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Tips for Choosing a Wedding Theme

Your wedding day is probably the biggest day for most of us. It’s the day that you officially part with your family to start your own. For this reason, it’s important to have a wedding theme that makes everyone feel appreciated and part of the ceremony. Choosing a wedding theme helps bring together multiple elements to play in consonance.

To smoothen out the edges, we have compiled the proverbial helmet of 7 tips to help you settle for a wedding theme. We have also provided a list of some of the popular wedding themes which you can emulate.


When coming up with a wedding theme, the primary consideration should actual wedding and reception location. This is because if you are looking for a beach themed wedding, a winter wonderland oriented theme is way off the course.

It’s important to also note that location takes up a significant chunk of the wedding budget. For this reason, always ensure that the location reflects both your personalities. Ensure the venue and the theme mix and match well. The landscape, space, and features must always go hand in hand with what you have in mind.

Put the wedding date in mind

Having the wedding date may seem like a farfetched idea but just like the location, it can leave an egg on this important date.

As earlier indicated the theme of your wedding should be well coordinated right from the obvious things to the minute details. It's lackadaisical to have a Christmas themed wedding in summer.

Have an abstract picture of the day

Having an overall picture of your wedding in mind also comes in handy in elevating your creativity.

You can sit down as a couple and list down the key aspects that identify you as a couple. Things like what you did while traveling together, pictures and so on and so forth. This helps in injecting some personality into the overall wedding theme. After all, the wedding theme is all about conveying your story as a couple.

Consider personal preferences

The main idea behind the wedding isn’t about fighting egos or showing who can do what best. It’s about complementing each other. This becomes apparent especially for couples who share different cultures.

You can combine different elements to come up with an excellent wedding theme. For example, one of you could be a great salsa dancer whereas the other adores travelling. List all the things you love individually and rank them from the most important to the least important and incorporate them into your theme.

You can even choose to take creativity a notch higher by having a double-sided cake to reflect your different personalities.

Your favorite colors

To avoid a concoction of colors for your wedding theme, always go for the colors that pair well. If you aren’t sure of your favorite color, just take a quick stroll through your wardroom and look for the prevalent one. Alternatively, you can Google and see color combinations that complement each other.

Remember; never discount your partner’s opinion on matters color. You don’t want your hubby dawning in feminine colors.

Mind your budget

There is the proverbial saying that its heartbreaking to have a champagne taste yet all you can afford is a beer. Be realistic about your wedding budget and stick to it. If you are looking to reign in on your budget, you can settle for an indoor garden-themed wedding.

Alternatively, you can opt for an actual garden as opposed to decorating the ballroom with flowers which may be costly.

Consider the Future

While you may be generous in your wedding by trying to harmonize multiple elements fit into your wedding theme, always keep in mind that this is a once in a lifetime occasion. How will you feel 20 years from now watching the photos? You don't want to end up wishing you did something different.

Popular wedding themes to choose from

You probably have a rough picture of your dream wedding which is very much okay. But how do you actualize this picture into a tangible wedding? It can be challenging! For this reason, we have compiled a few wedding themes which you can use as a template or foundation to build upon.

These are just general ideas and you can customize them to suit your preferences and personality.

Classic wedding theme

This is the kind of theme that should ring on your mind when you come across the word “wedding”. It is the ultimate choice for couples who embrace a refined sense of style compounded with romance.

The classic wedding theme easily fits into a restaurant, ballroom, or even a function hall as a venue.

The classic wedding theme is an ageless choice that easily accommodates modification without breaking a sweat. On the flipside, it can be monopolistic which may leave your wedding looking eerily similar to multiple other weddings. You can overcome this by injecting some creativity and adding some personal touches to aver theme predictability.

Rustic wedding theme

Are you the laid-back couple looking for an equally serene and calm atmosphere? Rustic wedding theme will be a perfect choice. The theme also comes in handy if you are passionate about holding an eco-friendly wedding theme. DIY’ers will also appreciate the fact that this particular theme allows you inject crafty elements.

Rusty theme goes hand-in-hand with loft, garden, forest or even a conservatory environment.

One of the advantages of the rustic theme is the fact that its flexible and can adapt to different settings.

Beach wedding theme

If you are the beach lovers and looking to have a relatively minimal guest list, this is a perfect wedding theme. Beach wedding theme affords you the unforgettable wedding experience thanks to the unconventional setting that it happens to be conducted in.

Imagine getting married on the beach overlooking the ocean…Sounds magical right? Beach wedding comes with many pros including the casual atmosphere that allows your guests unwind and enjoy the calm waters. It also affords your loved ones a once in a lifetime travel opportunity.

The only downside of a beach theme party is the fact that it’s constrained in terms of the number of guests you can invite courtesy of limited space it offers. Additionally, natural elements like the bad weather may ruin a potentially great wedding.

Tropical wedding theme

A tropical themed wedding is particularly ideal for tropical and fun loving couples. It is a loadstone of colors and filled with energy.

As a general rule of thumb, its generally accepted that a good option for tropical weddings is a garden, beach, or even pools.

Given the complexity of colors staring at this kind of theme, it can be hard to choose the color palette. Additionally, exotic off-season flowers don’t come easily which makes it even harder. However, irrespective of these drawbacks you get to enjoy all the colors in your wedding photos.

Modern minimalist wedding theme

This wedding theme is a dream come true for the edgy couples with a soft spot for clean, sleek and luxury.

The main comparative advantage of this wedding theme is the fact that it can be held anywhere. With that said and done, you have to consider the size of the space as they require large spaces intertwined with simple architecture like glasshouses, lofts, and rooftop venues.

With this type of wedding theme, the décor cost is significantly reduced considering you can tap into the venues creativity.

The take home

As you can see, there are multiple factors to consider while choosing a wedding theme. With this blueprint that we have provided the process of settling for a theme should an easy process. We wish you all the best in deciding your wedding theme. Whatever you and your partner decide, just make sure the theme communicates your both personalities.

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