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Holi Gift for Corporate

The festival of colors – Holi, is one of the most celebrated festivals across India. A special ‘Happy Holi’ gift from your organisation is sure to leave a good impression on clients as well as employees .  

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Significance of Gifts for Holi

The festival of colors – Holi, is one of the most celebrated festivals across India. Holi brings with it the feeling of joy and brotherhood. But why is Holi an important celebration in India? More than just happiness, Holi brings with it the opportunity to understand our culture and our society and appreciate these facets of our lives hence being of immense significance.

Whether its the rich or the poor, Holi is a festival celebrated by all. Holi signifies the triumph of good over evil. In some parts of the country, it is also a celebration of love between Radha and Krishna. Holi announces the grand arrival of the spring season and the end of the cold winters.

Socially speaking, Holi plays a great role in mending broken relationships among friends and family members. It is this day when people come together to forget and forgive past mistakes and start a new journey of brotherhood and friendship. They forget their sorrows and look forward to a great year.

Corporate Gifts for Holi

Apart from these social, cultural and biological significances, Holi is also a great time for businesses to shower some holi corporate gifts on their employees and current/future clients. Holi gifts are a great way for businesses and organisations to build trust with their employees and clients and keep them happy and work with them for a long time for mutual benefit.

Holi gift hampers are a great way to attract new clients as well. A special ‘Happy Holi’ gift from your organisation is sure to leave a good impression on prospective clients.  These gifts can be thought of as an investment for future growth. With new clients and happy employees, the sales and revenues of the business are sure to sky rocket to new highs. And these Holi special gifts for the existing customers and clients helps build a long-term relationship with them.

Holi Gift for Employees

Holi has a great cultural significance as well. The many legends associated with the festival of colors show people that the correct path to follow in life is that of truth and honesty. They showcase how honesty is actually the best policy and one can never succeed in life if they resort to evil practices and dishonesty.

And contrary to popular belief, Holi does have some biological significance as well. To celebrate Holi, people start cleaning up their homes days before the festival. This apart from creating a great environment for celebrating the festival also helps in promoting a healthy lifestyle and keeps people away from many diseases.

It's an important occasion to give out gifts to employees as well.

Holi Gifts with Corporate Branding

Another key aspect to being the biggest breakthrough and stand out among the competitors is building an impeccable brand image. And holi hampers are definitely the step towards the right direction. These gifts usually have a wide reach and incorporating the brand logo and orgaanisation motto in these gifts helps build a great brand image. It delivers a message to everyone that the organisation respects its employees and clients and recognises their contribution to its success

Now when it comes to Holi gift ideas, chocolates are the number one option. Not just any  chocolates, but beautiful personalised chocolates. It is a tradition to give sweets as gifts for holi festival but chocolates are becoming more and more popular not just with the urban and younger crowds but with the older generation as well. Chocolates are something that everyone likes regardless of age and gender.

Chocolate Gifts for Holi

At Chococraft, all your Holi 2020 gifts are taken care of. Whether it is holi gifts for employees and clients or for your loved ones, Chococraft has something special and unique in store for everyone. Chococraft helps you customise your holi gifts online.

Businesses have the option of getting their company logo printed on the chocolates thus providing a great way for brand promotion along with a delicious holi gift. These act as a great holi return gift as well for the Holi parties or picnics organised by the company. Such personalised gifts are especially very good for company clients as this leaves a special impression on them and helps the brand stand out from the rest.

These delicious chocolates can also be personalised for each receiver. This is great touch to make your bests holi gifts even more special. With an impressive premium packaging and an all over India delivery service, Chococraft handles all your Holi gift worries. All you have to do is go online and book your design of personalised chocolates and Chococraft takes care of the rest.

Gift Ideas for Holi

And if you are looking for some additional Holi hamper ideas to go along with your Chococraft special chocolates, here are some options for you.

Gulaal Box is an amazing addon with your chocolate gift this Holi. Holi is the festival of colors and who wouldnt like to add some more gulaal to their arsenal to play with their family and friends. A box with different gulaal colors is definitely a Holi special gift.

Books as Holi gifts is a great idea. It is always a good option to gift something which will help spread knowledge and wisdom on such auspicious occasions. From novels and biographies to history and self help books, one has a plethora of options to choose from here to gift to their dear ones.

Idols of Gods are an option one can consider as a Holi gift. Keeping these idols in our homes is considered a way to pay respect to our Gods and seek their blessings. The receiver is sure to love this gift and will happily accept this without any hesitation.

Home Decor items like lamps, photo frames, vases and attractive show pieces are great Holi gifts. With the wide options available in this category, one can definitely find a gift within their budget.

Gold or silver coins are a little expensive option as your Holi gifts. But if you have the budget to go for these then nothing better. Gifting gold and silver is considered auspicious in our culture hence making for a great Holi gift.

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