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Why Are Wedding Return Gifts Important?

The tradition of giving return gifts has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years. Since times immemorial, kings, queens and noblemen have been known for offering return gifts to guests. These were not limited to wedding return gifts, but were a common practice in most parties and celebrations. In fact, the cost of the return gifts was a significant part of the money spent on the entire celebration. 

During these times, the gifts used to be elaborate and expensive as they were a way of showing off one’s wealth and hospitality. Generally, rare commodities such as gems, precious stones or sugar were given as return gifts. These gifts were meant to be a token of appreciation for the guests who graced the special occasion with their presence.

The same concept of sending return gifts to wedding guests is still prevalent. In recent times, this practice is being adopted by brides and grooms in India as well. If your big day is coming up and you still haven’t made up your mind about wedding favors, here are some reasons why wedding return gifts are important :

Show Your Appreciation

Some of your guests might have travelled long distances to attend your weddings and participate in the ceremony. Some others might be missing work or something else important to be there for you. Since your friends and family have put their lives on hold to grace the biggest day of your life, it is expected that you show them appreciation in return. They will love that you took some time out from your busy schedule and picked the perfect return gifts for them.

The gift doesn’t have to be something elaborate or even very expensive. If you really don’t have the time to put together a gift basket, a simple “thank you for attending” note will do. This will make the guests feel important and they will be impressed with your eye for the details! You might also send some special gifts to your family and close friends as a token of remembrance.       

Say Thank You

Sometimes, just sending return gifts for wedding is not enough. You have to find a way to let your guests know that you are thankful for their presence on your special day. This can be done by saying a warm “thank you” to them in writing. There are many ways of doing this. Here are some ways that you can consider:

  • Some people choose to send a card or note along with the gift to tell them how much the couple appreciated their presence at their wedding. There are several beautiful designs of cards that can be chosen. A handwritten note is a great way of adding some personalization to the gift! Make sure your words are sincere and heartfelt and they will be loved by the receiver.
  • You can also have the message engraved on the gift itself. For example, if the gift body is made of metal or wood, engraving it will be easy and inexpensive. Get a professional service to do it to ensure great quality.
  • If the gift itself cannot be engraved, you can have the message written on the packet or the box. Some people choose to have a personalized “thank you” message printed on chocolates. These look great and can later be enjoyed by everyone in the family!

Everyone Will Remember Your Special Day

Besides thanking the guests with the return gifts, they also have another importance. With all the planning and organization that went into your wedding, you would definitely want the guests to remember the day. Wedding favors are a great way to do this. Make sure that the gift you pick is something practical and has utility. In this way, the guests will be reminded of your special day whenever they look at it.

Gifts such as show pieces, plants, picture frames, etc. are ideal choices. These have longevity and will be used or displayed in the guests’ homes for a long period of time. Every time they look at your gift, they will be reminded of the time spent at your weddings and cherish the great memories.  

Strengthen Relationships and Friendships

Gifts have been used for thousands of years to build friendships and strengthen relationships. You can take the opportunity to send special token of thanks to your closest friends and family remembers. The gift will remind them of the good old days when all of you were younger. The nostalgia shared by all of you will make your relationship stronger even though you are getting married.

Also, if you want to show your close friends some extra love, wedding favors can be chosen for them accordingly. Skip the common gifts that you are sending to the rest of the guests and pick some more special for them. For example, beautiful gemstones in ornate boxes can be sent to your bridesmaids who helped you plan so many little details of the big day. Even decades down the line, they will look at the gift and cherish the special bond you shared.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Gifts

There are some things that must be remembered when choosing return gifts for marriage. Make sure that the gifts are appropriate for an occasion like a wedding. There are several options to choose from the ethnic category. Items with traditional thread work and designs such as cloth bags and pouches, wall hangings, colorful umbrellas, napkins or handkerchiefs, table mats and coasters are some great choices. These are not only great to look at but are also useful and will be appreciated by the guests.

Some people prefer to give sweets as wedding return gifts as these are considered to be auspicious in India. However, if you want to be a little different than usual, skip the traditional sweets and go for personalized cookies, cupcakes, or chocolates. You can choose customized designs and colors and get anything printed on them. Not only will your guest appreciate your effort to thank them but also enjoy the treats!

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