Please note that deliveries to certain areas might get delayed due to COVID 19 restrictions.

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Shipping FAQs

1. How much time will it take to deliver the chocolates?

Most orders will be delivered within 3-7 working days. Please note that we will ship the order as soon as possible but that may depend on how many orders we are handling in a day. During occasions like Valentine's Day or Rakshabandhan do allow for some extra time to ensure that your gift is received on time.

2. How can I track the order?

As soon as the shipment is picked up you will be sent a notification on the mobile number and/or email that you have registered with us. Please note that if you only enter the receiver's contact details then they will receive the notifications. You will receive updates on SMS once the order is shipped. If the delivery is getting delayed please do contact us at Please be sure to quote your order number in all communication.

3. How do you ensure that the chocolates are not damaged in transit?

The chocolates are packed in sturdy wooden box. The wooden box is packed with insulation and multiple layers to ensure that they are not damaged. However, despite our best efforts the prints on the chocolate can get affected in transit. Please note that the chocolates are still completely safe for consumption. If you are not satisfied with the condition of your delivered order please write to us at Please be sure to quote your order number in all communication.

Chocolate Box

Thermocol Packing 

Sealed and Wrapped in Brown Paper

Waterproof Plastic Film Wrapping


4. Do you ship chocolate outside India?

We have shipped a few orders overseas. Please contact us to know whether we ship to your location.

5. Can I get the gift delivered on a specific day or a specific time?

We partner with reputed courier services like Blue Dart, E-Kart, Delhivery and others. The delivery of the gift is according to their schedule and we cannot guarantee that delivery will happen on a certain day or time.

6. Can the gift be delivered to an institutional addresses - schools, colleges, hospital or an office?

Yes, we can ship it to the address given but we would request you to inform the correct person who will receive the package. We are frequently faced with situations where the package was received at the reception and held there. In such a case there is nothing we can do.

7. Do you deliver all over India?

Yes, we have multiple courier partners and deliver to most pin codes in the country. However, in case the address you provided is not serviceable we will contact you immediately.