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Annual Day Gifts

A company’s success is the amalgamation of the effort of its employees as well as the shareholders. One of the important days to highlight the achievements of the company is the annual day. An annual day marks the footsteps of the company as it grows in strength year after year. For annual day celebrations ChocoCraft has created the concept of beautifully designed custom made chocolates that can be gifted to your employees and shareholders.

The chocolates will have the logo of the company printed on it in edible ink. Besides this a beautiful wooden box is used for the packaging that will have the company logo and name printed on it. We place a butter paper inside the box where the company chairman or CEO can address the shareholders and employees and congratulate them for their efforts towards the success of the company.

25 Year Celebrations for Tudor Freight International

Corporate GIfts for annual day, customized chocolate gifts

Gifts for Employees on Annual Day

A silver jubilee of a company marks 25 years of perseverance, hard work and dedication. A company grows from strength to strength with the efforts of its employees and shareholders to reach the pinnacle of success. On the 25th anniversary of their company Tudor International choose to felicitate their employees and well-wishers with a beautiful chocolate box containing custom made printed chocolates. The printed chocolates had 25 years printed on the chocolate along with the logo of the company in edible ink.

The chocolates were placed in beautiful wooden boxes that were especially designed for this occasion. The chocolates are made from high quality ingredients and are pure vegetarian. We place a butter paper inside the box which has a personal note from the CEO or chairman congratulating each individual for being a part of the company’s success.

Anniversary Gifts for IPCA Pharma Brands

Corporate gift, gift for doctors
Thank you gift for doctors

Chocolates are the best gift to give to doctors that patronize your medicines. IPCA Pharma, thanked the doctors for contributing to its success with this beautiful personalized chocolate bar. The chocolate bar is designed in vibrant colours with the thank you message and the name of the doctor printed on the chocolate in edible ink. The chocolate bar is placed in a beautiful wooden box which will have the logo of the company printed on it as well. This beautiful chocolate bar is made from premium quality ingredients and packaged to perfection.

7th Annual Day Gifts for Camfil, India

Corporate Gift Ideas

One of the best gifts to give out on our company is printed chocolates. Camfil had given this beautiful chocolate box containing printed candies to its employees and well-wishers. The printed candies have the logo of the company printed in edible ink. We have designed a beautiful wooden box which has the name and logo of the Camfil printed on it along with the occasion i.e. 7th anniversary. The chocolates are made from premium quality ingredients and are delicious to the last bite. A butter paper is placed inside the box with a personalized message from the company head honcho thanking the recipients.

1st Anniversary Gifts for Langro

Corporate gifts with customised chocolates

Chocolates are the best gift to give out on the first anniversary of your company. The first year is a milestone in the history of any company and to thank the people who have contributed to its success Langro gave out these beautiful chocolate boxes. The chocolate box contains printed chocolates with the logo of the company printed on it in edible ink. The chocolates are custom made and packaged in a well-designed wooden box. The box also has the logo and the company details printed on it. You can either have a message of thanks printed on the inside of the box or we can place butter paper for the same.

Corporate Gifts for Annual Day or Founders Day

The gesture of handing out gifts always brings about a sense of joy and happiness to the person receiving it. There aren’t any special occasions where you require gifts to be handed out, but in the corporate world, there are several reasons as to why corporate gifts are handed out. Annual meeting gifts are a token of appreciation for the work that you are putting into the company.

Corporate Annual meetings or annual day celebrations fosters a sense of unity and belonging that bridges the commitment level of employees and other shareholders to feel more connected through the event and to elevate the experience, what better way than business gifts.

Some might say that why are gifts for corporate event even necessary? But then it’s the centre of attraction towards the entire purpose of the event. Giving back is what the event is all about and dispersing unique corporate gifts is what helps in increasing the motivation and the dedication of the employees towards the company and helps in the all-round growth of the company.

But wait, giving gifts is the tough part in such an event where the company might be commemorating the hard work put in by every employee for the company to reach such a milestone. Hence, corporate gifting companies are of plenty, and if you are looking for few ideas, then there are a couple of products that you can take a look where it would help in making the occasion quite memorable.

Corporate Gift Ideas for Annual Day celebrations

ChocoCraft corporate gifts. 

There are several custom corporate gifts that you can choose from, but then nothing beats chocolates. Uniquely if they are customised based on the event and the person that might be getting the pack feels special and important. Choco craft is one such website wherein you are greeted with a plethora of options in terms of customised chocolates that go perfectly for your hunt for corporate gifts online. These chocolates are one of a kind, and you get a wide variety of flavours to choose from that can undoubtedly make the essence of gifting quite extraordinary indeed. Also, there are premium corporate gifts that are incorporated into the chocolates where you can choose explicit flavours for higher-ranking employees. 

Electronic gadget. 

Electronics are another fine innovative corporate gift option that you can provide at the annual corporate function. It could be anything ranging from power banks to personalised headphones. The possibilities are endless. Hence, if you are looking for an out of the box thinking, then this option might be the best corporate gifts that you can think about. No doubt that people love to use these gifts and have them with them for a more extended period. Hence, try to think wisely before you choose the product as it might be for the masses and based on the company’s budget of giving out branded gifts, choose carefully.

Gift vouchers. 

Based on the type of company, there can be promotional gift items where the company can provide exciting vouchers from the company for their new product. It can be in the form of a discount on some purchase, or it could be a coupon code and much more. The possibilities are endless. You can go through the various vouchers that you can avail online and choose the ones that you feel are the best and would suit the company’s appeal in providing something back to the employees in the event organised by the company. 

Thus, the above given corporate gifts for employees, can undoubtedly make the event quite memorable and choosing any one of the options provided would do the occasion justice. Also, there are eco-friendly corporate gifts wherein handing out eco-friendly products such as chocolates, accessories and much more made from organic materials can help in providing a unique touch towards the gathering. Thus, choose the best and do the needful. All the best. 

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