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Corporate Diwali Gifts

India is known throughout the world for its myriad of festivals encompassing all religions and faiths. But one of the major festivals celebrated pan-Indian with much enthusiasm is the festival of lights, Diwali. Diwali is also a unique festival as it is celebrated by not just Hindus, but other religions as well. For most businesses and companies it is an important occasion and they give Diwali gifts to their employees. It is equally important to gift Diwali goodies and presents to clients to thank them for their business. Let’s explore the significance of Diwali and why it is an important...

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25 ideas to impress your girlfriend this Valentine’s day

While the rest of the world is busy preparing for New Year, an even bigger festival is coming up for all the lovebirds across the globe. Yes, we’re talking about the festival of love- Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for years or maybe you’ve just started dating, you can’t deny the importance of Valentine’s Day in your relationship. But merely wishing each other “Happy Valentine’s Day” on 14th February is not enough. The special woman in your life deserves to be swept off her feet on this joyous occasion with gifts and carefully planned dates. Women are...

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Why Investing in Promotional Products Will Matter in The Long Run

Businesses all over the globe implement a wide range of strategies to increase their brand’s visibility among their potential customers. Among all the different strategies, promotional products are considered a powerful marketing tool. These play a pivotal role in creating awareness about your brand and drawing the attention of your customers. Most of the businesses shy away from investing in promotional products. However, such an approach will do no good for your business. Below I am going to highlight a few of the reasons that prove that investing in promotional products will benefit a business in the long run. Powerful...

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How Can Colour Of Your Brand Help You In Promotion?

A tranquil colour can really affect your business’s branding in ways you can’t even imagine. In the ocean of promotional products, colour can help you to stand out. Promotional merchandises are considered as the most effective way of promoting your brand. You don’t want to leave this golden opportunity which can really help you in creating and promoting your business to the one that really matters- “The target audience”. The colour of your brand is a psychological factor which will help you in swinging mood of your customers and driving them to associate with your brand. In this post, I...

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Planning your Wedding Ceremony

Amidst the champagne and sparkling diamond which ultimately follows the engagement. People easily lose sight of what the wedding day is really all about. There are so many things you need to take care of in order to ensure that the wedding happens smoothly. Irrespective of whether you decide to have a conventional ceremony or throw the rule book out of the window, there are certain things you have to start planning for, from day one! Here are some important things that you need to take care of iwhen you begin planning your big day. 1. Set the Timetable The...

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