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Wonderful Wedding Invites

Wedding Invitation in Delhi

Weddings are joyous occasions in any couple’s life. You select your partner to spend each moment of your life with. As they say marriages are made in heaven but solemnized on earth. Weddings are beautiful fairytales getting their logical ending. When you find the one you want to spend your life with, you want to make each step in the journey worthwhile. Weddings signify a life time of promise, a trust and commitment that sees us through all ups and downs of life. Wedding invites form an integral part of the wedding preparations. A wedding invite is your official invitation letting your family and friends know about your wedding date and other details.

wedding chocolates

Each couple wants their wedding invite to be unique and special. What makes a wedding invite unique and special? Is it the fancy paper type or the sweets that accompany it? Why cannot you have it beautiful as well as make it auspicious with sweets. We have the perfect solution for couple wanting to make their wedding invites a different concept than the tried and tested run of the mill wedding invites. We design your wedding invites on chocolate bars with the details printed on the chocolate bar itself in edible ink.

printed chocolates for marriage

ChocoCraft is a pioneer in custom made printed chocolates that can be personalized as per your requirements. You just have to select the flavor and the design and we will do the rest for you. We package the chocolates in beautiful wooden boxes with detailed information like the venue, time and other rituals printed on butter paper. Chocolates are lovable and would it not be a great feeling to be able to invite people in this unique manner. Imagine the reaction of your guests, when they open the chocolate box to find a chocolate bar that is printed with your wedding details in edible ink. We are masters at creating beautifully designed wedding invites. It’s a unique concept and we assure that all your guests will absolutely love it.


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