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During the pandemic, we are adhering to all the guidelines in combating the transmission of the virus. We are committed to keeping the manufacturing process 100% safe and hygienic and providing a safe environment for our employees as well.  

Guidelines for Staff

  1. Daily temperature checks for all employees before entering the premises.
  2. Frequent hand washing is mandatory for all.
  3. Entire premises sanitised everyday with disinfectant.
  4. Mandatory use of masks and gloves for all staff engaged in making and packing chocolate boxes.
  5. We are working with reduced capacity, all personnel who can work from home are doing so

Safety of Premises


  1. We operate out of a stand alone building, there are no common entry or exit areas that we share with others, no common staff.
  2. Our production facility is spread over 1500 sq. ft. where only 6-8 production staff are working. Additionally we have a separate floor of the same size for non-production staff (5-7 people for design, accounting etc). In total we have around 3000 sq ft with only 10-15 people working currently.
  3. Entire premises sanitised everyday with disinfectant.
  4. We have a small team and are able to monitor each individual.

Packaging for Outstation Delivery

1. The chocolate boxes are packed in insulated thermocol boxes which are then packed in cardboard boxes. Please see the video below to see the entire process.

2. These cardboard boxes are then wrapped in a film of transparent waterproof plastic.

3. There are 3 layers of packaging over the chocolate boxes so there is zero chance of transmission during transit.

4. When you receive the package we recommend discarding the first layer for your safety.