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A wedding Invite you just can’t resist! (Delhi Special)

Wedding Invitation In Delhi

The year-end usually makes its mark for the wedding frenzy specially with a nice weather in Delhi. As lots of auspicious wedding mahurats falls between November –January in North India, many people opt to tie the knot during this time.  Once you have decided to get hitched and set the date for it, the next important step is deciding on the perfect wedding invite. As a couple, the wedding day is the most special day of your lives; it will mark the start of the journey as man and wife! And you sure want your invite to stand out from the crowd with so many suppliers for marriage invitation in Delhi.

Unique Wedding Invitation

Having an invitation printed on chocolate is tempting to say the least. Not only will the invite stand out, it will also be remembered as the most adorable and delicious invite. Many urban couples from Delhi and Mumbai are opting to have this unique invite concept that would not only make their invite special but leave a personalized charm. Marriages are joyous occasions for the couples and their immediate families and what better way to extend this joy by sending a chocolate invite which will make the recipients feel they are a part of your special day too.

Beautiful Wedding Invitation in India

The concept of invitation printed on chocolate bar is that you select your favourite flavours from the many available and send a chocolate bar printed with the details of the wedding ceremony in edible ink. The golden or silver foil can lend a beautiful hue to the invite. Taking it one step further you can even get it more personalized with your photos printed on the chocolate and the details like date, time and venue printed on the inside.  To add more to the cuteness of the invite, you can even attach a small RSVP note with a ribbon colour co-ordinating with the wrapper along with a return address envelope. 

Everybody dreams of having a perfect wedding and what better way to start the magical journey with this unique chocolate invite!

At ChocoCraft, we ensure that the first step you take towards your magical journey will not only be forever etched in memory, it will be delicious too.


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