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Kiss Day Gifts



Kiss Day Gifting Ideas

Relish the charm and joy love? Embrace your darlings this Kiss Day!

“A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear.” ― Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac

When is Kiss Day? Why is it an important part of Valentine’s Week?

The most passionate day of Valentine’s Week, Kiss Day is celebrated by lovers all over the world across cultures on February 13, a day prior to the grand Valentine’s Day. The V-day of love in the recent times has graduated from being a single day of celebration to now a weeklong event, with each day of the week being devoted to cherishing a singular significant attribute found in any relationship. Romantic kisses and acts of compassion are important to couples, especially to the ones preparing to enter the final day of Valentine’s. Hence Valentine’s Week shall be incomplete without a special day dedicated to this global form of embracing someone we love dearly.

Kissing is the most natural method of portraying affection. In addition to expressing various emotions and sentiments like that of friendship and respect, it is also a mode of salutation and wishing luck. Kissing is not just a gesture of affection. Not only it reflects devotion, ancient lovers also believed that kissing shall unite two distinct souls into one. Therefore many cultures consider it as an important component of marriage rituals as well. Romantic kisses increase the intimacy in a relationship, binding the participants in an eternal process that shall lead to harmony, proximity, and togetherness.

It is very important to make your kisses more special by complimenting them with some wonderful Gifts on Kiss Day. Gifts don’t just act as ritualistic tokens of exchange. They preserve memories and bring happiness. It shall be well understood that if we wish to embrace someone we admire truly, a couple of gifts must help to further this end. Kisses and gifts are very much alike. Both make us feel the warmth of the relationship in the most unspoken manner. Hence, it shall only be appropriate to ‘kiss and tell’ your lover how much you admire them and how much they mean to you. And just in case that’s not sufficient, special Gifts for Kiss Day shall do the rest for you!

Kiss Day Gifts from ChocoCraft

For Recipients Gift Types Our Speciality
Kiss day gifts for husband 6 Chocolate Box Photo Chocolates
Kiss day gift for girlfriend 9 Chocolate Box Printed Chocolate Bars
Kiss day gift for wife 12 Chocolate Box Personalised Box
Kiss day gift for boyfriend 18 Chocolate Box All India delivery
Gifts for him Gift with Photo Beautiful designs
Gifts for her Personalised Gift Unique Gifts

Order special Kiss Day Gifts Online!

It is time for the simplest and most passionate day of intimacy which can very naturally be celebrated by our parents, siblings and friends alike or anyone whom we love dearly. This makes us in need of a gift that shall be equally cherished and relished by all. Chocolates definitely make perfect Kiss Day Gifts for her as well as Kiss Day Gifts for her. Just like kisses, chocolates too complement our desire to be felt loved, desired, cherished and felicitated. There is no doubt children love chocolates. And as far as adults are considered, with time people only tend to grow fonder and fonder of chocolates. One can never go wrong with a good heavy box and therefore this is the single most common, popular, loved and definitely the safest option for gifting. And either way, any day of Valentine’s week can work without being ‘needy to be demanding a box of chocolates’ and be just fine. After all, it is the week of love and relations. Nothing better than chocolates to remind one of the essence and sweetness of the love underlying the passionate kiss… is there?

But chocolates being so conventional can ruin the intention of gifting someone special a token of appreciation. What we need is a gift very particular to the event and not something which can be gifted on any day of the year. So if you’re looking for some innovative Kiss Day Special Gifts, we at ChocoCraft are here to offer customized chocolates for all occasions, beautifully decorated in customized packing as per the occasion of gifting. We offer to provide chocolates with images and personal messages printed on them. So to level-up your chocolatey gifts, you may gift your near and dear ones with chocolates with their names, personalized Kiss Day wishes or even pictures of memorable days, say the first kiss? More so, as we traditionally see only the misters working hard and putting efforts to buy fancy gifts for the ladies, customized chocolates prove as appropriate Kiss Day Gifts for boyfriends too, reflecting the efforts and thoughts put in by their partners to make the simple tokens of joy unique and special in their own way. You can order your special Kiss Day Gifts Online at and even get them delivered to all major cities in India for free!

Some Kiss Day Gift Ideas

Kisses are an example of universal symbols and are just not limited to lovers. Deep emotions other than romance like intense joy and profound sorrow, sympathy and gratitude, et cetera can also be experienced by exchanging affectionate kisses and these are common among all close relations, be that of friends or say family members, especially parents. The beauty of Kiss Day is that it never remains confined between lovers. Parents may kiss the child to provide comfort. Siblings may kiss to provide strength and security. And the sweetest kiss probably can only be given by a kid at random to any elderly whom he/she finds fascinating and amiable. This sweet gesture speaks volumes and is sure to make the receiver’s day. So if you desire to felicitate your admirer with something in return, here are some Kiss Day Gift Ideas;

  • You may enjoy a good warm cuddle-worthy day with a well-planned stay-at-home picnic, watching movies together, cooking and sharing all the love.
  • Families may take advantage of this and cherish some much-needed family time, spend some quality time with kids or even siblings who now live in nuclear families of their own.
  • Couples can take long romantic walks in the areas they used to hang out together in their initial dating days. They shall cherish the passage of time, how far they have come together from the time they stood at these very places when the conditions used to be much different from the present.
  • They may even go on one-day road trips visiting memorable locations which once witnessed life-changing moments in the couple’s journey.

Kiss Day can be celebrated with any lovable person in your life. This special day brighten up the smiles on your dears’ faces with elegant gifts and expressions of love from ChocoCraft!

“It's the kind of kiss that inspires stars to climb into the sky and light up the world.”

― Tahereh Mafi, Ignite Me

More Gifts for Valentine's week by ChocoCraft

Kiss Day Gifts Online

Valentine’s Day is not just about expressing love to your special someone but also showing how much you care about their presence in your life. It is one of the very few days of the year that is dedicated to our loved ones. It is upon the guys to get something special for their girlfriends in order to mark the day and make them realize how much they care.

Now, when it comes to choosing the kiss day gifts, it might get a little confusing for guys to find out what their girlfriends like the most. Additionally, they have to also consider a lot of other things, such as their tastes, preferences, whether or not their gifts will be liked and appreciated, and so much more.

The best option that lets you be on the safe side and also show your effort at the same time is getting them personalized chocolates. Plain chocolates might be their favorite but girls just love chocolate and have them every other day anyways. The only way in which you can make a seemingly plain gift interesting and beautiful at the same time is by getting them customized according to what she likes the most.

Here are some of the interesting ways in which you can impress your special someone on kiss day with chocolates.

Add a Beautiful Message
One of the most romantic ways in which you can dedicate a box of beautifully wrapped chocolates for your loved ones is by getting a short and cute message for them customized on the chocolates.

You special someone will not only love the delicious treat but also melt at the sweetest gesture that you put up. After all, who wouldn’t love a special note just for them, that too on one of their most favorite treats? This is not just for the guys but even the ladies out there can do this to make your man feel special on this perfect day. Spread the love in the most romantic and beautiful way possible.

Put a Couples Picture
Another great way of personalizing chocolates is by putting a sweet picture of you and your special someone on them. It will be more like a beautiful picture frame, but one which you can eat later. Pictures are a romantic way of expressing love and show how you both have been together through thick and thin. Select a nice picture that is yours, and most importantly, her favorite, and get it on a sweet, heart shaped chocolate. It couldn’t get any more romantic than this!

Get Both of Yours Name on Chocolates
Chocolates are a really special gift. You can make them even more special for your significant other by getting the names of both of you on them. Customize your gift of a treat box and make this kiss day special and memorable with a kiss day gift for boyfriend or kiss day gift for girlfriend.

Here are some of the reasons why getting customized chocolates is a great kiss day gifts online for your special someone. Sweep them off their feet and make this special day memorable with beautiful gifts for your loved ones.