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DIY Guide To Design Premium Wedding Card In 10 mins

Wedding invitation is the first thing your guests see. They are responsible to set the wedding vibe, making it must to get it done right way.

On the other hand, receiving Wedding Invitation in the mail is a great feeling after all it takes time to craft a perfect card, address it and mail it out. In this world of constant mobile buzzing and emails pouring in, a hand-addressed invitation card really stands out.

On the other hand, creating an online invite is not as personal and has nothing to do with the personal touch you want to convey.

This personalization concept was what revolving around day night when I was about to get married. But looking into the cost of getting such a personalized wedding card, I decided to go otherwise. Yes, I decided to opt DIY. After long ifs and buts, I was able to create a wedding invitation card that was adored by all.

If you are also like me, the article shares some great tips to create wedding invitation card without costing a fortune.

Step 1: Take design inspiration

We all have a secret box where we keep things we cherish or things we like, hoping we would also do something similar someday. Mine used to contain beautiful wedding cards that touched my heart.

So when the DIY idea first crossed my mind, I opened the box to check if I want to opt any design for my card too. Along with that, I also looked into my go-to app ( Pinterest).

So friends, first of all find a design inspiration. You don’t have the time to start from a blank page. Look for designs into old wedding cards or Pinterest. Pinterest is a perfect place to take design inspirations, from wedding cards to valentine day cards ;)

Additionally, also analyze what kind of information you want to put into your wedding card. Also look for ideas on how to say this. The basics normally are

  • The wedding couple and family details
  • The Wedding Venue
  • Wedding Ceremony date and time
  • Is there any theme you want to follow
  • How to RSVP

Although look small, these details and how you represent these details can make a huge difference to your wedding card. Lastly, finalize 2-3 final choices.

Step 2. Create Wedding Graphics

Now Adobe Illustrator is the go to for creating such graphics but if you are just beginner like me, you might not want to dive into Adobe complications. Instead, I googled for some wedding card maker tools and after lot of trying and testing, finalized Canva’s free wedding card maker tool.

With some awesome templates and thousands of possible customizations, it made my life a hundred time easier. Below are some wedding invitation cards I designed using the tool.

(BTW) I suggested the tool to my friend as well. She used it to design engagement invitation card I shared below. Looks cool, isn’t it?

No matter which design you choose, make sure to customize it your way. Every color has its own language, understanding that will help you craft an amazing wedding invitation card for you..

Step 3. Finally, Packaging!

Once our wedding card for designed, the final task left was to create invites. So we brought beautiful envelopes and started packing. But before that we printed one copy to give it a final proofread.

We didn’t want to find out a typo after printing cards so why take risk? We also checked if the fonts, colors and other design elements are coming properly. So while you are at it, make sure to give your final card multiple glances to ensure it comes out perfect.

So guys, this was my wedding card story, what’s yours? Are you planning to create your own? Go ahead and give it a try!

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