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Durga Pooja Gift For Corporate

Durga Pooja, widely also known as Navratri, is the celebration of the victory of Goddess Durga over the evilness of a demon called Mahishasur. It is an important festival celebrated with great pomp and show. For businesses too it is an important occasion to give out gifts to their employees and clients. ChocoCraft offers beautiful gift boxes packed with logo printed chocolates as gifts for the occasion.

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Durga Puja Gifts

Durga Pooja, widely also known as Navratri, is the celebration of the victory of Goddess Durga over the evilness of a demon called Mahishasur. The festival is celebrated at a course of 9 nights; however, Goddess Durga only fought back Mahishasur on the 7th day, the Maha Saptami, and defeated the demon on the 10th day, that is the Vijaya Dashmi.

Corporate Gifts for Durga Pooja

Every organization, corporate or not, has their hands on deck ready to give out the most creative greeting of the year. This simple task alone makes us aware of the deep rooted competition present in today’s monopoly and the only way to stand our ground is to be either stand with or above the rest.

This can be done through corporate events where some of the most innovative corporate gifts can be given away. Such events make the consumers of a company’s goods or services aware of the fact that the company cares and by being pro festivities, celebrations are better enjoyed together rather than alone.

Gifts for Employees on Durga Puja

Corporate events as a whole are helpful in maintaining and improving one’s brand image. Through the process of meet and greet, relationships are built and strengthened. Just how guests visit for a family get-together and everyone comes to know about each other’s whereabouts, business events perform the same function but for the various companies, suppliers and customers that they work for or work with.

Such an event if turned from a normal corporate one to one held on the occasion of Durga Pooja will help in touching remote spots because events call for gifts and corporate gifts for Durga Pooja will make a way less rocky into the hearts of all the people you want to create and maintain bonds with.

Business Gifts for Durga Puja

Business gifts indirectly help in publicity of a brand or organisation due to their presence in a third party’s hands which increases the recall value of a brand. Something as little as a promotional gift may not sound like a big deal but it is that milestone in the process of relationship management that you cannot risk missing as it helps sustain the personality of an organisation. Reputation, out of all things, is something a brand should never compromise.

Since the Goddess is known to be a powerful figure in Indian mythology, every woman in India is more or less associated with Durga since women are considered to descend from the prowess of the Goddess. Which is why, a corporate event can also be subtly themed around the empowerment of women and how their contribution in the field has led to immense progress in terms of not only an egalitarian corporate work place but also the society at large.

Chocolate Gifts for Durga Puja

Chocolate is a perpetually premium gift that never goes out of fashion. Be young or old, regardless of all ages and genders, no person ever frowns upon receiving a gift that includes chocolates. They are, as if, a universal trigger of happiness.

Something as common as chocolate can be turned into a unique gift if you get your chocolates from Chococraft, a God sent organisation, which makes personalised chocolates for literally any type of event that you host. Apart from the variety, they also exclusively make chocolates for corporate events.

These personalised chocolates can be customised inside out; starting from the box to the butter paper inside- where you can get a custom message printed, to the chocolates themselves that can come with your company’s very own logo on top in edible colours. Not just that, they come in a variety of prints and assorted collections!

Branded Durga Puja Gifts

A popular quote states that “people do not remember what you did as well as they remember how you made them feel.” This is exactly the opportunity where you can not only make people reminisce what you did but also make them feel so good upon receiving an innovatively branded corporate gift that they will probably never forget.

Chococraft efficiently works to deliver you the best results and one can even order in bulk. Choose the number of chocolates you want in a box and get going with the customisation because such a gift is hard to get a hold of in today’s competitive market.

Gifts for Durga Pooja Celebration

They provide an impressive set of services that include all India delivery, a dedicated account manager so you can be reassured of your gift to arrive just how you wanted it to, a timely delivery with a 0 damage guarantee and of course, the best quality products catered to precision to meet your needs.

Such orders tend to provide a subtle push to these organisations that are willing to provide for some of the best corporate gifts for employees. When gifts are purchased and given away, word floats around the market and when liked by consumers, goodwill is generated.

Corporate Gifting for Durga Puja

Basically, in retrospect, corporate events invite people and when they receive giveaway gifts, word of mouth generates. Such patronisation helps your organisation and indirectly generates sales.

Although monopoly is beneficial in terms of multiplying profits, the pressure of competition leads to unethical measures in order to be ahead. So to avoid such behaviour and keep insecurity at bay, companies should not forget the power of goodness and goodwill.

Maintaining an emphatic approach and keeping up with the reputation of one’s company through a wholesome method like corporate events becomes essential in a cut throat world of corporate. Promotional gift items therefore convey this message in a better manner.

Harmony with the stakeholders, suppliers and consumers helps an organisation stand stronger and taller than the rest, making way for a better identity. Kindness goes a longer way than spite and healthy competition is a key to success

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