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Top 10 Gifts to Give Your Employees This Diwali

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals and is celebrated in all parts of India. An important custom during Diwali is gift exchanging among friends, family, as well as corporate and business associates. During Diwali, gifts are also given to employees as a show of appreciation for their hard work and contribution all throughout the year. Here are some amazing Diwali gift ideas that you can give to your employees this festive season:

1. Silver Glasses or Bowls: Diwali Gift Idea for employees Silver bowlOrnate utensils made of silver such as small glasses and bowls are considered to be auspicious. These are thus given as gifts on festive occasions. If your budget allows it, there is nothing better than silver bowls or glasses set for gifts to employees. 

2. Antique watches: Diwali Gift idea for employees Although of less practical these days after the introduction of digital watches, these antique watched are still great as display items and can make an interesting Diwali Gift.

3. Scented Candles: Diwali gift idea for employees - scented candlesCandles are the essence of Diwali and are lighted in houses all over the country on that day. Scented candles make a good impression as Diwali gift ideas and can be displayed or used by your employees as and when they want. These are also inexpensive. 

4. Dry Fruits Basket: Diwali gift idea for employees - Dry FruitTraditionally, dry fruits and sweets are given as gifts on the day of Diwali. However, there are many people trying to cut back on sweets for health reasons. Therefore, a basket of assorted dry fruits and nuts is a great gift.

5. Idols of Ganesh Laxmi: Ganesha idol Diwali gift idea for employeesIt is the Hindu god and goddess Ganesh and Laxmi who are worshipped on Diwali. Small, beautiful idols of these deities will make s great gift for your employees.

6. Set of Diyas:Diwali gift idea for employees - Diyas Earthen diyas and lighted on Diwali everywhere in India. These signify a beacon of hopeful light on a dark night. Choose a set of colorful and festive looking diyas to gift to your employees this Diwali. 

 7. Tea-Set:Diwali Gift Idea for employees - Tea Set Beautiful tea sets are appropriate Diwali gifts for employees. If you want to give simple, hassle free gifts to your employees, choose colorful tea sets made from delicate china. 

8. Potted Bamboo Plant: Diwali Gift for employees Bamboo PlantBamboo plants are given for good luck and to wish the recipient prosperity in their future endeavors. If none of the above gift ideas seem right to you, a potted bamboo plant tied with a red ribbon is a great way to wish your employees good luck.  

9. Elaborate Diwali Hamper:Diwali Gift Idea for employees - Gift Hamper

Image source: www.limeroad.com

This can contain all or any combination of all the items given above. Throw in a pack of incense sticks and chocolates to complete the hamper.

10. Box of Chocolates: Corporate Diwali Gift for employeesChocolates are often the most preferred gifting items as they are versatile and loved by everyone. You can get customized chocolates with your company logo and Diwali greetings on them to give as gifts. Customized chocolate gift boxes for Diwali are an excellent option as gifts for employees.

Make your employees feel appreciated this festive season with these Diwali gifts for employees. This will not only make them feel valuable and increase goodwill among employees but it will also boost their morale towards you and the business in general.

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  • Ritika on

    AMAZING! I love these all gift ideas but Box of Chocolates I like it more as compare to other ideas. I will gift this to my office staff on this Diwali.
    Thanks for sharing.

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