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Make Your Child's Birthday Party Special

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

A child's birthday is celebrated with great joy in every family with parents putting in a lot of effort in organising a party. A lot of thought and planning goes into every aspect of the event. We want to pitch in with a few ideas about what to do for invitations and return gifts!

Kids Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Before you start planning your child’s birthday party, you must pay close attention to the invitation. Now you can choose to send generic invitations that are normally sent out to guests or you can put a spin on them to make them more interesting. Here are top 5 birthday party invitations ideas to send out for your child’s next birthday party:

1. Handmade Invites: Store bought invitation cards have become very common these days. If you have a little time on your hands, handmade part invitations are a great idea. You can also include your child in this activity so that it appears that the invite has come personally from them. Your child can address the invitations or contribute some artwork around the edges. If you have no choice but to get store-bought invites make sure that they are addressed by hand at least.

2. Cootie Catcher Invitations: All kids have played with cootie catchers at least once in their lives. This is a fun and creative way to make your kid’s birthday invitations look interesting. The outside flaps can hold decorations and the inner ones can include information such as the date, time and location. Instead of concentrating on making the cootie catchers perfect, make them colorful and creative!

3. Party Hat Invitations: What are birthday parties without party hats? Instead of sending an invitation on a flat piece of paper, fold them into wearable party hats. These are sure to be loved by your little guests and can also be kept as a souvenir. There are several foldable party hats designs that can be used as birthday invitations.  

4. Scavenger Hunt Invites: If you are planning to hold a scavenger hunt at the party, you can use the birthday party invitations to let the guests know about it beforehand. You can use clever and fun wording on the invitation to announce the time of the hunt and ask your guests to bring a bag to carry their loots home. Mail these in brown envelopes for an added effect!  

5. Customized Chocolate Birthday Invitations: If you are still searching for creative options to invite people to your kid’s birthday party, customized chocolates are a unique idea. You can have the date and time carved on the chocolate. The box too can be customized to give other information about the party.This will make sure that people remember your invitation for years to come!

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Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Children

A well-chosen birthday gift attracts the attention of every kid. Children are usually fond of colors and unique structures. When you choose a gift for a kid, it is important to consider its functionality. Kids are hardly ever bothered about the price of the gift. The only thing that they take into account is that how much they will have with the gift. Here the top ten irresistible gift items for kids.

1. Personalized Chocolates : Another great gift option for kids is a personalized chocolate box. You can get chocolates in the shape of their favorite cartoon on the best chocolates to make it interesting. They will make the kids excited. A custom made birthday return gift for the party!

2. Art Supplies :Art supplies are always the favorite of kids. An art supply kit will consist of scrapbooks, colored papers, pencils, felt tips, watercolor paints, crayons, glitter makers, and various other art and craft supplies. These kids birthday gifts can inspire and encourage the artistic talent of a kid. Art kits are available in various ranges. Thus, you can get one within your budget. As a matter of fact, instead of buying a readymade kit, you can assemble your own kit.

3. Teddy Bears, Dolls, and Action Figures :Teddy bear, action figures, and dolls are great ideas for gifting a kid. These toys can encourage a kid to involve in a role play. This can improve their social skill to a great extent. Kids will be able to have fun with these. In fact, it can also become their best friend at times.

4. Books : Books are one of the best birthday gift ideas for a kid. Books will enable a kid to solve a problem. There are useful and inspirational books for children. It is through the characters of the book that the kids will be able to experience different adventures. Books also help the kids to develop a good relationship with adults when they read it to the kids during bedtime.

5. Construction Toys : Children usually love constructing things. In fact, research has suggested that playing with blocks will help kids to learn about the different geometrical patterns and shapes. Such toys help children to develop the sense the teamwork as they work along with others to construct something. Toys like Lego are helpful in encouraging imagination and creativity. Moreover, this toy can be used over and over again for creating various structures. You can be sure that the birthday gift for kids will engage them for hours.

6 Jigsaws and Puzzles : The puzzle is one thing that is loved by every kid. By playing with Jigsaws and puzzles, the kids can become more smart and efficient. They develop problem-solving skill along with spatial knowledge. Thus, it is one of the best options to gift on a kid’s birthday.

These are few gift ideas that kids will love. You can choose an online birthday gift for kids. However, make sure that you choose the gift according to the personality of the child.

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