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10 Unique & Trendy Wedding Invitations

Source: pixabay.com

Source: pixabay.com

When you are sending wedding invitations, there are two things you want to make sure: First, you want to make sure your guests get to know the exact date, time and location of the event. Second, you want them to receive the beautifully crafted package, which represents the personalities of you and your fiancée and catches the eyes of the audience. However, there is no problem with traditional invitations. But it is perfect to think out of the box once in a while. There is nothing wrong with adding a little bit more fun to casual things.

It is not easy to design an invitation, which looks fantastic, represents all the feelings and show all the information needed by invitees. So today in this post, we have gathered some of the most incredibly unique and amazingly beautiful wedding invitations ideas that will leave you astonished.

1. Burst The Balloons:

The balloons have been used to represent joy and celebrate occasions for a long time. If you want to surprise your audience with something they have never seen before, why don’t you incorporate the balloon into your wedding card and wow them? Send them a balloon with the invitation card. They will have to blow up the balloon to reveal all the details of date, time, venue, etc. It will burst the joy out of your loved ones. It will look much more hilarious in real than in pictures.

Source: pinterest.com

2. Wood Theme:

The idea of arranging wedding function in the woods is very fascinating. If you are arranging the function outdoor then why not incorporate the woods theme to invitation card? It is also one of the excellent and unique choices. Pop-up trees would give the taste of event to your guests. They would feel the wedding live before they actually attend the wedding. You can add the illustrations of local plants and animals. An accordion-style field-guide can be included. This would really stand out. You can nail this wedding invitation by designing some exceptional cards for your special invitees.

Source: pinterest.com

3. Green Themed:

Green is the color most abundantly found in nature. According to psychology, green color soothes the human mind. It comes along with the feeling of peace and harmony. So rock your wedding invitation with the green theme. After minutes of brainstorming, you can come up with thousands of ideas and designs. Illustrated green leaves can become a popular trend.

Source: pinterest.com

4. Chocolate Wrapper:

Who does not love sweet? So spike your wedding invitation by bringing chocolate theme. You can make a simple card and wrap it in the chocolate wrapper of a famous brand. You can make the card, which looks like a chocolate bar and print all the details on it. You can design a custom wrapper yourself. Another good idea is to send some chocolates to every guest along with the card. In fact, in the eastern countries, it is a widespread trend to eat sweets at the wedding or to celebrate any joy.

Source: pinterest.com

5. Walkable Characters:

This card features the walkable characters that can imitate the wedding itself. It would let the invitee feel the special memories and cherished moments of the couple. You can make a list of all things that are special for you and hand over the file to the designer. The designer will incorporate all the elements. You can also give the list of places where your relationship was nourished. Where you first met your partner, where you proposed him or her etc.

Source: pixabay.com

6. Travel Theme:

Do you have a destination wedding? Hit off your invitation with the travel theme. It would leave your audience excited for the trip. They would feel like they just cannot wait for the wedding. You can include your boarding pass invitation. Picture of an airplane in the background would look marvelous. Add “RSVP” receipt in the sleeve that contains the logo of your wedding. It will be a plus if wedding logo is in accordance with the logo of the airline. Do not forget to add info card-turned-travel-itinerary. It would look super cool. You can think of different ways to add travel theme as well. There are no limits of art and design, which differs it from sciences.

Source: pinterest.com

7. Water Colors:

Watercolors are incredibly delicate and very subtle way to bring designs to life. They can grab the attention of viewers instantly. Designing a water-colored theme wedding invitation yourself is effortless. There are a lot of DIY ideas you can apply, which is the biggest plus. All you need is a couple of paintbrushes and little dishes. It gives you the very open platform to choose your favorite colors and schemes. You can use pen power to think and then come up with the best text you can write.

Source: pinterest.com

8. View Master:

View master was fun back in childhood. You could scroll the funny pictures and laugh like crazy. We all did that. It would seem fantastic to use view master wedding invitation. They would come along with an extraordinary touch. It would let your invitees feel an intimate bonding with you, and they would feel like part of the family. It would be an excellent idea to have a series of fun images combined for all your guests to enjoy. They will always remember your wedding invitation.

Source: pinterest.com

9. Modern Luxe:

It is one of the most trending wedding invitations these days. It has a simple and elegant look that attracts the attention. It offers a bold monogram of the initials of the couple. The thick border is designed very carefully. It helps the card look beautiful, regardless of color theme. You can surf on google about different modern luxe designs. Give it time. You would not regret.

Source: pinterest.com

10. Moving Compass Wheel:

It might be the most unique idea ever. A very talented bride came upon it. She decided to design wedding cards for her invitees at home by herself. She prepared a lot of movable and straightforward compasses. She named them movable wedding compass wheels. All of the details of the event were engraved on the wheels. This is very simple to DIY at home.

Source: pinterest.com

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