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1st Birthday Return Gifts

A first birthday is always very special, for the child as well as for the parents. It is celebration of your little one's first year and deserves to be a special occasion indeed. At ChocoCraft we offer an innovative gift idea for all the guests who are there at this celebration. 

2 Chocolate Box 

Choose from our wide range of cute designs for a baby's first birthday party return gifts. You can also choose to personalize the gifts with a photograph of the child.

4 Chocolate Box 

The guests at the party are sure to enjoy the delicious chocolates and it will be a memorable gift for them to take home with them. When you choose chocolates as a gift you can be sure that everyone will like them!

6 Chocolate Box 

Our printed chocolates are completely safe for consumption and are made to exacting standards. We understand how important a first birthday is and we want you and your guests to only experience the very best


1st Birthday Return Gifts

Celebrating your child’s first birthday with absolute grandeur and enthusiasm is something every parent looks forward to- making a day memorable enough to cherish for the rest of their lives. Of the many more years to come and celebrate, the first birthday celebration is of utmost importance.

Early life experiences of the child are very important not just for the baby, but also to the new parents and their well wishers. Even in the later years when the child looks back into time through memoirs, they shall appreciate how much their parents prize them and how much joy they have bought into their parents lives.

Party favors are an essential component of any celebration or event you wish people to remember and cherish for years to come. One great idea for making the celebration for your little toddler more memorable and express your admiration for each and every loved one who graced this event with their love and presence is to present them with beautiful birthday return gifts.

Shopping for party return gifts can be trickier, more than already being hectic. There are certain things to keep in mind while formulating the ideal gift. All the invited guests are not little toddlers for whom you need to find appropriate gifts. An appropriate first birthday return gift idea must be suited for all ages- the little babies, young parents and every individual present at the event, also keeping in mind the innocence and subtlety of the event.

Hence chocolate gift boxes make ideal 1st birthday return gifts. They are sweet, humble, and appreciated by people universally. Also, there are many ways in which you can customize chocolate gift boxes to suit well for the event, and for these purposes, ChocoCraft brings to you a unique range of customized first birthday chocolate return gift boxes.

To prepare your ideal 1st birthday return gifts, we offer a range of designs are themes for you to choose from in our catalogues. Upon selection, you can personalize your 1st birthday gift boxes with other images, symbols, and texts to be printed onto the boxes. Your selected boxes may be of 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, or 18 chocolates, prepared of your desired flavors and fillings. You may personalize your first birthday return gift item further by printing messages, texts, and photographs onto the chocolates as well. Nothing would be cuter than a picture of your little baby or a simple thank you message printed upon the chocolates inside the birthday return gift box. All ink used upon the chocolates is 100% safe to eat and meet all international standards of quality; hence you may not worry about playing with colors here!

ChocoCraft understands the needs of concerns of its customers and therefore prepares all its products as and when they are ordered. Quality, freshness, customizations and love, all are ensured keeping just you in mind. Also, trying to help young parents in their busy times, ChocoCraft shall develop all its products with customization orders received online. Hence at the comfort of your home you can place orders for beautiful first birthday return gifts, and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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