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Peacock Theme Wedding Invitation

In India, peacock signifies hope and kindness. With Chococraft you can craft these values in the invitation card. You can personalize the invitation card and make it more fitting for the wedding theme. You can also customize the chocolates and the chocolate box. You can even have the picture of the couple on the chocolates.

Can’t think of the ideal color palette to prepare your invitation cards? Theme it up!
“Be like a peacock and dance with all of your beauty.” ― Debasish Mridha

Peacock Themed wedding invitations

Peacock, a symbol of Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance and Protection, has had strong influences across cultures and religions. It is said to be a symbol of the compassion of Kuan Yin and also the integrity that is possible in all religions per se. It is said to be the watcher of all. According to Greco Roman mythology, the tail of the peacock comprises of the "eyes" of the stars. And very promptly, Peacocks make a very prominent and important motif in our culture as well. According to Hindu mythology, they symbolize goddess Laxmi, the deity we worship for wealth, prosperity, patience, kindness, luck, and marital happiness and satisfaction. Therefore opting for peacock themed wedding invitations seem like a very fitting choice.

The Peacock inspired wedding invitation cards have more importantly been a tradition than anything. In addition to depicting the virtues a newly wedded couple would want to enhance in their union, the rich and captivating colors of the peacock offer a bright and cheerful palette. The spectrum of colors in the peacock’s colorful tail has come to fascinate many artists throughout time across the globe. Hence, to prepare an eye-catching and vibrant look, featuring marriage invitations with peacock designs is a must. Not only they offer a very traditional and symbolic look to it, they can also be made to look very upbeat and modern. The versatility of the peacock motifs make them elegant and bold at the same time. Since themed weddings are gaining popularity all over the world, where often the themes are carried forward to pre wedding events and invitation cards, opting a peacock theme for wedding invitation card offer the perfect choice which can be very well blended into the celebrations and the corresponding invitations which shall be sent out for the same.

Peacock Themed wedding invitations by Chococraft

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Marriage invitations with Peacock theme By ChocoCraft

Integrating the themes to bring out about elegant peacock wedding invitations surely can be an exhausting task, but it has now been made easy. Wonder how? Well, ChocoCraft does the work for you by preparing the most unique peacock color wedding invitations which are sure you stun your guests and captivate them in awe, making a statement for itself. Our specialty is in preparing customized wedding invitations which come along customizable wedding chocolates packed in elegant and charming Peacock inspired packaging, all decorated according to the celebration.

We offer a wide range of creative designs for Indian marriage invitations to satisfy all our customers’ needs. You can add peacock mehndi designs to your invites and detail them to prepare as aesthetically appealing invitation cards as possible. In addition to this comes along a box filled with love- customized wedding chocolates to fill the hearts of the receivers. Our special offering is in chocolates with added images and texts printed on them. You can make your invitations stand out by adding the to-be bride’s and groom’s photos on wedding invitations as well as on the chocolates. Invitation messages or the couple’s names and wedding date can be printed on the chocolates too. They make cute “save-the-date” mementos and definitely would not let the receivers miss out the date. Also, designs can be made unique by adding symbols and logos, and also pictures of the intended couple, say from pre wedding photo shoots. They may even be added on the cards and the boxes as per your choice of selection.

Not only ChocoCraft beautifully embraces the theme to create inspired peacock feather wedding card designs, but the invitations made are fully custom made and personalized. You can simply order personalized wedding invitations online. Even if you are from Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, or any major city in India, do not worry because not only ChocoCraft understands your needs, it fulfils them too. You can simply place your order online, be it from Delhi, Bangalore, Pune or Kolkata and ChocoCraft shall deliver its services at your doorstep for free.

Things to keep in mind while creating your Peacock themed wedding invitations

When preparing the perfect dream wedding, the key to ace it lies in the attention put to the details. Everything associated with the wedding, big or small, needs to be made just perfect, especially when in our country. It is difficult to please the audiences here and we definitely can’t afford to make any mistakes when the wedding bells are about to ring. Invitations are those singled out most important elements of a wedding, especially when in context to a themed wedding. They provide the intended guests an overview of what the events have in store for them. There are, consequently, certain things to be kept in mind when preparing such peacock wedding invitations in India. Here are a list of key pointers to be kept in mind;

  • The peacock feather wedding invitations need to be consistent with the elements of the theme used in the actual wedding. Don’t go overboard with the details on the peacock invitation when they might not be that prominent in the actual event.
  • The Peacock marriage cards must feature appropriate RSVP cards. These days we see people adding response cards and seal-and-send acknowledgement letters along with the invites too.
  • Response cards can be made in the designs of peacock feather quills to add a more appealing look.
  • The peacock wedding invitations and rsvp cards need to be delivered to the intended guests in time, a lot before the decided wedding dates. Usually with destination weddings we see the invites being sent at least three to four months prior to the celebration, to give the invitees ample of time to prepare and fit it in their schedules timely.

Come and liven up this celebration with popping colors and designs and prepare yourself the most vibrant themed invitations this wedding season. Add some zing to the traditional customary obligations and present beautiful peacock themed invitations, only from ChocoCraft. Order now!

“The pride of the peacock is the glory of God.” - William Blake


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