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Product Launch Gifts

Gifts for Product Launch, Factory inauguration gifts, Gifts for Store opening

Creating and developing a new product requires a lot of investment in terms of time and resources and every company wants their product to do well. That is why people are looking at more creative ways to mark product launches.

Chocolate Gift Boxes and logo printed chocolates from ChocoCraft can be a great way to commemorate a new product launch or a new store opening.

Our delicious chocolates will lend an element of class to the event, but more than that printed chocolates offer a unique way to showcase your brand or product. The impact of the entire gift box custom made to highlight your brand or product in the best possible way is truly unbelievable.

The gift boxes can be customised to mark the date of the event.

You can include a message or a greeting. Similarly the chocolates can be printed with the date of the event/the important people involved or anything else. Please visit the customisation page for details on how the box and the printed chocolates can be designed especially for you.



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"We are fully satisfied with your product and our relation will become more stronger in upcoming years. Next year we will plan to purchase Corporate Gift as well as gift for our employees and miscellaneous clients"


Mr. Kalpesh Panchal

Director, Shashvat Infrastucture Pvt Ltd

"I would like to thank complete team of Chococraft for executing these orders so professionally and defect free . The Quality of the product were good , all our customers appreciated the product. Thank you for the packing , initially we were apprehensive about how will we send pan India but all the deliveries were handed properly."

Mr. S Bobby Jena

VP - Procurement & Operations, Indiannica Learning Pvt. Ltd.

"Chococraft delivered the Chocolates perfectly the way we wanted them to, the customized look , its flavor, texture and the delivery is much appreciated by all our employees. We would like to recommend this product to other Corporates as well especially for customized requirements"


Ms. Veni Anand

Corporate HR - Jindal SAW Ltd.

"Dear ChocoCraft, thank you for delivering chocolates within deadlines. Quality & packaging of the product is amazing. Thank you for your prompt responses."

Tousiph Sayyad

Store Manager, ONEPLUS

At ChocoCraft we can offer a range of designs to suit any occasion. The box-top, chocolates can be printed with the desired message to commemorate the event. We can also include a message on the butter. If you so desire this message can also be addressed to every individual recipient separately.

The gift was given away during the launch of product "Digestarom". The brand were printed on the chocolates with nice thank you message printed on the inner lid. These were distributed to all those who were presented during the product launch event.

A large printed bar of chocolate with the recipient's name printed was made for inauguration of factory. This was made for the leading glass manufacturing company of India.

Importance of Gifts for New Product Launch

A new business comes with a lot of excitement and nervousness. Entering the market is a big step that involves hefty amounts of research and planning in order to stand steady and strong for the longer run to bag your company some success. One of the most significant methods of maintaining your stance in today’s competitive situation is by creating good relationships with other firms and maintaining these relationships.

Now these relationships may take a while to be formed when you are new in the competition and there are other firms either better or just more in number than yours, but you can give your organisation a head start by announcing your arrival with a bang- by hosting a launch event!

Gifts for New Store Opening

Launching a new business or product is a considerable investment of time and effort. New products take years to develop. Hence, opening a new business, be it a factory, a restaurant, a store or a clinic even, similarly takes a lot of research and monetary investment.

In order to make sure you start making things worthwhile from the beginning, you should definitely make your presence known by winning a few hearts through a welcome party.

Gifts for Factory Inauguration

Most organisations organise a launch event for any such new endeavour and it instantly provides some visibility and promotion to the new venture. In short it helps to attract customers or clients and ensures the business is off to a good start. Not only does it make people happy in that moment, it immediately creates a reputation of your company in their minds.

Now such a build of reputation needs to be catered even when your attendees are not around. One can do this with the help of giveaway or welcome gifts that can be given out during the party

Gift Ideas for Giveaways at New Launch

Depending on your business, there are a variety of gifts that can be given away. Multiple stores and/or firms open up every year. If each of these restaurants, hotels, stores, etc had an opening ceremony of their own, the market would get even fiercer today. However, one does not need to wait for that day because competition outside is tough enough.

Begin with focusing on what kind of personality you want to portray in the market. It all depends on what sort of business is being opened; accordingly one should decide the gift that needs to be given away at a shop opening ceremony. Now, these gifts not only create a momentary burst of happiness in the minds of the people that attend your event, but they also help in the generation of prospective customers.

Return Gift Ideas for New Launch Event

A good number of potential customers will lead to a better number of probable consumers because when people get a good gift, they like to talk about it. In jargons, it is known as patronising. Word of mouth is generated which leads to the company’s presence in the market.

Indirectly, people who attend the said event will be your promoters. Metaphorically speaking, creative products launch event acts like the bud which eventually blossoms into your organisation’s flower named success.

Branded Gifts for New Store Opening

As mentioned before, multiple gifts can be given away based on the type of business that is hosting the launch party but one gift can compensate for any and every event- Chocolate! Chocolates make up for the sweetest gifts and can even be considered as universal tokens of happiness. If you find nothing else worth gifting away, you can be sure with the option of customised chocolates at hand as they are a safe choice that helps you in building a friendly image.

Something as common as chocolate can be turned into a unique gift if you get your chocolates from Chococraft, a God sent organisation, which makes personalised chocolates for literally any type of event that you host. Apart from the variety, they also exclusively make chocolates for corporate events, so now you can be relieved to know that they will definitely cater to your gift requirements much better than any other organisation that you approach.

Personalized Corporate Gifts

These personalised chocolates can be customised inside out; starting from the box to the butter paper inside- where you can get a custom message printed, to the chocolates themselves that can come with your company’s very own logo on top in edible colours. Not just that, they come in a variety of prints and assorted collections!

A popular quote states that “people do not remember what you did as well as they remember how you made them feel.” This is exactly the opportunity where you can not only make people reminisce what you did but also make them feel so good upon receiving an innovatively branded corporate gift that they will probably never forget.

Product Launch Gifts Online

Every story that involves sharing of chocolate with people always ends up being a good one. Which is exactly why, these customised chocolates will surely condition them into looking out for your organisation in the deep ocean we refer to as a market

Chococraft efficiently works to deliver you the best results and one can even order in bulk. Choose the number of chocolates you want in a box and get going with the customisation because such a gift is hard to get a hold of in today’s competitive market.

They provide an impressive set of services that include all India delivery, a dedicated account manager so you can be reassured of your gift to arrive just how you wanted it to, a timely delivery with a 0 damage guarantee and of course, the best quality products catered to precision to meet your needs.

Thank You Gifts at Launch Party

Such orders tend to provide a subtle push to these organisations that are willing to provide for some of the best corporate gifts for employees. When gifts are purchased and given away, word floats around the market and when liked by consumers, goodwill is generated.

Basically, in retrospect, corporate events invite people and when they receive giveaway gifts, word of mouth generates. Such patronisation helps your organisation and indirectly generates sales which at the end of the day are one of the major goals of the organisation.

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