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Christian Wedding Invitations

Chococraft lets you create the best possible Christian wedding invitation. With Chococraft you can customize your wedding invitation and can even have the picture of the couple on the invitation card. It doesn’t end here you can also send chocolates along with the invitation card, and you can also personalize the chocolates to make it more accentuating to your wedding invitation.

Christian Wedding Invitations in India

Like every marriage in India, Christian weddings also have their own charm. This religious ceremony has come to be celebrated with huge pomp and shows across the nation with respect to the significant Christian population in our country. With themed weddings, destination weddings and the growing cultural fluidity, there is room for a lot of creative upgrades in this customary ritual.

Weddings are not just about the ceremony uniting two souls as mates for life anymore. With time they have now graduated to become displays of culture and status via the medium of intricate details capturing the attention throughout the ceremonies is it that of decor, food, outfits, jewelry, hairstyles, guest lists, et cetera. But the most important detail of them all is the invitation card.

Just like every fiesta, a wedding also needs an appropriate invitation to be sent out. They forward the regards of the celebrants to humbly request the presence of their well wishes to accompany the young couple and rejoice with them in the celebration. Not only they prepare the intended guests for what the wedding has in store for them, but a good invitation is essential to send across a polite and humble message as well. Hence sending out appropriate Christian based wedding invitations is a must for such an event.

Christian Wedding Invitations by Chococraft

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Unique Invitations for Christian Marriage by ChocoCraft

If you are looking for something special, something different, ChocoCraft brings to you unique Christian wedding invitation ideas to ensure perfect and creative Christian wedding invitation cards. We at ChocoCraft offer you a wide collection of Christian wedding invitation templates to choose from to tend to all your requirements. Along with this comes a box of delicious and well-crafted customized wedding chocolates to fill in the hearts of the receivers with warmth and comfort. We offer chocolates with pictures and message printed on them. You can make your invitations stand out with personal Christian wedding invitation wording printed on them, also adding the intended couple’s name and wedding date on the wedding chocolates. You may even level up your game and print pictures of the young happy couple on the chocolates, or even special Christian wedding symbols. All this comes beautifully packed in elegant and decorated boxes, all customized as per your choice. You may even add pictures of the couple’s pre-wedding shoots on the box to prepare a cute token of personal gratification to invite the guests.

If you were searching for ideal personalized Christian wedding invitations, search no more- ChocoCraft has everything well sorted for you. Invitations cards can be ordered from and delivered to all major cities in India. So if you’re from Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Bombay or Ahmedabad, no need to fret. If you are looking for Christian marriage invitations in India online, at the ease of clicking a button, ChocoCraft shall be present to deliver its services at your doorstep. Just simply order Christian wedding invitations online and let us take care of all your needs.

Special Features of Christian Marriage Invitations

Just like every religious and regional community, Christian weddings to have their own unique style of inviting. The basic tone of Christian weddings are kept very minimalistic and formal, but this may vary according to the choice of the celebrants. Traditionally white color is considered very auspicious in Christian weddings and that theme is carried forward to Christian marriage invitation cards too, which are commonly seen in pastel shades of whites.

The Christian wedding invitation designs may include initials of the couple and symbols of Christ like a cross or an image (portrait or suggestive symbolism). It’s common to include Christian bible verses for wedding invitations to bless the couple and highlight the sanctity of this ceremony and union.

Apart from the traditional Christian marriage invitation card templates, creative and newer Indian Christian wedding invitations ideas could include the mentioning of the prospective bridesmaids’ and corresponding groomsmen’s names. One may even mention dress codes or a color chosen from the bride’s side of the family or from the groom’s family whose corresponding guests shall include the color to their outfits, say with scarfs or ties. One may even prescribe the special events to be held at the wedding, say any particular orchestra which shall be performing to make the couple’s first dance even more special.


We at ChocoCraft bring to you best customized Christian wedding invitations to please all your guests and make a statement for itself. The collaboration of Elegant Christian wedding invitations, customized invitation designs, and boxes filled with delicious wedding chocolates sum up to create the best personalized Christian marriage invitations. Every element of the invitation is fully customizable. To add a zing to the traditional Indian Christian wedding invitation format, you can add your own personal invitational messages as prints on the chocolates and play around with photos printed on the customized boxes too. If you are opting for Christian wedding invitations in Telugu of have been searching for Tamil Christian wedding invitations, you can even print your Christian marriage invitation wordings in regional languages to make the invitations more culturally reflective. To be just to the concept, we offer invitations and wedding chocolates all fully personalized since we believe a welcoming heart requires a healthy gratification to be forwarded. Therefore each invitation aims to felicitate the receiver with a warm welcome of humility and spread the message of joy and compassion.

The search for Christian wedding invitations online in India has just come to an end. We at ChocoCraft bring to you the best of this season. Felicitate your guests with Customized invites from ChocoCraft and announce the joy of your celebration with a little wow factor and hope to see the awe in return.

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