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Gift for Conference & Customer Meets

Conferences and dealers meet are an essential part of the branding and marketing of the company. Conferences are a way of putting forward your ideas and also announce new projects and products that you would be launching soon. Conferences are a way of generating curiosity and awareness about the new upcoming projects of your company. Customer meets are something that gives you a platform to interact with your customers directly. Companies organize customer meets to get a direct feedback about the products and services of your company. One of the best ways to make your conferences and dealers meet memorable is by gifting printed chocolates. The chocolates are customized as per your liking and the logo of your company printed on the candies in edible ink. The chocolates are packaged in beautiful wooden boxes that can be gifted to your attendees.



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"We are fully satisfied with your product and our relation will become more stronger in upcoming years. Next year we will plan to purchase Corporate Gift as well as gift for our employees and miscellaneous clients"


Mr. Kalpesh Panchal

Director, Shashvat Infrastucture Pvt Ltd

"I would like to thank complete team of Chococraft for executing these orders so professionally and defect free . The Quality of the product were good , all our customers appreciated the product. Thank you for the packing , initially we were apprehensive about how will we send pan India but all the deliveries were handed properly."

Mr. S Bobby Jena

VP - Procurement & Operations, Indiannica Learning Pvt. Ltd.

"Chococraft delivered the Chocolates perfectly the way we wanted them to, the customized look , its flavor, texture and the delivery is much appreciated by all our employees. We would like to recommend this product to other Corporates as well especially for customized requirements"


Ms. Veni Anand

Corporate HR - Jindal SAW Ltd.

"Dear ChocoCraft, thank you for delivering chocolates within deadlines. Quality & packaging of the product is amazing. Thank you for your prompt responses."

Tousiph Sayyad

Store Manager, ONEPLUS

Importance of Sales & Customer Meets

You aim to be the leading organization in your field. You aim to leave all your competitors behind with an amazing product or idea you have and with even more exceptional customer service. And what is one way of doing that you ask? Well, it is Sales Meets and Customer Meets!

Sales/Customer Meets are a great opportunity to catch people’s eyes and promote your brand or your products and services. One cannot expect to become the next giant in their respective field without getting the product out for others to see and sales/customer meets help in this aspect. These meet help educate people about the products and services offered by the organization. They help in getting the word out and generate leads to help boost sales.

Such meets also make for a good place to forge new relationships with customers, suppliers, and others which ensures that people experience your services first hand and keep coming back to you for more business. They provide a solid ground to exchange new ideas and plans which can help improve your business going forward. And with the entire team coming together to put up a good show, it surely helps in strengthening the teamwork among the employees.

Gifts for Sales Meets

A great way to end these sales and customer meets is by gifting the attendees with a thoughtful gift for customers and other business gifts. These gifts for corporate events/meets like these act as a great reminder of the event. They surely have a positive impact on the attendees and show to them that the organization notices their value which in turn helps strengthen relationships with them. At the same time, for the organization, these executive sales gifts can be great promotional gift items by just incorporating the brand logo on them.

Corporate Gift Ideas for Customer & Sales Meets

So if you are ready to organize your next sales/customer meet, then here are some best corporate gift ideas for you to make that long lasting impact -

1. Personalised Chocolate Gifts from Chococraft – First off, a box of delicious and beautiful chocolates! With Chococraft, you get the best of both worlds – taste and aesthetics. Adding a personalised touch to the client gifts surely leaves a long lasting impact. From brand logos to faces, Chococraft provides you with the option to print almost anything on the chocolates to give a personalized touch to the corporate promotional gifts. These chocolates come in beautiful wooden boxes and you have an option to select from a number of different configurations and shapes of chocolates.


2. Portable Chargers/Powerbanks  Powerbanks are very useful gifts for corporate clients and customers. A great option for these powerbanks would be get them custom made for your organisation by getting the brand logo printed on them. Thus these can also act as amazing promotional gift item along with serving its purpose of pleasing the clients and customers. These powerbanks come with different capacities and price ranges and depending on one’s budget one can go for different options.


3. Desk Plants  A unique gift idea for corporate meets is desk plants. These are a great decorative item for work or home desks. Organizations can get their logos printed on the pots of these desk plants which well help in sowing a seed of interest towards the organization every day!


4. Office Supplies – These include diaries, quality pens, paper weights, pen holders among other things. Along with being very useful in daily lives, these are a great advertisement sales professional gifts as well. It is surely simple to showcase your brand to other people just by customising these items with your company information.


5. Selfie Sticks – With the number of selfies taken each day growing day by day, the attendees of the sales or customer meets are sure to love this gift. These are usually very cheap thus helping in not breaking the bank on corporate event gifts!


6. Sporting Event Tickets – To give a break from the daily routine and provide a feeling of exhilaration, tickets to the upcoming sporting events in the town are great corporate event gifts. These can be sometimes a little expensive so if the organisation has a tight budget for the event gifts, a lucky draw can be organised after the event for these tickets thus incorporating another fun element to make the meet a great success!


7. Personalised Calendars – A handy item for any one to have at their disposal is a calendar. Personalising the calendar with motivational quotes and inspiring images is not just a great gift for the attendees of the events but great gifts to the motivate the sales team that helped organise the event as well. Company branding can also be done on this gift item.


8. Bluetooth Speakers – Good music is loved by everyone. Bluetooth speakers are a great way to get the crisp sound needed to have a great listening experience, cord free! So these can be an amazing gift item especially for the younger audience at the event. It will serve as a constant reminder for them of the meet.


9. Restaurant Gift Cards – An excellent idea for gifts for sales professionals and customers are gift cards to the great eateries in the city. This is also a great opportunity to work with other local businesses and get sponsors for the event. This helps in building new connections and exchange of innovative ideas to get the product or services out to people.


10. Laptop Bags/ Backpacks – Laptop bags and backpacks are great gifts for sales and customer meets. These are an everyday use item and people carry them along every where they go on an office day or trip. So with the organisation logo printed on these, they can act as free advertisement to a wide audience.



11. A Thankyou Card – And last but not the least, a thankyou card. Showing gratitude and thanking the attendees for taking their time out to attend your event will surely go a long way in building a strong and long lasting relationship with them.

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