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Traditional Wedding Invitation

It is customary in India to send chocolates whenever there is an auspicious occasion. With Chococraft you can send personalized chocolates along with the invitation card. You can customize even the chocolate box. Use bold vibrant colors to make it more fitting for the wedding theme.

Traditional Indian wedding invitations

In India, a marriage is a very important ceremony. An Indian marriage is not just coming together of two souls, but a commitment between two families. Indian weddings are a class apart because of the various rites, rituals and ceremonies involved.

With an increase in communication and globalization, there is a heavy influence of western culture on the ceremony in India. Concepts such as destination weddings and wedding chocolates are gaining popularity.

There have been changes to the marriage card format and marriage invitation messages as well. Modern indian wedding invitations now feature photographs of the lovely couple as well. In addition, many are opting for personalized wedding invitations. Our culture is evolving and embracing these changes to make the day more special for the bride and the groom.

Although these new trends are on the rise, the good old big fat indian wedding has a charm of its own. The best indian wedding cards are probably still the traditional ones.

Complete with an ode to the gods, a typical traditional invitation is in the form of the hosts (generally parents) seeking blessings for the happy married life of their children.

In Hindu wedding invitations, the exact time (accurate to the minute) is specified. This is the auspicious time for the marriage according to the almanac.

The traditional invites are generally simplistic in nature, yet designed with rich, bright colours. The envelopes generally feature an illustration of the Lord Ganesha embossed in golden. Some may also include a request at the bottom, asking not to carry gifts or bouquets.

Do you want to go old style, and yet send out unique indian wedding invitations? Looking for a creative design for Indian marriage invitations? Confused and wondering which are the best indian wedding card designs?

Don’t worry; ChocoCraft is here for you.

Traditional Indian wedding invitations by Chococraft

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Indian Marriage invitations with chocolates By ChocoCraft

We, at ChocoCraft have the best creative wedding cards online. We make customized wedding invitations for you by crafting decadent chocolates coupled with photographs and messages.

Printed chocolates are our specialty. We make your wedding invitations using chocolate! Now, who doesn’t love chocolate?

We provide exclusive chocolate gift boxes which can be sent out as wedding invitations. The look and feel of the box can be customized. Choose a design to reflect your traditional theme, or have a photo of the couple on the box cover!

To suit the traditional theme, you can use a picture from the engagement ceremony. In addition, the chocolates inside will also be printed. They can bear the names of the bride and the groom, and will be adorned in a traditional style design.

You can choose from a wide range of designs in various bright colours. Inside the box, you will have the actual invitation card printed in the wedding invitation cards design of your choice as well. A photo on wedding invitations is a twist that can beautifully incorporate the traditional theme in a modern way.

All of our chocolates are 100% vegetarian, and thus you don’t need to buy different ones for the vegetarians. Our material is of the finest quality and we prepare our chocolate in extremely clean environments. So, no worries!

You can customise these gift boxes and create your indian wedding invitations online from the comfort of your own homes. No need to go through thousands of invitation card designs for marriage and colour schemes at the designer’s!

The process is extremely easy: just click on the design for the box, followed by the design and content on the chocolates inside. You can upload photographs of the couple as well. And then type out the indian wedding invitations wording or personal wedding invitation matter for friends you want printed on the card inside.

That is it! You created your beautiful invitations right in your home. Whether you’re looking for innovative traditional invitations in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, or any other major city, ChocoCraft is the way to go. You can get your gift boxes delivered to you within a week.

Trust us; this is an extremely creative invitation idea for which you will be remembered forever. Have your invite traditional, yet modern at the same time! Our boxes are priced at easily affordable rates. So go ahead and send this tasty invite to your friends and family!

Things to keep in mind while creating your wedding invitations

When a wedding has a theme, all aspects of the wedding should reflect it. Invitation cards, being an important element, should definitely express the theme well.

Your invitation should first explain what the traditional theme is. This will give an idea to those who are not aware of it.

Choose some modern indian wedding invitation wording about the theme. You can write about the various traditions and customs followed in your culture, along with pictures wherever possible. For example, if you’re having a Rajput themed wedding, a little background in their history would be great.

You should also provide a brief idea of the attire expected; for instance, if your traditional theme is Maratha, you can have a photo of the bride and groom in traditional Maharashtrian outfits.

As with any standard invite, do not forget to mention the details such as the date, time and location. A rough map (or link to Google maps) will be really helpful.

Also include a contact your guests can RSVP to. This will provide them with a contact point, should they have any queries. Ideally, your guests should be able to find out all they want with just a look at the invitation. Your indian wedding card matter should be clear, concise and complete.

It is important that your invites go out well in advance. This leaves your guests with enough time to reschedule prior commitments and be there for your special day. This is important especially if you are having a destination wedding, or a long one.

Always remember: you should come across as a warm and welcoming host. And any invite you send will be well received!

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