Personalised gift for 1st Anniversary


Best 1st Anniversary return gift

Best 1st Anniversary return gift


Photo Return gift for 1st Anniversary

Photo Return gift for 1st Anniversary


Floral return gift for 1st Anniversary

Floral return gift for 1st Anniversary


Light String 1st Anniversary return gift

Light String 1st Anniversary return gift


Elegant return gift for 1st Anniversary

Elegant return gift for 1st Anniversary


Vintage 1st Marriage Anniversary gift

Vintage 1st Marriage Anniversary gift


Chocolate Design For 1st Anniversary Return Gifts

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304-1ST-C20, Upload Photo

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304-1ST-C23, Upload Photo


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Message for 1st Anniversary Return Gifts

Of course, to make the return gift seem really thoughtful, you need to add a personalised message with it. We do offer a variety of sample messages for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can compose your own message to give with the gifts. Show your appreciation and love for the guests easily.











Unique Return Gifts for 1st Anniversary by ChocoCraft

So a year has passed since you got married, and it’s your very first anniversary. Of course, you will have a party to celebrate it in style. And you must have anniversary party favors to give out. Are you out of anniversary return gift ideas? Looking for cool first anniversary return gifts? Don’t worry; chocolate from ChocoCraft is the perfect anniversary return gift.

We create exquisite chocolate boxes by pairing decadent chocolate with heart-warming messages and beautiful photographs. These boxes can be sent out as customized return gifts for anniversary party.

Every small element of these personalised return gifts can be customized by you. We have a wide range of designs for the cover of the box to choose from. There are designs specially created for 1st anniversary return gifts. You can also have a photo of yours printed on the cover along with your names.

The chocolates inside the box are also printed. You can print a message or a photo. We print on a thin layer of white chocolate placed on a layer of dark one. All of our printing is done using edible ink; these personalised return gifts can be safely consumed till the very last bite!

We offer a variety of configurations for the chocolates. You can choose from our 2 chocolate box, 4 chocolate box, 6 chocolate box, 9 chocolate box or 12 chocolate box. The candies inside can be plain, printed, or an assortment of both. All these little details can be chosen according to your budget.

We also offer chocolates in various fillings and flavours: roasted almond, butter scotch and fruit and nut.

Inside the chocolate, you can have your message printed on a special butter. This will thank your guests for attending the event, showering you with blessings, and celebrate your happy day with you. We have a number of messages which can be printed. You can also upload your own. The design on the paper can also be customised.

All of our products are pure vegetarian, so you need not think twice before ordering them for everybody. Quality and hygiene are our top priorities: we use the finest quality ingredients, and prepare our chocolates in the cleanest of kitchens.

The best part about these return gift ideas for anniversary parties is that you can get your return gifts online. Its really a very simple process. First, choose the design for the box cover and upload a photo if you want one. Then select the configuration and design for the candies inside, and finally, the message to be printed on the butter paper card. That’s it! All is just a matter of a few clicks, from the comfort of your own home.

We deliver to all major cities in India: be it Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore or Chennai, we have you covered. Your gifts will be delivered to your doorstep within seven days.

Return Gifts for 1st Anniversary by CHOCOCRAFT

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Anniversary Return Gifts - Why are They Important?

The first wedding anniversary is an importance milestone for every couple. Your 1st marriage anniversary is a time to look back and reflect on all of these firsts: your first kiss, your first date, your first dance, and, yes, even your first fight.
In India, gifting has always been a tradition. We express our love towards one another by exchanging gifts. Gifts are an integral part of any celebration.

Nowadays, the trend of return gifts for marriage anniversary has gained tremendous popularity. Couples offer innovative anniversary party favours for guests these days. When you give out return gifts, guests know that they are appreciated. They have graced your function with their presence, and have celebrated your happiness with you. Gifts are a gesture of gratitude towards the guests.

Furthermore, gifts are also excellent anniversary souvenir ideas. They give your attendees something to remember you and your function by. When you have unique return gifts which are classy and out of the box, guests will always remember you as the ones with the best return gifts for 1st marriage anniversary.
Your gifts must be exciting and novel; just like the personalised chocolates from ChocoCraft! Now, who can ever forget the anniversary with such delicious return gift ideas?

One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your gifts must be something to remember by. It must be the perfect blend of emotion and practicality. Here are a few return gift ideas for wedding anniversary.

Crockery and cutlery are great ideas when it comes to return gifts for marriage anniversary. You can gift each guest a set of beautiful teacups, or dining plates.

They are available in various colours and patterns. There are a number of options available, and for every budget range. Coffee mugs can be printed with custom content as well. For the added personal touch, you can have your name engraved on them along with a thank you message.

Clocks are also great anniversary party favors for guests. It is definitely an item of use. You can get them in various creative shapes and sizes. Innovative ones like cuckoo clocks or vintage style grandfather clocks also make great return gifts. They can be customised with a photo on the background. This can be a memory of you with that particular person. A fine souvenir of an anniversary party!

Another great idea is bedding material. Blankets and bedsheets make beautiful gifts. You can choose from a variety of designs. Pillow covers are also an excellent option. You can also get them printed specially to reflect a one year theme.

If you’re out of return gift ideas, the best option is to create a gift hamper. Put together a basket of minor gifts. They can include key chains, fridge magnets, perfumes, showpieces and so on. Write a personalised card to be placed inside the basket. For the added personal touch, you can put in a box of personalised chocolates from ChocoCraft.

Don’t stress over the return gifts; listen to your heart and gift what you like. Always remember that it is not the gift that counts, but the sentiment behind it.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts Online

A wedding anniversary is always a time of great joy and merriment. It becomes all the more momentous when it is the first anniversary. The couple gets together with their friends, family members and other loved ones to celebrate one of the most important milestones in their journey together.

Many couples decide to host an event in order to celebrate the milestone. These days, the kind of event chosen can vary greatly. Instead of traditional affairs, many couples decide to opt for a theme for the event. Irrespective of the type of event held, the fact remains that people bring gifts for the couple. As a sign of courtesy, it is a great idea to have some return gifts on hand to give to the guests.

Return gifts are a way to show that you appreciate the presence of the guest on the occasion. Chosen correctly, they can even make the event more memorable for the guests and even the couple hosting it. As a result, there are several 1st anniversary return gift ideas that you can choose from.

Be that as it may, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when selecting the gifts. First of all, they should fall within your budget. After all, you are already spending a lot on hosting the event and food. Secondly, the gifts should be impressive enough for the guests to enjoy. It should, preferably, be something that everyone can use. Customised chocolates tend to fulfil all of these requirements.

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