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6 Ideas for Baby Girl Birth Announcement

Birth Announcement Ideas for a Baby Girl

There are various ways to announce the birth of your baby girl but one of the most celebrated and common way is to send out birth announcement gifts to your friends and family members. If you have not disclosed the gender of your baby then once the baby is born, you need to announce it to the world that you have had a baby girl. Along with the gender, you will also have to share the birth date, time of birth, statistics, and most importantly the name. These are the most important things that people would like to know when they find out about their little one. Thus, do not forget to include this in your baby girl announcement.

When you plan on perfect gift for announcing the birth of your baby girl, you need to focus on the color combination. You need to make sure that it focuses on the fact that it is a baby girl. The first color combination that will come to your mind is white and pink. This might be the most popular color choice for announcing the birth of baby girl. However, you should know that this is not the only choice that you have. You either use blue and pink or brown or pink. Both are great if you have to announce the birth of a baby girl.

The traditional and common way to announce the birth of baby girl is through the birth announcement cards. You can either make them all on your own or order online. Make sure that you include a pretty design in the card. Incorporate photos of beautiful flowers along with the photo of your little angel. Make sure that you have taken the photo of your baby from a close distance. If you make the card all by yourself, you should add the foot and hand print of the baby.

However, there are other great ideas to announce the birth of your baby girl. Some of these have been mentioned below.

1. Cigars

Sending a cigar is probably one of the oldest ideas out there, when it comes to announcing the birth of your baby. This is a thing that lots of people opt for since it is traditional. A box of candy cigars are available in the market and you can send one to your loved by attaching the name of the baby on it.

2. Candies

Sending candies also a great idea. You can get colorful candies from the market. They are also available in different shapes and sizes.  This is a good alternative to cigars. You can wrap the candies with the name and statistics of your baby girl. This idea is not only cute but is also unique.

3. Post it on websites

There are several places in the internet to announce the birth of your baby. However, there is a simplified process that will work amazingly for you. You can customize the arrival of your baby with click tools and points. This way you will be able to post videos, photos, stories, and also guest books for your visitors to sign. Thereafter, you can send the web address to the people you want to share the news with. The best part about this idea is that some of them are even free.

4. Seeds

You can share the happy news with your family and friends by sending packets of seeds that has been imprinted with the details about the baby. As a matter of fact, you can get the traditional looking birth announcement that are made from special seeded paper which when planted by the recipient will grow into wild flowers.

5. Photo Birth Announcement

With the news of your little angel’s birth, everyone would like to see the beautiful baby. You will be able to do that by taking the help of birth announcements. Even the relatives and friends who stay far away will be able to check out the photos. The new trend of photo birth announcement is that you can combine multiple photos of your baby in the design. Thus, you will not have to wear yourself out clicking the one perfect photo. If the baby girl has an elder brother or sister, you should add the photo of them along with the little one.

6. Printed Chocolates

This is an incredible birth announcement idea. This is suitable for distributing to your colleagues. You can take them to work and then distribute it. ChocoCraft is the leading company providing photo chocolates with beautiful designs across India. Do not forget to include the name and the birth date of the baby.

The birth of your child is an event that you are never going to forget. It is a miraculous moment that changes the way you view life. A special event like this should be celebrated.

Many people feel that sending birth announcement is wastage of money. However, you should not make this mistake and preserve this special moment.

  • The first reason to opt for birth announcement present is that it will help you to share the joy with your loved ones. Everyone loves receiving gifts announcing the birth of your little angel. A baby announcement gift is sure to bring a smile on their face.
  • The second reason to send out a birth announcement is that it will help in creating and preserving the memory of your little baby’s arrival. This way the people will remember how they felt after receiving the gift. As a matter of fact, they will also remember how special this way was.
  • The third reason to send out birth announcement is to update your friends and family about how the baby looks. The photos of the baby will help your loved ones whether girl look similar to her father or mother.

However, make sure that you plan for the birth announcement presents at least 1 months before the birth of the girl. This is simply because once the baby is born you will be busy with her daily requirement and will fail to look into the matter of birth announcements.

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