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Personalised Chocolates

Personalised Chocolates

Personalised Chocolates Gifts

Chocolate is a remedy to anything ranging from a minor pain here and there to stress and depression. You can never go wrong with chocolate. Chocolate does miracles for people. As the famous quote goes, " Chocolate says "I'm sorry" so much better than words" , chocolate can never go around.

Be it gifting anyone or to console someone, chocolate is a cure to everything especially when it is gifted with the specific chocolate flavors and combinations as per the likings of its recipient. So, without second thoughts, Chocolate is the safest and best gift you can give to anybody, no matter how old he / she is.

With the concept of customization gaining popularity, custom made chocolates have become one gift people rely on. When in doubt of what to give, personalized chocolates is the perfect gift recipe . ChocoCraft India is the best and most reliable when it comes to personalized chocolates .

Our personalized chocolates gifts pack consists of a customized box, printed chocolates and a box. You can choose from various designs of the box available at our website or can even get your own one designed. You can get messages , photographs, a combination of both of them or a design printed on these boxes in almost any color you want.

Furthermore, the design of these personalized chocolate boxes can be created especially as per your order. This box will contain chocolate and a message that you want to convey inside it.

The chocolate will be a large personalized chocolate bar with names and photos printed upon it. The message inside the box will be written on a butter paper . You will get to choose the message or even frame it yourself.

These personalized chocolate bars with photographs can be printed in almost any color and all of them are edible. These are the best gifts you can give in India , as we provide free deliveries across India. All you need to do is choose what you want while relaxing at home and order.

Personalised Chocolates Gifts

from ChocoCraft

For Recipients Gift Types Our Speciality
Custom Made Chocolate Gifts 6 Chocolate Box Photo Chocolates
Customized Chocolate Gifts 9 Chocolate Box Printed Chocolate Bars
Printed Chocolate Gifts 12 Chocolate Box Personalised Box
Personalized Chocolate Gifts 18 Chocolate Box All India Delivery
Chocolate Gift Boxes Gift with Photo Beautiful Designs


Customised Chocolate Gifts Online

Chocolate bouquets made with hand-picked favorite chocolates are one of the most common gifts in India. These customization orders can be placed online too. The best part is, they can be directly delivered to the receiver as a surprise even at 12 am.

So, for someone who loves chocolates, this chocolate hamper will surely be the best gift they receive.

ChocoCraft is a leading company based in Delhi that provides a variety of custom made chocolates. All you need to do is select your preferences, chose the configuration and order online. They provide shipments in all the major cities in India.

Today, various sites have a lot of options and deals for making these personalized chocolate hampers. Other than bouquets, popular choices are chocolate gift baskets, custom candies and chocolate hampers.

Chocolate roses are available to send to your loved ones. If you feel there's no point in going for personalized chocolate bars because of them being perishable, companies are ahead of you to provide you with a solution to this. Personalized chocolate wrappers can be made by selecting the design and photographs with you want, you have to simply buy these chocolates online.

Multiple options of making custom chocolate bars are available online like getting photographs printed upon them, getting messages printed or engraved , selecting an assortment of various chocolates and making hampers, getting chocolates in the shape of your favorite cartoon characters etc.

Thus, you can get almost anything incorporated in these chocolate gifts are make them extraordinary.

Photo Chocolates

Photo chocolates are popular in party invitations and chocolate wedding favors. These basically consist of photos printed upon the chocolates. Almost any photo can be printed and everything is edible.

These chocolates are generally a combination of white and dark chocolate where the photo is printed on the white chocolate and the black chocolate is the base. However, you can get an entirely black/white chocolate too.

Personalized chocolates are delightful gifts and never fail to bring a smile one's face. Photo chocolates are thus appropriate for sending invitations and favors of your party in the form of chocolate gift boxes. When distributing sweets to celebrate the arrival of a baby in the house, you can send chocolates with the message "It's a girl /boy" upon them.

If you have a theme party, you can get the theme incorporated on the chocolate. You can get these printed on luxury chocolates too. You can gift a person for their birthday with a happy birthday message printed on a chocolate bar with individual letters on small bars or the whole message on a single one.

For sending out gifts for Christmas, you can get printed Christmas chocolates with pictures of Santa or the Christmas tree on them . You can even the message you want to convey through these personalized chocolates.

Personalised Birthday Gifts

There's a huge difference in giving someone a generic gift bought from a store and giving a personalized one. The impact personalized gifts have on the receiver is unparalleled. Gifts can be personalized with names engraved if it is metal, photographs along with a message printed on mug.

It's your mother's birthday? Give her a mug with a collage of some of the best pictures of her. Or something with a witty caption on it. Today, customization is not just limited to personalized chocolate gifts. You can get wall hangings, Jigsaw puzzles, lamps , mugs etc. customized.

You can also get photos and messages printed on cushions. Personalized mini chocolates are another favorite birthday gift when it comes to gifting the one's that matter. Want to gift a friend who is a chef? Go for a personalized chef's hat. He will keep it with him forever.

Personalized birthday gifts remain close to the heart and are always cherished. You can also get t-shirts and key-chains customized to make your perfect personalized birthday gift. There are dedicated stores who do it for you as well as a lot of sites online.

When it comes to chocolates, you can get almost anything you want from chocolate hearts to printed chocolates made upon order. Thus, getting these gifts made isn't a big task either. So why settle when you have something that is directly touching the heart of the receiver?

Personalised Chocolates

Chocolates are among the few gift ideas that are suitable for just any and every occasion, be it a new year’s party, or your best friend’s birthday. To make it even more special, you can gift personalized chocolates, with your friend’s name, picture, or even a special little note on it. Chocolates are loved by everyone and there isn’t anybody who is not going to be happy about the fact that somebody got them their favorite treat customized especially for them!

A beautifully wrapped box full of chocolates brings delight to not just kids but also adults in the same manner. Just imagine their joy when they would see not just a regular box of chocolates, but a box full of love meant especially or them, with their names and pictures on it. With customized chocolates, you gift your friends and family the best of both the worlds.

Here are some of the reasons why photo chocolates are such a great idea when it comes to gifting.

The best thing about customizing your gift of chocolates is that it is going to make the one you are giving it to feel very special. They will know that the chocolate has been made especially for them and they are not being generalized because of the occasion. For example, giving your girlfriend a box of chocolates with her name and picture on it is going to make her feel not just special, but special in an extra way. She will know that the gift was meant only for her and is a token of your appreciation for her.

Not just your girlfriend, a customized box of chocolates shows your love for your friends and relatives in the same way. You can print different notes and messages for all your friends and make them feel appreciated by the gesture.

There is hardly any effort in gifting plain chocolate to your friends and relatives on their special days or occasions. But going out of your way to get the customized box of chocolates really shows your care and concern. It shows that you have actually put in effort for the gift and not just randomly picked up a box of treats from the local store. You loved ones will actually see your effort and appreciate your gift a lot more.

Chocolates are loved and appreciated by everyone. With chocolates, you do not have to worry about whether or not the receiver will like it, or if it is appropriate, etc. Chocolates are among the few gifts that are perfect for just any occasion and loved by people of all ages and taste, and more so when they are customized.

These are some of the reasons why a customized box of chocolates is the perfect gift. Show how much you love the special people in your life with these little savories. Gift them the ‘sweetest’ gift of joy they are ever going to receive!