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Vintage Theme Wedding Invitation

With Chococraft you can create one of a kind wedding invitation. Customize the invitation any way you like, or you can select one from the templates. You can send chocolates along with the invitations, and these chocolates can be customized. You can have a picture of the couple on the chocolate, or any design to promote the theme. You can also customize the chocolate box.

Vintage themed wedding invitations

Weddings in India are a grand affair. We Indians really know how to celebrate the union of two souls. There are already a large number of functions that make up the wedding ceremony.

Today, with the world being brought close together, there is a heavy western influence on weddings in India. Destination weddings have become a commonplace affair.

With this, the concept of themed weddings is gaining popularity. One of the most popular themes today is the vintage theme.

Vintage refers to the charm of the past. Generally the term ‘vintage’ covers everything from the late Victorian era to the 1980s. I

f you’re a bride-to-be dreaming of a timeless wedding which incorporates a hint of romanticism from the past, then a vintage-themed wedding might be just the style for you. In a vintage wedding, everything from the decoration of the venue to the costumes worn by the guests reflects some era in the past.

It could be the Gatsby style of the 1930s which features elegant hats and gowns, or a rustic 18th century wonderland based theme. Vintage weddings are a classic and never go out of style.

Well, if your wedding is based on a vintage theme, shouldn’t you have marriage invitations with vintage theme as well? You can find a number of vintage party invitation templates online.

Rustic vintage wedding invitations are really beautiful. They make one of the best indian marriage cards. Some couples even go for vintage lace wedding invitations. Such elegant lace wedding invitations are also a sight to behold!

Want to make vintage inspired wedding invitations, but out of vintage wedding invitations ideas? Looking for creative vintage wedding invitations templates? You need look no further; ChocoCraft has the perfect idea for your vintage marriage invitation cards to be a grand success!

Vintage themed wedding invitations by Chococraft

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Vintage Theme Marriage invitations By ChocoCraft

These days, customized wedding invitations are a hit. ChocoCraft provides you one of the most unique indian wedding invitations to send out to your friends and family. We make special wedding chocolates which have a photo printed on them.

Your wedding invitation will not be just a card, put a box of exquisite, customized chocolates. Depending on your budget, you can choose the size of the box from 4 piece to 18 piece boxes. And what’s more, the chocolates as well as their packaging can reflect your vintage theme.

We have a wide range of vintage based designs that you can choose from. You can also feature a photo of the bride and groom on the box. Use your pre wedding photo shoot pictures, or get some clicked, preferably in the vintage theme!

The chocolates themselves are also printed according to the design of your choice. Your actual invitation card will be inside the box and will also feature a vintage invitation design of your choice.

We are very strict about cleanliness and all of our products are prepared in extremely hygienic environments. In addition, they contain no egg, and hence can be enjoyed guiltlessly by vegetarians as well. And, of course, they are delicious and will leave your guests wanting for more.

Isn’t this a great way to invite people rather than the traditional boring old invitation cards? Well, our way is definitely much tastier! By printing a photo on wedding invitations, and that too, on chocolate, you really make them one of a kind!

You can order these personalized wedding invitations online; no need to spend hours at the designer’s. We bring to you this creative, novel and exciting hassle-free invitation technique, where you don’t need to worry about even the wrapping.

Just select the designs you like (for both the box as well as the chocolates) and upload the images if you want them printed on the box. Then mention your message and select the design for the invitation card inside. And you’re good to go. All of this in just a few clicks!

You can get these lovely boxes in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and all the major cities in India. So the next time someone wants to send innovative wedding invitations in Chennai, you know what to tell them!

Of course, all of our gift boxes are reasonable priced. Get one and invite your guests in style.

Things to keep in mind while creating your Vintage wedding invitations

When having a vintage theme based wedding, it is important that your invitation cards reflect the theme. After all, shouldn’t your guests know the theme in prior?

Some people may need time to buy or borrow specific outfits or accessories suited to the vintage theme; the theme should be thus communicated well in advance. You can announce your theme in your invitations for various ceremonies (engagement, reception, wedding) as well as save the date cards.

Be sure to mention the theme, as well as a short explanation. Everyone may not know what vintage theme implies! Provide some examples of attires to be expected. You can also put in a quote about the charm and magic of quaint weddings in the past.

You should definitely have a vintage invitation background as well. The theme can be bet expressed in the design of the card.

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. So go ahead and include some illustrations. You can even include photos of the bride and the groom dressed old style and riding in a vintage car. For the added charm of the past, you can include black and white or polaroid photos instead of the coloured ones.

As with any standard invite, do not forget to mention the details such as the date, time and location. A rough map (or link to Google maps) will be really helpful. Also include a contact your guests can RSVP to. This will provide them with a contact point, should they have any queries.

It is important that your invites go out well in advance. This leaves your guests with enough time to reschedule prior commitments and be there for your special day.

Always remember: you should come across as a warm and welcoming host. And any invite you send will be well received!

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