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Beautiful Wedding Invites

wedding invitations

Wedding day is one of the most beautiful and special occasions in the life of a couple. It marks the beginning of your journey of love, trust, commitment and understanding. Every couple wants their wedding to be perfect, from the venue to the arrangements, to even the food at the wedding.  Over the years, there have been many changes in the way weddings are conducted and organized. Today couples are looking for new and innovative themes and ideas for weddings to make this event a grand affair that can be remembered for a lifetime.

wedding invitation chocolates

Wedding invites are one the crucial aspects of your wedding. A wedding invite is a sneak peek into how your wedding will unfold, where your wedding will be held, the time etc. Whether it’s a destination wedding that you have planned or a theme wedding the wedding invite should be eye catching and elegant at the same time. Having a wedding invitation printed on chocolate is tempting to say the least. Not only will the invite stand out, it will also be remembered as the most adorable and delicious invite.  This unique wedding invite concept would not only make the invite special but also leave a personalized charm.  Marriages are joyous occasions for the couples and their immediate families and what better way to extend this joy by sending a chocolate gift with the wedding invites which will make the recipients feel they are a part of your special day too.

invitation for marriage

ChocoCraft specializes in custom made chocolate bars that are made from the finest ingredients and will have the main details printed on the chocolate bar in edible ink. We can even print the photo of the couple on the chocolate bar that will make it a personalized wedding invite. All our chocolates are designed as per your specifications and we also design the boxes for the chocolate bars that will perfectly complement the beautiful wedding invite.





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