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Birthday Return Gifts

ChocoCraft offers customized chocolate gift boxes with printed chocolates as Return Gifts for Birthday Parties! 


We create beautiful gift boxes for the guests at your birthday celebration with delicious printed chocolates that are packed in customised boxes. Choose any design that you like according to the theme of the birthday!

Exclusive Return Gifts for First Birthday Party

Return Gift for First Birthday 1st Birthday Return Gift gift for guests at first birthday

First Birthdays are such an important milestone for parents as well as children. The first year is full of small achievements - the first smile, the first steps or the first words and surely deserves a special celebration. At ChocoCraft we create unique birthday return gifts for this special occasion.

Return Gifts for Girls' Birthday

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Return Gift Party favors for sweet sixteen birthday  Princess theme sweet sixteen favors

Little girls are so special! Like little angels sent down to make the world a better place they are truly precious and it's so much fun to pamper them. So when it's time to celebrate your daughter's birthday choose these adorable party favours.

Birthday Return Gifts for Boys' Birthday

Return Gift for Boy's First Birthday Return Gifts for boy's birthday return gift for kids

Little boys are so full of joy and innocence, even their mischief is adorable! Bundles of boundless energy they inspire us all to follow their example and enjoy life. So shouldn't your little guy's special day be spectacular? Celebrate his birthday with these delightful return gifts!

Theme Birthday Return Gifts

Princess theme birthday return gifts birthday candle design for birthday return gift Thank you note for birthday return gift

Every birthday becomes special when you opt for a theme. It is great way to organise the party as everything has a unifying idea - whether it be the decorations, the menu or the gifts. For children it is also a way to celebrate their hobbies or interest. At ChocoCraft we can create gifts exactly as per the theme chosen for the birthday. So whether you are looking for return gifts for adults or children you can always try ChocoCraft!


Customized Chocolate Gift Boxes with Printed Chocolates as Return Gifts for Birthday Parties!

Chocolates are loved by everyone, irrespective of their ages and taste. They bring the same amount of delight and joy to adults as they do to kids. Your guests will not just appreciate the gesture but also be joyous for the delightful return gift. Chocolates are especially a great idea as return gift for birthdays, more so if they have been customized according the preference of your guests.

Here are some of the interesting ways in which you can do so and become the favorite party planner in town!

Exclusive Return Gifts for First Birthday Party

We offer beautiful box designs for birthday return gifts, the box size available are 2 chocolate box, 4 chocolate box, 6 chocolate box, 9 chocolate box, 12 chocolate box & 18 chocolate box.

Customizing chocolates as birthday return gifts is a great way of expressing your appreciation for the presence of your guests.

Not just that, you give them back something that they absolutely can’t say no to. It is even more special when you celebrate your kid’s birthday and get the names and pictures of all his friends on the chocolates; an idea that both your child and his friends will be delighted at. There is a lot that you can do with customized chocolates, especially when it comes to giving them back as a token of appreciation.

Return Gifts for Girls' Birthday

Chocolates are loved by everyone, more so when they receive this treat in a surprise. Just imagine their delight when your guests will open their box of chocolates and find their own picture on it. It is like combining the best of both the world in one single gift. Select a nice photo of every guest from your picture gallery and get it printed on their return gifts for the birthday. They will not just be surprised, but actually, love the gesture!

Birthday Return Gifts for Boys' Birthday

If you are planning an all kid’s party, you can make them all gather around and open their return gifts for kids together. Just imagine the joy on their beautiful faces when they open their chocolate boxes.

If you feel like pictures are a bit too much and you do not want to go that overboard, you can also get the name of all your guests printed on their individual return gifts for a birthday party. This is perfect if you are throwing a formal birthday party at an office and want to give your colleagues a special return gift for their effort in an arrangement of the party.

Theme Birthday Return Gifts

It shows that you think how all of their presence counts, which is why they have their names on the return gifts for the birthday.

Writing a special message on chocolates is most suitable for your close group of friends, for whom you can print special messages on their return gifts. You can also make your child do the same for his kids return gifts.

Chocolates can be therefore put too many uses, such as for gifts and return gifts in birthday parties and for occasions like wedding return gifts or return gifts for an anniversary party.

Go ahead and make your guests feel special and appreciated the sweetest return gift of personalized chocolates. They will not only enjoy their gift but also know that you care enough to put in such effort!

Unique return gifts for Birthday by CHOCOCRAFT

Return Gifts Category Gifting Ideas ChocoCraft Speciality
For Kid's Birthday 4 Chocolate Box Name Printed Chocolates
For Boy's Birthday 6 Chocolate Box Customised Box with Photo
For Girl's Birthday 9 Chocolate Box Thank you Message
Theme Birthday Party 12 Chocolate Box Theme Design Templates