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Leaves Theme Wedding Invitation

Chococraft takes you closer to nature with its leaves themed wedding invitation. You can create your own leaves themed invitation with Chococraft! You can also send chocolates along with the invitation, and these chocolates would be like no other. You can personalize the chocolates and even the chocolate box.

Autumn… the year's last, loveliest smile. Embrace the hues of this romantic season with leaf themed wedding invites.

“It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.”
― Sarah Addison AllenFirst Frost

Fall themed wedding invitations

Selecting color schemes and concepts for wedding events has gained popularity over the recent times, especially in India. Carrying the selected themes over to the invitation cards and pre-wedding celebrations are seen as very aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated as a practice.

Themed festivities allow us to break from the rigid and prescribed traditions and play around. It offers us an opportunity to bring our creative selves out and make the most of it. Going for a minimalist but extremely fancy and versatile theme, the autumn foliage offers the perfect hues to bring out the best this wedding season. Fall theme offers a collection of creative designs for Indian marriage invitations. The rich and vibrant palette of the gold and rust, red and yellow hues offer the classic way to make a statement.

The colors of fall have been a very favorite among wedding planners, both modern as well traditional, all credited to its versatility. Not only this palette has been always used on auspicious accounts, but they blend in so well to any format to which we wish to incorporate them in. They have traditionally always been a part of our festivities, although not as a traditional design for Indian wedding invitations cards, but in the recent times it has gradually become popular and gained popularity with Modern Indian wedding invitations.

Leaf Themed Wedding Invitations by Chococraft

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Autumn leaves theme Marriage invitations By ChocoCraft

Selecting a theme for the wedding is a must. But integrating the selection to fit in all the wedding-related details could be a pain. It’s very easy to go wrong, with too must focus on the theme, or on the other hand too little. But we at ChocoCraft come to mend all your worries with fall themed invitations for weddings. We bring to you customized invitation cards to offer a very personal and unique essence to the same old same-old traditional invites. We have fused in the perfect invitation cards with customized delicious Wedding chocolates to please all your guests. Weddings are all about going all big and all out and ChocoCraft believes this is the right time to do everything right, now made easy just for you.

ChocoCraft offers you a wide collection of designs from which you can choose to create unique Indian wedding invitations and please your creative side. You can add the bride and groom’s Photo on wedding invitations or to the designs and logos to be featured on the invites. Along with this comes a box of customized Wedding chocolates. Our special offering is in chocolates with texts and pictures printed on them. You can make your personalized wedding invitations by adding invitational messages or the name of the guests on the chocolates. Add images of elements related to the theme on the chocolates and make them stand out. All of these are beautifully showcased in elegant and sophisticated boxes which feature elements from the theme and the autumn colors in the most pleasing manner. ChocoCraft brings out the best of the season to create the best of Customized wedding invitations, and all this is available to you at the ease of clicking a button! No matter if you’re from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad or Pune, just Order wedding invitations online and let ChocoCraft bring its premier services to your doorstep. We believe that the right wedding lies with the right hospitality and inviting your guests with invitations exclusively from ChocoCraft should bring out the best of the wedding, guaranteed.

Things to keep in mind while creating your wedding invitations

There are a few things which need to be very well kept in mind when preparing the perfect and unique fall wedding invitations. After all, your guests get the first glimpse of what they get to experience at the wedding from the invites you felicitate them with. So sending out the perfect message has to be done the right way. Here is the list of a few things that should be kept in mind;

  • Firstly, the fall wedding invitation templates need to be very crisp, precise and not cluttered. You need not incorporate paragraphs or any such messages related to the theme. If you wish to showcase the theme of the invitations more prominently, highlight them with the color palette or designs and symbols featuring on the invites. Keep the wordings minimalistic with only bare essential information like that of date, time and venue.
  • Secondly adding an appropriate RSVP contact detail is very important. Also with that please be careful to give out the correct address and a map with directions for the convenience of your guests. Many times it is hard for outstation guests to understand the local descriptions, a very common issue faced during Destination weddings. Therefore keep in mind that it should be legible to everyone.
  • It would be more personal rather than formal to receive fall wedding invitations and rsvp cards with the receiver’s address handwritten on it rather than with a stick on print out. No doubt printed address tags are more efficient and time-saving but such simple gestures go a long way. It shows how you are opting to take out your time and personally address each invited individual, making the receiver feel warmer and more welcomed.
  • If you are going with this personal handwritten inviting idea but are also constrained by time, it would be very cute to send out invites printed in the to-be bride’s and groom’s handwriting. They can be signed off with the couple’s initials and is sure be appreciated by the receivers.

No spring nor summer could have such grace as could be seen in one autumnal face. Bring alive the warm hues of this season and fill in the hearts of your dear ones with warm Autumn Themed invitations, only from ChocoCraft.

“Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they're falling like
they're falling in love with the ground.” ― Andrea Gibson


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