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10 Innovative Return gifts for Kids Birthday Parties in Delhi NCR

When you have a birthday party for your kid, your aim is always to ensure that your guests enjoy as much as your child. Apart from organizing the party, the games and the food, you will also need to consider the return gifts that will be given to all your kid’s friends. Of course, you need to consider the age of the children who receiving those return gifts. Nonetheless, here are some fun ideas for return gifts for kids that you can consider.

1. Books
Encourage your child and his or her friends to pick up reading as a hobby by gifting books. It is quite easy to find books that are appropriate for the child’s age. For really young children, you can get picture books or coloring books.

2. Crayons or Pencil Colours
Children love to draw. So, give them that opportunity by choosing crayons as the birthday return gifts. You can also add a drawing book or a coloring book so that the children can start enjoying the gifts as soon as they receive them.

3. Soft Toys
As return gifts for birthday party, soft toys are a fantastic choice, especially for young children. Little soft toys are extremely adorable and children love them. You can even customize them with a thank-you message for making the party a memorable one.

Encourage the little ones to develop their analytical and problem-solving skills by choosing puzzles as the birthday return gifts. There are several kinds of puzzles to choose from but jigsaw puzzles are a top favorite among children.

5. Modeling Compounds
Modeling compounds and clay are loved by most children.In fact, this return gift idea might make the parents happy too. After all, such activities allow the little ones to develop their dexterity and creativity by making anything that captures their fancy.

6. Model Cars/Dolls
Children enjoy playing with dolls or cars. In fact, everyone played with cars or dolls when they were younger. Therefore, you can easily use them as return gifts for a birthday party.

7. Toy Banks
Inculcate the values of saving money by getting toy banks. There are several kinds available including interactive ones. They are quite fun to use and children will also learn an invaluable life lesson.

8. Wallets/Purses
Children enjoy pretending to be grownups. Now, all children consider the purse or the wallet to be an important part of being a grown up. So, let them enjoy their game by getting wallets or purses as the return gift at your child's birthday party!

Image Source:http://zaaberry.blogspot.in

9. Mugs
Mugs or cups can be just as useful to children as they are to adults. Mugs for children are bright and colorful with funky shapes that can celebrate the theme of the party. You can easily customize the mugs as the return gifts for kids for the party.

10. Chocolates
A birthday party will be incomplete without chocolates. So, why don’t you use chocolates as the birthday return gift? You can even customize the chocolates and get the occasion printed on top of them. Not just messages, you can even get funny images printed to make them more interesting. Instead of a box, you can even gift personalized chocolate bars. If you like the idea of customizing chocolates and the gift box with your child's picture do visit our product offerings for Birthday Return Gifts.



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