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Gift for Conference & Customer Meets

Printed chocolates for corporate gifts

Conferences and dealers meet are an essential part of the branding and marketing of the company. Conferences are a way of putting forward your ideas and also announce new projects and products that you would be launching soon. Conferences are a way of generating curiosity and awareness about the new upcoming projects of your company. Customer meets are something that gives you a platform to interact with your customers directly. Companies organize customer meets to get a direct feedback about the products and services of your company. One of the best ways to make your conferences and dealers meet memorable is by gifting printed chocolates. The chocolates are customized as per your liking and the logo of your company printed on the candies in edible ink. The chocolates are packaged in beautiful wooden boxes that can be gifted to your attendees.

Gift at a Conference by Facebook

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Another one by Facebook

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Conferences and customer meets are a requisite for any company. Conferences help the company to assess its growth while customer meets offer direct interaction with the end user and helps in improving the products and services of the company. Gift at conference and customer meets is a way of creating visibility for your product. Instead of giving boring souvenirs, gift your attendees these beautiful printed chocolates. The chocolates are custom printed with the logo of the company so that it is easily recognizable. The chocolates are custom made and the prints are done in edible ink. The chocolates are packaged in beautiful wooden boxes with the logo of the company printed on the box as well. You can select the flavor and the filling of your choice and we will do the rest for you.

Gift at Dealers' meet by Tata Steel

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Tata Steel opted for this beautiful gift for their dealers meet. Company dealers are the ones who contribute a great deal in the success of the company. Tata Steel gave its dealers a beautiful chocolate box with a combination of printed and assorted chocolates. The printed chocolates have the logos and the taglines printed on them. These chocolates are placed in a wooden box with a message by the head of the company printed on the inside of the box lid. The wooden box again has the logo and the tagline printed on it. The prints on the chocolates are done in edible ink.

Dealers' Meet Gifts by JSW Steel

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For their dealers meet, JSW Steel gave these chocolate boxes to all their dealers. The chocolates had 4 assorted and 2 printed chocolates in a well designed chocolate box. The logos on the chocolates are printed in edible ink with the delicious chocolates making for very attractive gifts. The wooden box chosen for the chocolates also has the JSW logo printed along with a Best Wishes message on it.

Gifts for Partners by Mahindra Intertrade

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Mahindra Intertrade gave this 18 chocolate box with 14 assorted and 4 printed chocolates as a gift to its business partners. The chocolates are delicious and made from premium quality ingredients. The chocolates are made to order and we create it only after you place the order. Chocolates are a good way to please your business partners and let them know about their importance to your business. The wooden box is especially made with the logo of the company printed on it. You have a choice of selecting the flavors and the fillings for the chocolates.

Gift at Conference by RCI

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RCI gave these wonderful chocolates to its attendees at its conference. The printed chocolates have the logo of RCI along with the number of years they have been in business. The prints on the chocolates are completely edible with the chocolate itself being pure vegetarian. A butter paper is placed inside the box where we can put a message by the company or a quirky message for the recipients. Chocolates are loved by all and make for excellent gifting options at conferences and meetings. The wooden box also has the RCI logo printed on it to remind people of the brand.

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