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Give Your Daughter a Birthday to Remember with These 7 Party Activities

Your daughter is the light of your life and brings joy to the simplest of activities. Maybe she is a girly girl, always wanting to wear pink, borrow your makeup, and wear your heels. Perhaps she is an animal lover, taking care of the family pets and begging you to buy her a horse. Or she could be a bit of an outdoorswoman, who loves swimming in the local lake and going hiking with you on the weekends.

Regardless of your daughter’s personality and preferences, she deserves a birthday party that she will remember for years. No matter where you live or what she likes to do, there is a party activity that your daughter will love to share with her friends.

These seven party activities will bring a smile to your daughter’s face and will be remembered by you and her forever.

  1. Making Jewelry

Something most girls enjoy doing is making beautiful things with their hands. A jewelry-making party is not only fun for the girls, but at the end, they will have wonderful treasures to take home as a memento of the special day.

Some jewelry the girls could make include bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and earrings. Even girls who don’t typically wear jewelry can enjoy the opportunity to make something unique for a mother, grandmother, or other loved one to cherish.

This activity is as simple as setting up a large workspace and supplying everything your daughter and her friends need to make the jewelry of their dreams. This includes fasteners, chains or pulls, and a variety of beautiful beads. Some popular options for making jewelry include freshwater keshi pearls and amethyst beads.

  1. Gymnastics Party

A gymnastics party is the perfect opportunity for your daughter and her friends to burn off energy, be active, and build friendships, all while having fun.

Renting a gymnastics gym is the perfect venue for your daughter and her best friends to jump, leap, and run to their hearts’ content.

Remind guests to wear comfortable stretchy clothing, to pack a snack, and to adhere to the gym rules.

  1. Crazy Crafting Party

From painting to stained glass, there are many crafts girls enjoy.

For the ultimate crafting party, we recommend choosing one craft for all the girls to complete and providing instructions and supplies for that craft. This allows the girls to be creative while also providing structure to the afternoon.

For instance, you could choose to have all the attendees complete beaded key pulls, but let the girls decide if they want to make a cat, lizard, mouse, or another animal shape. This craft is easy to set up and requires only a plastic string, metal key pulls, and a variety of beads.

  1. Beaded Headbands and Hairstyling

A fun idea for a party that gets girls creative while also indulging in their girly side is a hair party but with a twist: the girls learn to make their own beaded hairbands!

There are few supplies needed to make the hairbands themselves: simply supply elastic cord and a variety of beads in fun colors. Coral beads are especially popular with girls in the tween years.

Provide a range of hair accessories, including clips, barrettes, elastics, scrunchies, and more. Make sure you have a hair dryer, curlers, a straightener, and something fun like a crimper as well. Temporary hair dye and glitter provides a fun twist for older girls.

To amp up the fun, do a photoshoot of your daughter and her friends wearing their new beaded hairbands after they have finished.

  1. Roller-skating Extravaganza

An afternoon at the local roller rink is a fun and energetic activity that girls of all ages are sure to love.

If your city has a roller rink, this is the perfect opportunity to get your daughter’s friends together for an afternoon of loud music, and races on four wheels at a roller skating party!

If your daughter and her friends have never used roller skates before, it is worth connecting with the venue beforehand to make sure there is someone around who can give them a quick demonstration, if not a full-on lesson. A great way to get your guests hyped to try roller skating is with themed invitations complete with helpful tips for new roller skaters.

If you’re looking for a gift idea for the birthday girl, why not present her with a special pair of roller skates in her favorite color? This could begin a lifetime love of physical activity and wellness, as well as endless hours of entertainment and fun.

  1. Wind Chime Craft

Another unique craft idea your daughter and her friends are sure to love is a craft afternoon where each girl goes home with a special gift–a wind chime! Beaded wind chimes are the ideal craft for girls ages 6-13, and is sure to adorn their homes for years to come.

This craft allows girls to incorporate interests and aspects of their personality into making a unique beaded craft item. For example, a girl who loves sports and the color blue could incorporate lapis lazuli beads into the beading of the wind chime and could paint the chimes to include soccer balls, baseballs, and footballs, or other equipment of her preferred sport.

This craft is tried and true with girls of different ages and works exceptionally well if your daughter has friends from different age groups.

For extra fun, accompany this activity with an outdoor picnic afterward.

  1. Bookstore Party for Book Lovers

For the bookworm, a birthday party is something they might not typically enjoy. Why go to a party when there is the library, or a cozy overstuffed chair and a bookshelf with titles just dying to be read? Thankfully, if your daughter is a fan of reading, there is a compromise–the bookstore party!

Many bookstores and libraries offer space for special events such as birthday parties. Theme the cake and decorations around a series or character of your daughter’s choosing, and send each guest home with a specially-chosen book as a party favor.

No matter what your daughter’s interests are, there is undoubtedly a perfect party just waiting to be planned. There are so many ways you can personalize her party to her exact interests and make her feel celebrated. With these special activities in mind, your daughter’s party is sure to be the event of a lifetime!

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