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Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

  1. Hanging Globe Terrariums

Nothing beats the beauty of nature enclosed in a beautiful glass sphere. An ideal gift in the corporate world as well, hanging terrariums can increase the appeal of both home and work interiors.

2. Ground Coffee

Coffee and corporate life go hand-in-hand. Consider gifting imported ground coffee as the perfect gift for your colleague, employee or client.

3. Massager Roller

When work tends to get to the nerves, a massager roller is a wonderful option for everyday use and relaxation.

4. Customised Paperweight

Out of all the desk supplies, this is one thing that tends to really ignored of all. A customised paperweight as a gift would show how you care about the little things.

5. Leather Travel Journal

Be it the boss or the employee, a leather travel journal would be a gift that suits all and spells perfection.

6. Power Nap Pillow

With power naps becoming a routine in almost every successful office these days, a power nap pillow could be a great gift choice in promoting healthy work cultures.

7. Vintage Fountain Pens

Nothing could bring a bigger smile on the office-goer’s face than being gifted a beautiful pen. Brownie points to a vintage fountain pen!

8. Metallic Fidget Spinner

For the corporate worker, stress is like the unavoidable tagalong. Gifting a stressbuster like a metallic fidget spinner shows you care.

9. Wooden Mobile Holder

Something that the office-goer needs on a daily basis, a mobile holder in wood would add so much elegance and charm to their workstation.

10. Amazon Gift Cards

In case you consider offering freedom to them for picking out their own gifts, amazon gift cards are a great option.

11. Customised Wall Clock

A wall clock is like an eternal piece of elegance that can be gifted to anyone whom you wish to send out the message of respect and adoration. A customised one would be like an added bonus.

12. Handmade Stoneware Set

When it comes to elegant gifts, handmade stoneware sets for the kitchen or as décor can never not be mentioned.

13. Smart Speakers

In the age where gadgets rules, choosing one for your colleagues or employees is a great idea. You could pick gifting a smart speaker, which is so in trend these days for its automated interface.

14. LED Crystal Cube

Another one for the tech savvy office-goer, stay in tune with the latest biggies in the world of gadgets by handpicking an LED crystal cube as an ideal gift choice for your corporate workers.

15. Holiday Voucher

Nothing works wonders like a faraway trip to some great holiday destination. A holiday voucher can be an amazing gift for the employee of the year, don’t you think?

16. Smart Watch

You could help the office-goer tackle all his tasks with one hand, quite literally, by gifting them a smart watch that has several applications available for different uses. They just won’t be able to thank you more!

17. Himalayan Salt Lamp

The best way to rewind after a day of hectic work at the office would be that with the Himalayan salt lamp for company, which is known to have healing powers and soothe the mind.

18. Vintage Tea Set

A great possession to have, a vintage tea set would make for an amazing corporate gift simply because it spells style and class without much effort.

19. Coffee Maker

The corporate worker loves his coffee, and you would be adding more to this love by gifting them with their personal coffee maker.

20. Bluetooth Speakers

A trendy gadget to have in one’s possession these days, the Bluetooth speaker is an ideal gift option, especially when it comes to workers who travel a lot for business deals and meetings.

21. Essential Oil Diffuser

Life in the corporate world tends to be so hectic that it is extremely important to be able to relax in a healthy atmosphere, and an essential oil diffuser would help an office-goer do just that.

22. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

For the corporate worker who loves his music but hates the traffic he has to bear with while listening to the former, noise-cancelling headphones would make for the best company to and from work each day.

23. Silver Key Chain

Silver defines timelessness. A silver key chain would make for an interesting and charming corporate gift, be it a festive occasion or a mark of honour and respect.

24. Wooden Business Card Holder

Somehow, wood manages to add class to any piece of stationery. A wooden business card holder would be a gift that could add tons of magic to their workspace.

25. Silk Tie And Brooch

A dash of elegance for a corporate worker’s apparel, especially for the most important business meetings, a silk tie and brooch is something you could gift to both the male and female employees at your office.

26. Leather Padfolio

A complete set of essential stationery is what could constitute one of the most attractive gifts for any corporate worker, plus the timelessness of leather.

27. Decorative Lunch Box Set

The lunch box is like the staple companion of any Indian corporate office. A decorative and spacious lunch box set is what your employees would adore you for.

28. A Classic Novel

Reward the corporate employee some enjoyable me-time by gifting them with a classic novel. No matter how many times they go back to it, they wouldn’t have enough.

29. Antique Décor Items

A great gift option that brings elegance and class with it, antique décor items have always been a popular choice when it comes to the corporate world.

30. Designer Hourglass

Even if not to keep track of time, a designer hourglass is still an elegant corporate gift choice because of its symbolism and beauty. It would also make for a perfect gift for New Year’s.

31. Fitness Tracker

You could send out the message that health is as important as work by gifting a fitness tracker to the employee or colleague.

32. Imported Perfumes

Perfumes are such an elegant gift choice, especially imported ones that come in beautiful packaging besides beautiful fragrances.

33. Dry Fruits Hamper

This is one gift that fits into all roles, even that as a perfect corporate gift. No one could ever go wrong with a dry fruits hamper, could they?

34. Branded Pens

There couldn’t be a more suitable gift for the corporate employee than a great pen that combines style, class and efficiency into one. With so many brands coming up with sleek and stylish pens, this is an ideal gift choice.

35. Cool Backpacks

Gone are the days when officegoers had to do with mundane looking bags. Consider gifting a classy backpack to make a statement with your gift.

36. Power Banks

As more and more gadgets are getting included in the hotlist of great gift ideas for the corporate world, power banks are one such item that are both functional and handy as gifts.

37. Polaroid Cameras

Who says the corporate employee cannot have hobbies? Gift the photographer or the traveller in your office team with a polaroid camera and encourage recreational activity.

38. Golf Kits

If there is one popular game that marks the corporate class, it has to be golf. A golf kit, complete with all essentials, would make for a great gift idea.

29. Wall Art

Be it their office workstation or their home, wall art is a great gift that the corporate worker would love to have.

40. Crystal Desktop Pen Set

Accessories and utilities see no end when it comes to office gift ideas. A crystal desktop pen set is an ideal choice for the corporate worker, making his space look even classier.

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