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Garden Theme Wedding Invitation

With Chococraft you can customize the wedding invitation card, and make an invitation card which will incorporate the theme. You can also send chocolates along with the invitation, and customize these chocolates too. Use designs that will show the theme on the chocolates. You can even customize the chocolate box.

“Nothing can bring back the hour
of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower;
we will grieve not, rather find
strength in what remains behind”

-William Wordsworth

Unique Garden Themed Wedding Invitations

Nature has been providing for us even before we came into this life, and it is fitting if we decide to get married in the shade of nature. Nature is the good god left behind for us, and marriage in the presence of nature is bound to bring serenity in anyone’s life. The very presence of nature will provide positive vibes, and make your special day more special.

Nowadays, the garden themed wedding seems to be getting famous, and couples are looking for nature-inspired wedding invites that would fit the theme, and give guests something to look forward to. Garden wedding invitation designs along with garden wedding invitation wording should be appropriate so that it suits the theme well. Even a slight glitch can divert the theme of the wedding.

Nature-themed wedding invitations should be designed such that, that it promotes the wedding theme. Colors and the patterns used in the garden wedding invitations should indicate the theme of the wedding. For example, using pink color with heart pattern on the invitation will look pretty but also very vague; it will give no indication of the theme of the wedding.

Use creative design for Indian marriage invitations that would exhibit the theme. Intricate leafy patterns with flowers and use of the green and brown color would make your invitation look like the woody wedding invitation which would fit perfectly with the theme.

To accentuate the theme you can add leafy twigs and bright flower arrangements in dim lights. You can also use flower-shaped food to expand the theme. Chocolates with leafy patterns or bright flower print would make the theme look more prominent.

Garden themed wedding invitations by Chococraft

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Garden theme Marriage Invitations with chocolates

Garden themed wedding in India asks for unique Indian wedding invitations. Wedding invitations broadcast the theme of the marriage to the invitee and prepares them for the event. If the invitation is not able to depict the messages clearly to the people, then it could have catastrophic effects.

Chococraft provides you creative designs for Indian marriage invitations that would fit perfectly with your wedding theme. Chococraft understands the needs of the customer and, therefore, even gives you personalized wedding invitations! You can also choose a range of garden party invitations templates free. With Chococraft you can create your perfect whimsical woodland wedding invitations without any nuisance.

Chococraft doesn’t just give you customized wedding invitations, but you can also have the photo on wedding invitations of the happy couple. Exhibit your happiness with the invitee by giving them wedding chocolates!

With Chococraft you can send your wedding invite, along with the chocolates, and you can even customize these chocolates. Print flower patterns on these chocolates to match the theme of your wedding or you can print the picture of the couple on these. These chocolates are 100% edible. The colors used on the chocolates are approved by USFDA, and they are safe to eat.

Chocolate is the happiness you can eat, and your guests would be more than delighted to have the flower printed chocolates at their doorsteps. Use delicate designs and bright colors on your chocolate to make your wedding memorable.

Chococraft doesn’t offer just customized wedding invitation, but it also offers you a customized chocolate box. That’s right! You can personalize the chocolate as per the theme of the wedding. For vintage garden wedding invitations, you can get a detailed flower patterned chocolate box with flower printed chocolates.

Just shop from the Chococraft website under the garden theme wedding and select invitation cards which are favorable to you. Fill up the necessary details, and your invitation will reach you soon. If you are living in major cities (i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc), the wedding invitation will reach to you in 1-2 days, but it could take longer in other states.  

Chococraft partner with Blue Dart for shipping, and they deliver in most locations in India. Chococraft works its best to deliver them to you as soon as possible, but on holiday season it may take longer.  

Things to keep in mind while creating your garden themed wedding invitations

Your wedding invitation tells the world the date on which you will become one with your partner. It is the first true glimpse of your wedding, so you would want it to be perfect. But there are certain things other than the date that needs to be paid attention to in an invitation.

One of the important things is the wording of the invitation. You want to have the wording in the invitation to be humble and beckoning. Outdoor wedding invitation wording should particularly be taken care of. The font style and the size should be delicate and should give the indication of the garden wedding theme.

Make sure not to fill up the whole invitation with words. Leave space in the invitation, and write the words in small paragraphs with a lot of garden related designs in between. Don’t add too many details keep it simple and easy to read.
People make mistake by drawing the invitation way too late. Make sure to draw your invitation at least 3 months before the wedding, so you can post the invitations in plenty of time.

If you are having a destination wedding make sure to send save the date cards. Save the date cards inform the guests that they have been cordially invited to the wedding, so they can make time for the wedding. The theme of the wedding could be extended to the save the dates cards and bridal showers. So decide the theme of your wedding in advance, and save yourself from the trouble of struggling with the idea later.

Always proofread the invitation and look for any incorrect spellings. Incorrect spelling makes you look shabby, and not to mention embarrassing. It’s your wedding invite so don’t be afraid to add your personal touches and go with the heart.

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