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10 Memorable Diwali Gift Ideas for Corporates

One of the most important days in the Indian calendar, Diwali is a time of joy, and celebration. Even companies take out time to celebrate this special day with their employees and clients. Gifting has become an important part of the festivities during Diwali. In the corporate world, gifts need to be chosen with care. As a result, it can become quite confusing as which gift you should be giving. Here are some Diwali gift ideas that you can use.

1. Candle SetsDiwali gift Idea candles Diwali is the festival of lights. As such, candles are easily the most appropriate gift for the occasion. There are several varieties of fancy candles available in the market including scented candles.

2. Dry FruitsDiwali gift ideas dry fruit Dry fruits such as cashews, raisins and almonds have long been the staple corporate Diwali gifts ideas. The good thing is that they are still excellent choices. Of course, they are quite healthy as well.

3. Silver Coins

Diwali is the festival dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. As such, it is considered to be auspicious to gift silver during the festivities. Silverware such as silver coins, therefore, makes the perfect corporate Diwali gifts.

4. Playing CardsPlaying cards Diwali giftCard games are a popular activity during Diwali. As a result, companies can consider gifting special poker sets to clients. Cards engraved with company initials will be an excellent choice. 

5. Religious IdolsSilver idol Diwali Gift Apart from silverware, people often exchange religious idols, especially that of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi, during Diwali. As corporate Diwali gifts ideas, they are suitable for everybody, from clients to employees. 

6. Home Decor Diwali gift idea home decor itemsDuring Diwali, people often try to make their homes look as new as possible. That is why home décor items make perfect sense as gifts. From bed linen to lamps, you have no shortage of options.

7. Watches Diwali gift idea - watchThere is no reason why you should not be gifting watches, especially those that have silver, during Diwali. They are perfect corporate gifts. Since they are quite functional, they will be loved by the recipient.

8. Decorative PiecesDiwali gift idea Showpieces make excellent gifts in several occasions including Diwali. However, a good idea would be to gift something that will also serve a function to make the gift a memorable one. For example, you can gift vases. 

9. Sweets Diwali Gift Idea Indian SweetsSweets are integral to the celebration of Diwali. When it comes to Diwali gift ideas everybody enjoys having sweets on this occasion. 

10. Chocolates Corporate Diwali Gift ChocolatesYou can never go wrong with chocolates. However, since you are giving corporate Diwali gifts, you can consider going for customized Diwali Gifts by ChocoCraft. You can get good wishes printed on those chocolates to make them really special to the recipient. It is possible to create a customized box as well for the chocolates so that the gift looks elegant and delicious. 
Diwali is a time for celebration. By choosing one of the above gifts, a corporation can help their clients or employees have a good time during the festivities.

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