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Employee Engagement Gifts

Employees are an asset to any organization. It is said that if you take care of the employees the employees will take care of the company. This is indeed true. An employee feels wanted and a part of the company when he is appreciated and remembered when important events happen in his life. The company can forge a strong bond with the employee when they gift them for the memorable events in their lives like birthday, marriage, birth of child etc.

Chocolates are loved by all and make for very good gifts fit for all occasions. Printed chocolate is a concept where you can make the employee feel very special. The chocolates are made from the finest ingredients with the prints being completely edible. The chocolates are designed as per the occasion and packaged in beautiful wooden boxes. A butter paper can be placed inside the box to print a message from the senior official or the company head addressing the employee.

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"We are fully satisfied with your product and our relation will become more stronger in upcoming years. Next year we will plan to purchase Corporate Gift as well as gift for our employees and miscellaneous clients"


Mr. Kalpesh Panchal

Director, Shashvat Infrastucture Pvt Ltd

"I would like to thank complete team of Chococraft for executing these orders so professionally and defect free . The Quality of the product were good , all our customers appreciated the product. Thank you for the packing , initially we were apprehensive about how will we send pan India but all the deliveries were handed properly."

Mr. S Bobby Jena

VP - Procurement & Operations, Indiannica Learning Pvt. Ltd.

"Chococraft delivered the Chocolates perfectly the way we wanted them to, the customized look , its flavor, texture and the delivery is much appreciated by all our employees. We would like to recommend this product to other Corporates as well especially for customized requirements"


Ms. Veni Anand

Corporate HR - Jindal SAW Ltd.

"Dear ChocoCraft, thank you for delivering chocolates within deadlines. Quality & packaging of the product is amazing. Thank you for your prompt responses."

Tousiph Sayyad

Store Manager, ONEPLUS

Chocolates are the best personalized birthday gifts for the employees. Nothing makes an employee happier than the feeling that the company cares for them and has taken efforts to make their birthday even more special. Biltech gave its employees a personalized printed chocolate gift box which had a collection of printed as well as assorted chocolates. The prints on the chocolates are candles, balloons and cakes which are synonymous with birthdays. The name of the employee is printed on the wooden box with a personalized message printed in butter paper placed inside the box.

The importance of Employee Gifts

"To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace"

The above stated lines clearly emphasize the pivotal role that employees play in the successful operations of any institution. 

Undoubtedly, the employees form the core of the institute and are majorly responsible for effective functioning of the same. Employees are the most valuable asset of the company who contribute their knowledge, skills and abilities towards the tasks given to them. 

There is a proportional relationship between how the company performs in the company and how the employees engage themselves in the company as they are the ones who have to get the job done.

Employees act a link between the top level management of the company and the customers in the actual world as they deal with them on a direct basis and guide their department heads about the further course of actions. 

Therefore, an employee's performance in critical in determining the company's position in the market. 

In recent times, institutes have started focusing and giving due importance to one of the most crucial aspects of it, that is the employees.

Gifts to motivate Employees

Human Resource Development has gained a lot of importance in recent times which involves complete development of the knowledge and skills of the employees, broaden their horizons thereby strengthening the status of the Human resource of the organisation. 

Employers of the organisation hire employees to achieve the pre decided target effectively and efficiently and escalate the position of the company in the competitive world by fulfilling the goals and objectives of the firm. 

Recognition of the efforts and pain taken by the employees should be considered by the CEOs and other top levels managing because one cannot deny that a motivated employee can do wonders for the institution. 

Gifting the employees can be beneficial for the company as it not only helps to slacken the conventional conflict of Employer vs employee but also, motivates and inspires the employees to put their best foot forward and complete the assigned jobs. 

Employee Gift Ideas

There can be a plethora of occasions for an organisation to gift their employees and some of them being entry of a new employee, retirement, anniversary gifts for the employees, gifts for the festive seasons, employees' birthday or best employee gifts. 

However,choosing the right gift for the right event can be a really vexing task so here are some great corporate gift ideas for the employees. 

Corporate gifts ideas may include classy and eye catching personalised office accessories like pen stands, Wooden pen stands, desk calendars, table cord keepers, attractive sipper bottles, a set of notepad with a luxury pen set or a tailored wall clock with a message for the employees which can be the best gifts for the office staff.

A motivated employee with a boosted morale has more to offer towards the missions and objectives of the organisation as compared to an unmotivated employee. 

Gifs to the employees can be given at various year round festivals like Christmas, New Year or Diwali gifts for employees. Gift for office staff on such auspicious occasions can include a wide range of electronic appliances like bluetooth wireless headsets, wireless bluetooth speakers, attractive and innovative pens with USB personalised as per the company's convenience. 

Employee Appreciation Gifts

There is no doubt that appreciating and giving proper value to their determined hard work. So, employees appreciation gifts ideas may include home and living items like printed bedsheets, silverware crockery sets or table organisers which can be the best gifts for the office staff.

Employees with high morale have a lot more to present to the table. Admiring the employees and their work makes them feel special and create a friendly atmosphere in the organisation which benefits the organisation. Gifting the personnel at various events makes them feel wanted and they are more determined to work persistently for the company. 

Gifts for Office Staff

How about gifting your office staff something different and unique like chocolate gifts? Interesting idea, isn't it? Afterall, who does not like chocolates?

Chocolates have a lot of benefits to offer to the regular eaters no matter how much it is criticised for weight gain problems. Since years, chocolate has been serving as a host to a plethora of health advantages. Also, chocolates have been long used as a medicine in ancient times because of its advantageous properties. 

Chocolates with high cocoa are laden with a lot of nutrients which, according to various studies, have a positive impact of the heath of the consumers. 

Ranging from magnesium to iron, copper, potassium and zinc, chocolate is a home to a lot of minerals which are really good for the health. 

Chocolates for Corporate Gifting

Chocolates have organic antioxidants which are which are more powerful when compared to any other edible items. 

They relax our arteries and slacken everyday anxiety when consumed regularly and reduce the problems of blood pressure and boosting the correct blood flow in our bodies. It's consumption reduces the risk of heart related diseases and enhance the functioning of the brain. 

The office staff subsides it personal interests in front of the organisational interests to work towards the set targets. So, it becomes the responsibility of the employers as well to pay heed towards their office staff. 

Be it company's anniversary, employees birthday gift idea, welcoming of a new employee or bidding a farewell to an employee, Chococraft is one stop destination for the best and splendid Personalised corporate chocolate gifts for your staff members. 

At chococraft, you can choose from among a varied range of personalised chocolate gifts which include tailored chocolates in wooden boxes and above that, you can get a message printed on the box! 

Chocolates can be customised as per the choices of the clients with digital prints and eye-catching colours which are completely edible. The clients can get their company's logo printed on the chocolates or get a message printed for the office staff just at the convenience of your doorstep with anywhere delivery in India. 

Not only will they remember such an astounding present but the delicious treat will definitely mesmerize them. 

So make sure that you win the workplace and work together to conquer the marketplace.