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The significance of Valentine's Day and Valentine's Week

As per the Catholic Encyclopaedia, there used to be three Christian saints by the name of Valentine. One amongst them was a priest in Rome, while another was St. Valentine and the third was a bishop in Terni. Surprisingly all three saints had been martyred on February 14.

During the third century, Valentine who was a priest served the nation during the rule of the Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor decided that unmarried men are best soldiers as compared to a married man with wives and families. For this reason, he banned the marriage of young men. St. Valentine was disappointed with this decision and thought it was biased. Valentine decided to conduct weddings in secret. The Emperor had him thrown in jail and sentenced to death, as soon as he discovered this.

200 years later, 14 February was proclaimed as St Valentine's Day, and this is how across Rome and others, the day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. By this time, Rome had become Christian, and the Catholic Church was determined to stamp out any remaining paganism. A pagan fertility ritual was held in February each year, and the Pope abolished this festival and proclaimed 14 February Saint Valentine's Day, thus establishing this feast day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints.

The fact that Valentine’s Day brings relationships into focus can be an excellent excuse to take stock of your own.

Relationship experts agree that valuing your relationship, acknowledging it and celebrating the good things about a partner is essential – not only on Valentine’s Day but also on every day of the year.

Just like your physical welfare and finances, relationships need attention and maintenance; this can’t get taken for granted.

Like most aspects of life, when things are going well we fail in our determination towards keeping things that way. Only when things begin to slide, is then that we feel the need to take action, on many occasion, much late to salvage anything.

Conflicts, as well as negative feelings, are typical in relationships. The difference between happy, stable relationships and broken relationships is just the way they manage conflicts from within.

In happy relationships, partners:

•   Don’t let their negative feelings to disrupt their attempts to work out their problems

•   Build up positive attitudes

•   Manage the negatives

•   Repair their connections

•   Support each other’s goals and aspirations.

To make your bond even stronger, you should celebrate your love each day of Valentine's week.

Why should you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Throughout the year, you keep busy with your work. You even don’t get time to enjoy with your family. You engross yourself so much in the work that forget their birthdays and special events such as anniversaries. Valentine week is the opportunity for you to make your mistakes and give attention to your valentine.

During Valentine’s week, your darling waits for almost year and at the start of the year, they are happy to spend quality time with you. They have individual plans that they will celebrate the Valentine week with you. Special treats are arranged, and gifts are purchased to make the day even more special. Missing out on this day will become very disappointing. You should plan your Valentine week prior so that each day can be celebrated with love, care and fun.

If you don’t give time to your Valentine during this period, then chances are more that your Valentine will get hurt. You will regret later about the same. It is best to pre-plan the valentine week so that you get much time with your darling and enjoy every bit of it .Whether it is partying with friends, relatives or partying with your girlfriend. Make sure that you have a proper plan for each day. Gifts should be given on each day so that your loved ones will feel even more special.

What can be some creative gift ideas for Valentine's Day?

1.   Say it with music.

Dedicate all the romantic songs in a list, send them a playlist via YouTube or Spotify. Share on any platform that is common for you. Pay attention to the lyrics and pick songs that have relevance to both of you; some songs may have upbeat melodies but have heart-breaking words! If you are feeling creative, you may even try to compose your poem.

2. Sweet Treat.

This action calls for confidence and guts! Take out a bundle of Hershey’s Kisses as if it is something you have bought casually. As soon as they “thank you,” reach out for the bag, stop them and say, “Hold on… I’ve got one more thing” then kiss them.

3.   Say it out loud.

Catch them by surprise and say it unexpectedly when they least expect it. Say it while you are both in a queue or while browsing through items in a store. You do not need to wait for the perfect moment to do so — it sounds weird when it happens as if it was unintended or as part of a conversation where you were just expressing your initial thoughts.

4.   Get cooking.

Is it true that the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach? Your ability to cook up a good meal is much attractive and a plus. If you are cooking novice, consult the online recipes. Find creative ways to decorate your food with heart shapes.

5.   Flaunt a surprise publicly.

Plant sign along a path to your preferred date site. Get some help, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Ask the Starbucks barista to consider including a “secret message” below their names. Ask a child to pass them a confession card when you pretend to excuse yourself to the bathroom. Make prior plans with the pub band to play a song you have dedicated, along with your confession message.

This Valentine, make grand plans to do something you never did before. Think out of the box for an exciting Valentine’s season.

Celebrate love and romance day every day of Valentine's Week!

Rose Day – February 7

35 million years ago, cultivation of roses was used for a various purpose such as showing affection, care and peace. Around the 15th century, you will come across “War of the Roses” in which red coloured roses were used as the House of Lancaster’s emblem. Whereas, white roses were used as the symbol for House of York. Since Cleopatra days, i.e. 30 BC, red roses were used as a symbol of love. The amazingly gorgeous Cleopatra had created a carpet of red roses to receive Antony to her bedroom. St. Valentine’s Day, flowers and love all became co-related in the 14th century. Check out our collection of gifts for Rose Day!

Propose Day – February 8

Initially, people used to celebrate valentine day on a single day, i.e. 14 February, but gradually it turned out to be a two-week-long celebration. 8 February is considered as the second day of Valentine’s week. This is the very special day as the youngsters propose their boyfriend, girlfriend. Your beloved will be surely impressed by such gesture, and they will feel most beautiful on that day. Surprise your special someone with exclusive propose day gifts!

Chocolate Day – February 9

The chocolate lovers consider 9th February as the chocolate day. This day various gifts related to chocolate are given to the loved ones. It is the 3rd day of the valentine week. Chocolate is the most favourite treat that is being continued for more than 200 years. The Mayans harvested cocoa bean from rainforests and worshipped the intoxicating substance as an idol. The ritual of rejoicing chocolate day started in the US where people began desiring each other-happy chocolate day’ on Twitter. Explore our innovative chocolate day gifts.

Teddy Day – February 10

It is the 4th day of the valentine week. Girls love Teddy Bear so it is the best gift that you can give on this day. Valentine week is full of love and enjoyment. However, you will not get any public holiday during this week, but celebrating each day will fill you with more love, peace and contentment. Teddy Day is the day when you can gift many gifts related to teddy so that your beloved one will be impressed by your tip. Check out special Teddy Day gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend!

Promise Day – February 11

A promise is a beautiful thing that should be kept, once it is given to someone. Promise day is the 5th day of the valentine week. On this day, your loved ones will be thrilled if you made a genuine promise, assuring them that you will keep the pledge until the end of our life. Your friends and relatives will become happy as they find a strong bond in the relationship with you. You can also give promise to your kid, wife and anyone else. This day brings the fantastic opportunity to befriend your closed ones by giving them the promise. Holding the hand until the end, this kind of commitment will make the relationship stronger, and you will ultimately find peace within you. You can also celebrate promise day with chocolate gifts!

Hug Day – February 12

If you are running busy in your life and forget to hug your beloved ones, then do not miss the opportunity to show your affection, warmth and kindness through a hug. It is the 6th day of Valentine's week, and it is celebrated on 12th February. You can give a comforting hug to your loved ones on this day. A bone crushing, a lovely hug will strengthen your relationship, and you will feel happy throughout the day. Hug also conveys the message that how much you love your partner. Make sure to give a tight hug on this day along with a romantic gift for Hug Day!

Kiss Day – February 13

A gentle and loving kiss can be gifted to your partner on this day. Kiss day is the most romantic day of Valentine's week. You can show your care, feelings and understanding by gifting some gifts on this day. Heart cushion with a printed kiss can be given as a surprise. This will make the day of your beloved one. They will thank you for the beautiful gift. On the other hand, you will feel delighted that you showed your love toward your most precious person. Exciting chocolate gifts for kiss day will also lend a special touch to the occasion!

Valentine’s Day February 14

14 February is the day when people across the world exchange gifts, candy and flowers with their beloved ones to express their love and feeling of gratitude, in the name of St. Valentine. It is the day of togetherness, where you’re Valentine will feel so unique that someone loves her so unconditionally, sincerely and promises to be with her for the rest of life. The Valentine day is the single and remarkable day for the lovebirds as they find their true love to spend their lives with pure love and feeling of deep care.

Valentine week is the most awaited week throughout the year. In this week, you will get the opportunity to come close to your friends and family. This is the unique time of the year where you will celebrate love with your valentine. Various gifts are given on each day of Valentine's week. These awards will make your loved ones extremely happy, and they will thank you for the love and care shown by you. You should be having exciting plans for the valentine week. Giving treats to your Valentine is always a good idea. Keep aside your work and find some time for your family and friends during this week. This will eventually strengthen your relationship, and you will mentally find peace at work and life. Each day of valentine’s week signifies some essential message. You should be a concern with each day and express your beautiful feelings through entire Valentine's week.

Special gifts for Valentine's Day will make the person feel all the more loved!

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