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Birthday Return Gifts - How to order

Order in 3 simple steps

Place your order online & send us the details

Email it to customerservice@chococraft.in

Email Example:

Dear ChocoCraft Team,

I have placed an order for 60 boxes of Birthday Return Gifts, order number #4049. Please find below the details for the same:

Category: Birthday Return Gifts

Box Size: 12 chocolate box - All Printed Chocolates

Box Design: 302B07

Name Print on Box: Ahaan

Date: 20.12.2018

Chocolates: 302C22 in top row / 302C17 in middle row(Name: Ahaan)/ 302C28 in bottom row

Message on Butter paper: 302M01

Please check the details and send us the graphical version.

Thank you,

Surabhi Sharma

Mob no : 8860394906

Once we get the order details we will get in touch with you and send you the graphical version of your selection. You can see what the box and the chocolates are going to look like. We will be showing you the product in the format given below:

We would need a formal "Approval" from you on the final design before we start the production.

Once the design is approved, we will produce & ship the boxes to you.

Once the boxes are shipped, we shall provide you the complete details of shipment so that you can track it.

We look forward to the feedback once you receive the boxes!