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Elephant Theme Wedding Invitation

Elephants are a sign of royalty and humbleness. Elephant theme wedding requires elephant themed wedding invitation, and with Chococraft you can create one! Not only this, you can also have personalized chocolates and chocolate box top. With Chococraft you can promote Elephant theme with gusto.

Elephant themed invitations

Whenever you look at wedding cards, you will notice royal elephant designs or the rich illustrations of elephants. Indian elephant wedding invitations are a major hit. Elephant themes for Indian wedding cards are pretty common, and people tend to add elephant designs for wedding invitations. Why is that?
In India, elephant denotes peace, prosperity, beauty, wisdom, strength, and it is believed to bring good luck. All of these things are necessary for any marriage. On top of this, Elephants are associated with the Ganesh deity, who is believed to be god of success and destroyer of evils which we invoke through the Indian wedding invitations.

Lord Ganesh is also rain bringer which represents regeneration of life. Elephants are associated with tranquility, and they are known to ease the vexation which is a vital aspect of any marriage. In olden times, nawabs and kings used to ride elephants on the way to the wedding venue to show their grandeur and power.
Nowadays, people use elephants not just to reach marriage destination, but they also use marriage cards with elephant designs. If you are looking for unique marriage invitations, elephant inspired wedding invitations are perfect for you. Rich, vibrant colors with intricate designs of elephants are the coming together of both classical and modern Indian wedding invitations.
Couples look for creative ideas to use elephant image to make their marriage invitation memorable and heartwarming. Use of elephants is not limited to just wedding invitation. Couples use elephants for the décor and even food! Elephant image is used in wedding chocolates, cookies, and even cake.
To make your elephant themed wedding more majestic, use elephant décor. Elephant figures can be used to make card holders or make a flower arrangement in shape of an elephant!

Elephant Theme Wedding Invitations by Chococraft

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Marriage Invitations with Elepnt theme by Chococraft

So you have decided to have marriage invitations with elephant theme, but you don’t where to look for the prefect invite? Chococraft is here to your rescue. Chococraft is the perfect location where you can shop for unique Indian wedding invitations with customized wedding invitations.  

A wedding day is one of the most important days in anyone’s life, and for that special day, you would want everything perfect. Wedding invitation gives a glimpse of the wedding day, and it shows what to expect from the wedding. Wedding themes and all important information ranging from marriage dates to different events for the day are written in the invitation.

With Chococraft you could incorporate personalized wedding invitations. Whatever your wedding theme may be, Chococraft beautifully displays them to your wedding invite. For elephant inspired wedding theme, you could select your invitation card, and you can even customize the invitation box!

Chococraft not only gives you the option to create your customized wedding invitation, but you can also select the boxes. With Chococraft, you can send your wedding invitation along with chocolates! And these would be no normal chocolates. You can select the design of these chocolates, and they are all edible.

With the option to design the chocolate, you can promote the theme of your wedding with more gusto. Elephant printed chocolates are best for elephant-themed weddings. With vibrant colors and royal designs, you can make your invitation look more sublime.

It doesn’t end here. Chococraft gives you the option to print the picture of you and your partner on the invitation. With the photo on the wedding invitation of the happy couple, you make the union more glowing, and you can spread your happiness through the chocolates. And who doesn’t love chocolates!

Add the image of the majestic elephant on the chocolate box to promote the elephant theme of the wedding. Chococraft uses creative designs for Indian marriage invitations. So you can be sure to receive a bold, flamboyant, and festive invitation that will make you excited for the special day.

You can place your order for the invitations online, through Chococraft website. Just click on the chocolate you want to buy and fill up the necessary details. Chococraft partner with Blue Dart for shipping and shipping is available in the major cities and metros in India (i.e. – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc).

Your invitation would be delivered within 1-2 days, but it may longer during the holiday season.

Things to keep in mind while creating your Elephant themed wedding invitations

Your Invitation tells the invitee all they need to know about the wedding along with time, place, different events, and the theme of the wedding. So getting the right invitation becomes much more vital. If you mess up your invitation wording, then the whole event goes downhill.
Things to keep in mind while you are creating your wedding invitation are to check whether you have put down the correct venue and time. It is one of the most important information that needs to be put down first. Address the RSVP correctly.

Indian wedding invitation wording is different from that of any other invitations. We have loads of events, and it becomes necessary to address all the events properly, but make sure you don’t crowd the card too much.

Make sure that the wording used and the design of the invitation matches the theme of your wedding. Pay necessary attention to the colors used. For elephant theme colors used should be royal and bright that matches with the grandeur of the elephant.

Decide what shape and size your invitation should be, it shouldn’t be too large or too small. You can get creative with the size of the invitation , after all, it is your special day!

If you are having a destination wedding, be sure to send a save the date card. Save the date cards are sent around 8-9 months before the wedding, so the invitees know that they have been invited, and they can make time for the wedding. The theme of the wedding could be extended to the save the date card and even the bridal showers!

Send the wedding invitation 9-10 weeks before the wedding day as it takes time to send the invitation through mail. An invitation sets the mood for the wedding, make sure to use the correct designs and colors. 

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