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Celebrations come in all forms. Big and small, grand and minimalistic, and it depends on you which way you go. In any case, what is important is that you celebrate. I repeat, what is important that you celebrate. This occasion and all occasions that you can because in celebration lies acknowledgment that these occasions, these days are important to you, that they mean something to you. And it is high time we acknowledge the women around us, who they are, and all they have done.

A lot of us might feel these designated days to celebrate something like ‘Women’s Day’ for women is a product of recent times. On the contrary, these 'days’, especially ‘Women’s Day’, have an interesting history banking for their existence. Women’s Day has been observed since the early 1900s. What started as a march for better pay and the right to vote in 1908, New York, has turned into a global movement today. An agitation against inequality turned into a multifaceted resistance against the patriarchal order of the society that has gone on in waves and for decades now. It has brought women all over the world a chance at inclusivity, equal citizenship, and the right to live their own life in their own way. However, It would be farfetched to say the movement is close to its goal; there is a lot more that needs to be done. Nonetheless, it has come a long way, our women have come far in their right to equality and that calls for a celebration. 8th March, Women’s Day; a celebration of all that has been achieved and a reminder for all that remains.

Access to workspace, acceptance, and equal pay have been central to the challenges faced by working women everywhere. Here is how you can celebrate Women’s Day at your office, counter these challenges and celebrate your women.

Chocolate Gifts

Need I even explain why ‘gifts’ on this lift/ Gifts are so important in marking any occasion. They connote appreciation and leave a happy smile on the receiver’s face. You can get custom-made CHOCOCRAFT WOMEN’S DAY gift packs for your office; the women you work with, employees, and clients. This way not only do you show they are important to your office, but you also gift them a small token of sweetness and happiness.

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It’s Everyone’s World

We have all heard the saying; it’s a man’s world and to an extent, it is true. It is everyone’s world and it should feel so to everyone who inhabits it. Now one can’t change the world single-handedly but what one can do is start small. If not the world, make sure that at least in your office everyone feels safe, comfortable, welcomed, and valued for their hard work. This women’s day, ensure your office falls in this category by organizing engaging seminars on workplace ethics and inclusivity.

Sharing Experiences

Everyone experiences the world differently. It is so subjective that each perspective is unique, and despite that somethings bind us together. Be it nationality or a sports club you follow, categories can be both inclusive and exclusive. Two individuals may stand under the same umbrella, and yet they can be experiencing the world absolutely differently. The only way to understand the world of the other is to share your experiences. Not all women's stories are the same, but all deserve to be told. Organize a human library session in your office to share and understand women’s stories.

Sugar Cubes

As I mentioned earlier, everyone deserves to feel safe, comfortable, and valued in their offices. A great way to show appreciation and make everyone’s day is sugar cubes. Sugar cubes are small notes of appreciation that one can leave for someone (signed or anonymous) to appreciate them. These can be compliments, words of motivation, or expressions of gratitude given to make the receiver feel valued. You can set up a sugar cube box for all the women in your office and let the showering of love, appreciation, and respect begin. At the end of the day, everyone can gather and even make a small game out of guessing who the anonymous notes are by. I say it from experience, sugar cubes are quite literally the sweetest thing.

Plan An Event

It can be anything; a lunch outing or a themed dress-up to work day or evening party or stand-up comedy show, any which way people can let loose and have some fun. My suggestion is to organize a fun award night where everyone dresses up, has some good food, and you know the best part; every woman gets an award or a token of appreciation like our gift packs! Everyone at your office must be good at something or known for something? How about the colleague who gives the best advice? Has the cleanest desk? Always on time? There is so much to appreciate in each woman. I am sure you won’t have any trouble with it.

So there you go, this is CHOCOCRAFT’S list of five ways you can celebrate Women’s Day in your office. Hopefully, it has nudged you in the direction of planning something great for this Women’s Day. Just a quick question, did you notice no matter what the plan, CHOCOCRAFT fits right in? So whatever you plan for March 8th, we are here to add a much needed dash of sweetness to it.

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