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Gifts for Schools & Students

We make special gifts for schools which can distributed to students on various occasions like at the time of admission, exhibition or annual day. A few examples are shown as below.

You can create a gift by giving your logo on the box top, writing a message on the butter paper and then the chocolates can also be printed with the logo of the school.

A complete branding solution

promotional products for schools

Doon International School gave away the boxes to students at the time of admission

promotional gifts for schools

Welcome the students taking admission into your school with a beautiful chocolate box. We created these special chocolates for Doon International school. The chocolate boxes were given to the students who secured admission to Doon International. The chocolates have the logo of the school printed along with a thank you message to the students for choosing to be a part of Doon International. The chocolate box also has the logo and contact details of the Doon international school. This is a way of promoting and creating brand awareness among the students as well as their families.

Excelsum School gifted the box to their students

promotional items for schools

We have created these special printed chocolates for Excelsum high that they gifted to their students who excelled at various activities. Not only is printed chocolate a unique concept it is also a memorable gift that the students will remember forever.

Excelsum School gifted the box to the delegates

Giveaway gifts, promotional gifts for schools

Chocolates are excellent gifts to give out to your delegates and dignitaries for annual days and other occasions. We had designed these beautiful and delicious chocolates for Excelsum School to be given to their distinguished delegates. The chocolate will have the logo of your school or educational institution printed on it in edible ink. The chocolates are packaged in a wooden box which again has the logo and contact details printed on it.

Diwali Gifts by Anglia Ruskin University

Diwali Gift Ideas

Chocolates also make for very good gift choices on festivals. Diwali is one such festival that is widely celebrated all over India. On the occasion of Diwali, Anglia Ruskin University gave this beautiful chocolate box as a Diwali gifts The mix of printed and assorted chocolate box is a Diwali gift that the recipients will remember for a long time. The box is designed to suit your requirements with the logos and contact details printed on the box as well. The prints on the candies are done in completely edible colors.

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Promotional Giveaways - 2 Chocolate Box - Assorted Candies (10 Boxes)
Promotional Gifts - 2 Chocolate Box - Printed Candies (10 Boxes)

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Corporate Gift Items - 4 Chocolate Box - Assorted Candies (10 Boxes)

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Unique Promotional Gifts - 9 Chocolate Box - Assorted Candies (10 Boxes)

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Personalised Business Gifts - 9 Chocolate Box - Single Printed Candy (10 Boxes)

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Corporate Gift Ideas - 9 Chocolate Box - Alternate Printed Candies (10 Boxes)
Corporate Gifts Online - 9 Chocolate Box - Printed Candies (10 Boxes)

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Corporate Business Gifts - 12 Chocolate Box - Assorted Candies (10 Boxes)

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Gifts for Corporate - 12 Chocolate Box - Middle Two Printed Candies (10 Boxes)

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Business Gift Ideas - 12 Chocolate Box - Alternate Printed Candies (10 Boxes)

Rs. 8,300.00

Business Gifts - 12 Chocolate Box - Printed Candies (10 Boxes)

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Corporate Gifts for Clients - 18 Chocolate Box - Assorted Candies (10 Boxes)

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Luxury Corporate Gifts - 18 Chocolate Box - Middle Four Printed Candies (10 Boxes)

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Premium Gifts - 18 Chocolate Box - Alternate Printed Candies (10 Boxes)

Rs. 11,500.00

Gifts for Schools & Colleges

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. One just cannot underestimate the power of education. Education is what builds future global leaders and path breakers.

But one has to agree, in today’s day and age, education is not just about books. It is so much more than that. All-Round development is what separates the good from the best. And all schools and colleges today focus on helping the students grow in every field. These schools and colleges also compete with each other to be the best to attract the best of talents and funding for research and development.

Schools and colleges regularly organize a number of events. These events include Alumni meets, festivals and competitions and lectures and talks from distinguished people among others.

Gifts for School Events

School and college fests and competitions are a great way for institutions to give their students a platform to learn and grow. With a variety of activities and competitions in varied fields ranging from athletics to literary to art organized as a part of these events, students get to prove their mettle in the field of their liking. These events also help in increasing the prestige of the institute.

Such events increase the visibility of the institution as students from different schools and colleges and people from various organizations and businesses get to connect to the institute and participate in their events. They also help in building a relationship with these organizations and businesses who can provide funds to the institution to hold research at their institution and organize various future events.

Alumni Meet Gifts

Alumni meets give an opportunity for former students of the institute to come back and relive the precious moments of their lives spent at the institution. It may so happen that some former students might decide to fund their institution in some way or another. Alumni also help a great deal in positive word of mouth for the institute. Thus making Alumni meets even more important for the institutes.

Lectures from distinguished people is another great way for increasing the prestige of the institute. When such prominent personalities connect with the institutions, people come to know about the institute and acknowledge the fact that this is an exceptional place to learn and grow because these personalities have decided to associate with them.

Branded Gifts for Schools & Colleges

Hence making these events a grand success becomes very important for the institutions. And one key ingredient to ensure this are gifts. Gifts provide a great way to appreciate the people who were associated with the events. They help in building a bond with these people which can be very beneficial in the long run for the institute. They also act as a reminder of these events.

With the host of customisation options available in the market today, gifts also provide a way for institutions to put their brand out in the eyes of the public. This may play a vital role in attracting funding for the institutions for various upcoming events and in-house projects.

Gifts for Students

A very popular gift idea for these events organised by schools and colleges are chocolates. Chocolates are one thing loved by all. From young to old, chocolates are a delight for everyone. But the amazing secret to long lasting impact are personalised chocolates. And who better than ChocoCraft to help you achieve your perfect gift goals.

ChocoCraft gift boxes can be a great gift for any school or college event. With many students from around the city or sometimes country participating in such famous events, personalised chocolates from ChocoCraft along with a plaque or trophy as prizes for the participants becomes an amazing option. For the visiting dignitaries, it is very important for the institute to make them feel welcomed and respected and ChocoCraft chocolate boxes ensure this!

Thank You Gifts for School Events

As a token of gratitude, ChocoCraft chocolate boxes can also be handed out as a Thank You gift to the judges and distinguished personalities who have taken the time out of their busy schedule to grace the event with their presence. These boxes are a perfect gift for the corporate sponsors of the event as well to show that you value their efforts and contributions towards the events.

But why ChocoCraft?  At ChocoCraft you don’t just get quality chocolates, but a best in class service as well. ChocoCraft aims to make the customer happy and work with them through the entire process, from ideation of the perfect chocolates to the final door step delivery. No compromises are made on the product quality with the ingredients sourced from the best suppliers globally and chocolates made and packed at the top of the class facilities. With hundreds of happy customers and competitive pricing, ChocoCraft surely becomes the best option to go for when you think of personalised chocolate boxes.

Personalized Gifts for Schools

The chocolate gift boxes from ChocoCraft can be custom made for the institute and the event from start to finish. The customer has the option of selecting from a number of different box sizes ranging from 2 to 18 chocolates in a box. One can go for different configurations depending on the nature of the gift and their budget. Coming to the design on the chocolates, the customer is limited only by their imagination! You think of a picture or design, upload a soft copy of that on ChocoCraft’s website and then see the magic unfold! Institutes can get their logos printed on the chocolates.

With the option of a custom gift message with the ChocoCraft gift boxes, the institutes can get different messages printed and placed inside the box for different dignitaries. The boxes itself are customisable with the institutes having an option to print their logos and mottos as branding on the boxes. These boxes can also be gift wrapped by ChocoCraft thus providing a complete hassel free gifting experience.

So if you are an institute looking for THE gift for your events to make an impact, ChocoCraft is THE partner to choose!

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