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Why Are Birth Announcements Important?

Baby Birth Announcement

Birth announcement is the greeting or gift that you send out to your family and friends announcing the birth of your little angel. The birth announcement gifts or card that you send should contain important details about the baby. The gifts and card could be serious, funky, fun, energetic, or somber. Your little one definitely needs a grand celebration and this is the reason birth announcements are important.

Birth announcement are for people who do not about the successful birth of your baby. These gifts are great since you are able to include the details about your baby like the day, date, name, weight, time of birth, and much more. With the help of these, you will be able to share the excitement with your loved one. Word of mouth might get the message out instantly but birth announcement will help you to share the news in style.

Birth announcements should be sent out as soon as possible after the birth of the baby. However everyone understands looking after a  newborn is a difficult and time consuming task so you don't have to send out the birth announcements immediately. But it is not advisable to wait more than 6 months to send out the birth announcements. 

Tips to Plan for Birth Announcement

There is so much to do when the baby arrives. Here are some effective tips to get a birth announcement.

Selection of Color- A majority of the people do not like knowing the gender of the baby till the moment of the birth. This adds to the joy as people will be delighted to know if it is a pretty little girl or a handsome little boy. Thus, you can go by the blue is for boy and pink is for girl rule. If your loved ones are already aware of the gender, you can select from the wide range of color options.

Include a Photo- Photos in birth announcement are extra special. With the help of the photos, you will be able to share the photos of the baby that have been captured for the first time. Your friends and relatives will be able to see the cute pictures of you baby. Some these pictures will give your relatives a chance to discuss if the child is the reflection of his/her mom or dad. However, taking picture of the little one can be pretty tricky. You can hire a professional to do this job for you.

Include Details- One of the important features of birth announcement is the name of the baby. Some people wait till the end to make this important choice. You can include full name along with the nick-name and include it in the baby announcement. Moreover, parents name can also be included. Next comes the date and time of birth. The height and weight of the child can also be included if you want. Decide on what should and shouldn’t be included in the birth announcement.

Add a Good Message- Baby announcement should be as unique as the baby. There is a wide range of design to choose from. However, you should not forget to include a personal message. This can serve as an added treat. You can just include the details about baby along with the photo or add a treasured family verse. You need to make it creative. The message should be forwarded to the recipient in style.

Wording for baby birth announcement

Calculate the Quantity- You need to prepare your mailing list in advance. The contact information should be ready even before the arrival of the baby because once the baby is born, you will be too busy. You can make a list by noting down the names of the people to whom you send baby shower invitation and holiday cards.  You also need to decide on how to send the baby announcement gift to co-workers.

Unique Ideas for Birth Announcement

Here are unique ideas for birth announcement.

Candy Bar Wrapper: You will be able to make this on your own from the scratch. You can print a birth announcement wrapper simply by making a design and including the photo of you baby. You can hand them out instead of the cigars.

Bookmarks- A great idea for birth announcement is a bookmark. This will contain the photo, name, date of birth, and other details about the baby. You will also have the option to include any message that you like. The best part about bookmark is that it is easy to send them.

Magnets- You can send a birth announcement magnet. One who receives this will immediately put in on their refrigerator. They are available on different shapes and sizes. You can send them with or without the photo of the baby.

Customized Chocolates- Another great idea is to send the birth announcement in the form of customized chocolate gifts. You can print the name or the photo of the baby on the chocolates as well as the gift box. This is best way to surprise your loved ones.

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