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Wedding Invitations

You can never go wrong with chocolate as gifts. They are perfect for every occasion and especially to accompany wedding invitations.

At ChocoCraft we offer unique wedding invitation ideas. Invitations printed on chocolate! Yes now you can have your wedding invitation printed on chocolate bars. It is a unique concept that is sure to impress your wedding guests. 

We provide the whole package. Wedding invitation cards and customized chocolates to accompany the invitations. The printed chocolates can have the names and pictures of the bride on them or the wedding theme or date on them.

And to top it all our invitations and chocolates are packed in a beautiful gift box that can again be customized as per you!

Personalized chocolate bars are the perfect way to express gratitude and show someone how much their presence means to you. There is a lot of scope with chocolate and you can do so much with this option.

Chocolates are the best gift you could possibly give someone, regardless of the occasion. Chocolates appeal to all people, of all ages, taste and preference. A box of chocolate brings an equal amount of joy to an adult as much as it does to a child. Therefore, chocolates are a great way of conveying your feelings and emotions in the best way possible. Not only that, they are loved by the receiver as well and is one of the very few gifts that is sure to be well received. Here are some ways in which you can send out wedding invitation cards along with chocolates for a warm feeling.

When you customize chocolates, you can make full use of them to impress your wedding guests, which includes your friends and family. In case you are going for a formal invitation and don't want to go too much over the board, you can try the technique of printing the names of your guests on the chocolates. It shows that you have put in a lot of effort and make every guest count.

We also offer invitations for wedding anniversary and birthday parties.